Johnson County To Charge For GIS/Mapping Data

Johnson County To Charge For GIS/Mapping Data

At their last meeting the Johnson County Commissioners approved Resolution No. 475, which will allow the county to charge for GIS/Mapping Data information when requested from commercial entities.

Jim Waller, GIS/Manager/Planner with the County Planning Department, brought the descrepancy in the system to the attention of the commissioners.
He said the original Resolution, No. 462, passed in late 2012, basically allowed him to charge for hard copy data only, but most of the requests for data are for digital or other forms.

He explains what the Resolution changes.

Also, the Resloution expands what he can charge for, not just CD copies of data.
Personal views of GIS/Mapping data on the county website is still free to view for individuals and others, but charges will be applied to commercial requests for data.

The fee for the copies was set at $150, which is on the lesser end for charges of this type, he said.

The fees are now in effect.

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