John Patton is Seeking Reelection

John Patton
John Patton

Sheridan County Representative John Patton is now officially in the election ring. He says there are a couple of issues in particular, which motivated him to seek reelection

Patton previously served in both the House and Senate of the Wyoming Legislature. His current position is in the Wyoming House of Representatives, where he has served as a Republican for House District 29 since 2009.

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Hopefully someone will run

Hopefully someone will run against him, I feel he treated the voters with contempt when he voted no on the Firearms Freedom Act. These people are employed by us, not the other way around.

Freedom Firearms Act & the 2nd amendment

Lest we not forget how Patton stood up during the past 2010 Legislative session and announced his belief on the house floor that the 2nd amendment was not an inalienable right! Documented in the audio archives during the debates for passing Rep Allen Jaggi's Firearms Freedom Act. Even though our founding fathers protected our God given right to bear arms in the Bill of Rights.

He also stated they even if his constituents disagreed with him so be it, he would rather lose his seat in office than listen to his constituents who had overwhelmingly emailed him from not only Sheridan County but all across the state of Wyoming,this too is also documented on the house floor audio archives! In fact he said the more correspondence he received the more it fueled his passion to vote against House Bill 95 Wyoming Freedom Firearms Act & the wishes of the people of Sheridan County and across Wyoming.

This man has an agenda and is in politics for one reason only and it is not to serve the people of Sheridan County or Wyoming!

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