JCHC: New Nursing Home Site Needs Adjustments

JCHC: New Nursing Home Site Needs Adjustments

A survey done back in 2008 for the Johnson County Healthcare Center has since been discovered to be in error and is the cause for the proposed
new nursing home facility in the 2018 Building Project to not fit in the allocated space for it in the building plans.

Hospital Administrator Sandy Ward confirmed the findings at the Board of Trustees meeting last week, saying the healthcare center will now need to approach the school district and the golf course, both neighbors
of the hospital, about the possibly of acquiring land from one or both of them to get their new nursing home facility to fit as designed.

Ward said the JCHC and golf course had swapped some property in the past and they now own just over four acres of golf course land. His hope
is that there can be another swap with the Care Center getting property they can then build on. Preliminary talks, Ward said, looked positive. He also was hopeful that the cost of purchasing school district property would not be prohibitive.

Ward will be meeting and discussing options with both entities in the coming weeks, he said.

The hope is to have CTA Architects and Engineers ready to give a presentation to the board showing the building design in 3-D on the existing site at their June meeting, he said.

Ward also told the board they have submitted a preliminary plan for the nursing home facility to the State for their approval, which he expects
to take roughly two months to review. A final plan will be drafted at that time, he said.


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