Jo Co, Buffalo Sign MOUs Concerning Justice Center

Buffalo Mayor Randy Dyess
Buffalo Mayor Randy Dyess

The City of Buffalo and Johnson County have agreed to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) concerning janitorial services at the new criminal justice center and a payment schedule for the city to pay their protion of construction on the facility.
The MOU for janitorial services is only for the front offices of the justice center, Dyess said, with the remainder of the building a different agreement.
When the new courtromm facility is built, Dyess said, there will be a need for the Joint Powers Board to review their contracts for all city/county-owned buildings to see if they need to bid those as one contract, continue contracting them individually or to hire city or county staff to handle those duties.
Also, an MOU was agreed to for the city to pay back their portion of the costs of the justice center building to the county, and Dyess explains the details.
The city, according to Dyess, is limited to a yearly total payout to the county of $108,000 which includes their payment of $67,000 and their share of expenses and utilities.

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