Johnson County Addresses Kumor Road Concerns

Johnson County Addresses Kumor Road Concerns

A county resident on Kumor Road has brought to the attention of Johnson County officials his concerns over car accidents and his unhappiness with frequent repairing of a section of his fence on a corner where the road runs adjacent to his property.

In a letter sent to the county commission and to County Road and Bridge Supervisor Scott Pehringer, he requested there be guardrails installed on the corner to keep cars from running off the road and damaging his fence.

Pehringer and the commissioners discussed the letter, the issues associated with the request and possible solutions to the problem. Pehringer said speed limit signs are posted for the curve at 30m.p.h., but drivers aren't heeding the signs.

Pehringer said, in his opinion, the wrecks are mainly caused by drivers driving too fast for conditions and not obeying posted traffic and speed signs. He recommended, instead of costly guardrails, that the county install arrow signs on the curve in both directions to see if that would solve the problem.

The commissioners agreed to try the signage first and see if the number of wrecks in the area decreases.

They will also send a letter to the county resident explaining what the county will be doing.

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