Johnson County Commission Discusses Fuel Depot

Johnson County Commission Discusses Fuel Depot

The proposed county fuel depot was a major topic of discussion at the Johnson County Commissioner's meeting Tuesday.

The discussion was in response to a letter drafted by County Attorney Ken DeCock's office and sent to landowners in the county they felt were in danger if there were ever a fuel spill on the site, which is adjacent to French Creek.

County Road and Bridge Supervisor Scott Pehringer and engineers with Nelson Engineering, who is in charge of designing and permitting the proposed project, were on hand to explain the process and answer questions.

Concerns raised were the proximity to the creek, supposed on-site drains that would concentrate any spill and send it into the creek, and the fact that the above-ground tanks would not be “anchored” properly in case of a catastrophic event.

Engineers explained there would be no drains on-site, only standard storm drains in the street and other nearby properties. Anchoring would be to 285,000-pound slabs of concrete, and a catch basin has been designed to capture spills.

The engineers said all the necessary agencies have been contacted and none, other than the State Fire Marshal had any problems with the design. They gave some changes for the engineers to make to the design.

The commissioners stressed that no decision on going ahead with or abandoning the project or the site have been made yet, it is only in the design process. Questions, concerns and suggetions will be used by the commissioners and they will look at different designs and options before making any decision.

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