Jo Co Commission Hears Concerns Over Animal Regs

Commissioner Smokey Wildeman
Commissioner Smokey Wildeman

A number of citizens concerned with Johnson County's new animal regulations that were recently adopted addressed the County Commission at their meeting Tuesday.

The issues they had with the regulations were with the barking dog section, which as kennel owners, they thought could be used by their neighbors as a means to shut them down. They wanted the regulations changed before they begin getting cited for their dogs barking.

Jim Kolb, a kennel owner in the county, explained the group's position.

Commissioner Smokey Wildeman told the group that it was never the intention of the commissioners to close any business, but to pass regulations that would benefit the majority of people in the county.

Another citizen made a recommendation to the Commission that they look into the regulations that other counties in the state have on the books, and then use them as a model for Johnson County.

Wildeman advised the group and County Attorney Ken DeCock to work together to review other counties' regulations and try to resolve the situation before it becomes a problem, he said.

On a related note, the commissioners voted to allow Wildeman to sign the agreement between themselves and the City of Buffalo for the City's animal control officer to perform some duties for the county.

The agreement was signed Tuesday.

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