JoCo Commission Approves Disputed Septic Permit

JoCo Commission Approves Disputed Septic Permit

A permit for a septic system in the Bighorn Estates Subdivision west of Buffalo was approved by the County Commissioners at their meeting Tuesday.

Lot owner Dave Loden had applied for the permit and it was tentatively approved until the question cropped up about a multi-family dwelling Loden is planning to build on the lot.

Other lot owners in the subdivision claim the multi-family unit is in violation of subdivision covenants, and they urged the commissioners to deny the permit because it violated those covenants.

Arguments from both sides of the issue ensued at the meeting, but attorney Chris Wages, representing Loden, said there were two seperate issues, one being the permit and the other whether the multi-family unit actually violated the covenants.

Wages also said because the permit has met all the standards of the State of Wyoming and the Department of Environmental Quality, the county should approve the permit, and allow the covenant issue to be resolved in civil court if necessary.

The question was whether or not the county was within their rights to enforce the covenants of any subdivision.

In the end the commission decided the best action, based on the fact the permit had met all of the state and Federal standards, was to allow the permit.

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