Jo Co Approves System for Document Storage

Jo Co Approves System for Document Storage

Johnson County Commissioners approved and signed a contract for a company to begin scanning and storing documents from the courthouse.

County Information Technology Specialist Rande Money and Clerk Vicki Edelman have been looking into the possibility for a number of weeks, and finally presented the commissioners a contract between the County and CSA, Inc. for them to approve. Money explains the agreement.

County employees, once the system is implemented, will be able to create documents and produce a digital copy for storage at the same time, and the documents will be sent to CSA, Inc. for storage. Once there are enough documents, the company will burn the information onto microfiche film that can be sent to the state archives in Cheyenne.

Money also told the commissioners of a company that can scan past documents now in storage at the courthouse. U.S. Imaging, Inc. will scan the documents on-site and digitally store them in a secure, off-site location.

Money told the commissioners the estimated cost of the service will be $6,000 to $10,000 which will cover 100,000 or roughly 10 years of back documents.

U.S. Imaging will do as many documents as the county will pay for, but the plan for now, according to Money, is to have them do the documents in 10-year increments, depending on each year's county budget.

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