JCHC Notes From Board Of Trustees Meeting

JCHC Notes From Board Of Trustees Meeting

At their last meeting, the board of trustees of the Johnson County Healthcare Center heard a number of updates on various subjects including the appointments of Dr. Edelston, Dr. Dole and Dr. Dr. Bateman, which were approved.

The facility is in the process of switching over to Electronic Health Records (EHRs), and has had only minor issues implementing the change.

The facility has gone live with EHRs for the nursing staff and other staff except doctors, and staff reports that the transition is going very well, except for a few minor issues that have been worked through.
The doctors in the facility are expected to go live with their EHR portion on May 6th.

Hospital Administrator Sandy Ward said he knew some physicians weren't happy with the change to EHRs but said he was pleased with the response from those in Nursing Services so far during the change.

He also gave a short update on physician recruiting, which has been ongoing at the facility for months now. He said he interviewed a candidate within the last few weeks and sent an offer to her but is still waiting to hear back from her on the offer. He also reported that another physician that had been extended an offer by the facility has since sent back a counter-offer, but details were discussed in an executive session that followed the meeting.

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