Jo Co Commission Rescinds Deputy Salary Cap

Jo Co Commission Rescinds Deputy Salary Cap

The Johnson County Commissioners, at their meeting Tuesday, voted to rescind a 1987 motion that capped the deputy elected officials' salaries at 80 percent of the elected officials' salary.

The issue was brought up not long after last fall's elections by current County Attorney Kenneth DeCock, who asked for the commissioners to lift the cap so he could go after the most experienced deputy attorney he could find.

The commissioners chose to not act on the matter at that time, saying they could readdress the issue during budget season.

The issue was brought up again Tuesday. Commissioner Delbert Eitel began the discussions, saying he was against changing something that was functional, but had given it more thought.

Commissioner Johns Gibbs disagreed, saying the policy needed to be changed.

Chairman Smokey Wildeman agreed, saying he had the utmost confidence in the elected officials to set the salaries of their employees while staying within their budgets.

After some discussion, the commissioners voted to rescind the earlier motion and allow each elected official the freedom to set the salaries of their employees.

On a related issue, the commissioners also voted to rescind another motion that set the workdays in the courthouse at 9 to 5 for a 40-hour week.

The reasoning is, they said, that sometimes work must be performed outside of those hours, and again, this allows more freedom of scheduling for the department heads.

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