Job Growth??

Will this be a Sign of Summer in Wyoming?
Will this be a Sign of Summer in Wyoming?

The latest unemployment figures for Johnson, Sheridan and Campbell counties are out, and show slight drops in all three counties. Campbell County, which is at 6.7 percent, sits below the state average at 7.3 percent. However, Johnson is above the state average at 9.6 percent. Sheridan, too, is also above the state average. However, as Workforce Specialist Dan Paustain with Wyoming Department of Workforce Services tells us, the numbers may be high, but there is hope looking ahead

He adds that it appears that these lower unemployment figures have translated into significant job growth

Last year at this time, Sheridan's unemployment was 6.8 percent; Johnson was at 7.2 percent and Campbell was 4.6 percent.

Currently, the national unemployment rate is 10.2 percent.

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seat belts

Well certainly we would not want someone to come to town and push for wearing seatbelts. That might cut down on auto fatalities and God knows the born and raised in sheridan have a right to die in a car crash if they want to.
And heck yeah! Everyone should carry a gun, concealed or not. You never know when you might have to shoot something.... not sure what but something, especially in a town that has practically no violent crime....


When I walk downtown I hear the music from deliverance in my head!


Why are you staying here in this 'awful' place? Are you in jail?

I guess our lifestyle here

I guess our lifestyle here is just not for you.

Shame shame!

As an out-of-towner I can say that the paper doesn't need to tell me how unwelcomed I am here. I see it from the people everyday.
I moved here from a big, crime ridden city to raise my children in a place we could feel safe. All I can say is that the land is beautiful, but so many people here are beyond ugly. Such a shame that the bully mentality is being endorsed by our officials. It's no wonder we can't get it out of so many of your LOCAL kids.
I'd love to see the crime statistics on "born and raised" Sheridanites versus us "outsiders".

I'm not fond of a lot of the

I'm not fond of a lot of the "outsiders" who have done much to drive the price of housing up so high as to be unaffordable to those who were raised here. Nor do I care for other "outsiders" who bought all the big ranches up for their mansions then posted against hunting. I also don't particularly care for those who came here with the nanny state mentality and push for tings like seat belt laws and lobby against concealed carry....So I guess there are a lot of "outsiders" I don't care for. Are they all bad, of course not, but we could do with a little more assimilation and a little less "improving" of our lifestyle.

Those who complain about

Those who complain about "out-of-towners" should probably look at their own family history. They all have ancestors who moved here from somewhere else.

Forward Sheridan

High unemployment, a lot of houses for sale in and around Sheridan yet, according to the front page of the "Sheridan Press" (4-27-2010), Forward Sheridan is NOT looking at attracting companies that would employ more than 50 people.According to Jay Stender, the board of directors told them not too! Commissioner Wayne Blank said, "These bring in out-of-towners, then comes crime and housing problems and things get worse". Here we have an official stating "out-of-towners" are not wanted here, we supposedly have no crime here (except for a few murders and a huge drug problem), there must be a shortage of housing, and 'moving forward' will cause things to get worse.

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