JCHC Letter To Address Kinskey Comments On Vets Facility

JCHC Letter To Address Kinskey Comments On Vets Facility

The Hospital Board of Trustees for the Johnson County Healthcare Center will be drafting and sending a letter to State Senator Dave Kinskey with the intent of correcting a few statements Kinskey made on the floor of the senate during debate on House Bill 82, which was eventually approved to build a state-run veterans skilled nursing facility in Buffalo.

At the time, the site for the facility was being debated between Buffalo and Casper, and Kinskey's discussion was incorrect in some instances, according to JCHC Interim CEO John Osse.

The first issue, according to Osse, centered on a letter sent by the medical staff to the legislature outlining their concerns.
Kinskey said the medical staff had concerns with manpower if the veterans facility was built in Buffalo, but their concerns were actually on whether the JCHC would be able to provide adequate medical services to the veterans.

Issue two is that Kinskey, in addressing the senate, had said the letter was “old news,” and that it wasn't relevant to the discussions any longer, which the medical staff disagrees with.

The third issue is that Kinskey said the JCHC had not considered the health insurance offered by the county, which Osse said they did consider. Kinskey also said that Osse had “put pencil to paper,” and found that there would be a $200,000 savings if the JCHC had taken the county's proposal, to which Osse said “that never happened.”

Issue four was Kinskey saying that the JCHC was concerned about serving the veterans in the new facility, which Osse said is not the case, proven by them renewing the contract between themselves and the veterans home to provide medical services to their veterans.

The board, according to discussions, does not want to alienate Kinskey, but do want to set the record straight and let him know which points of his address were not 100% factual.

After more discussion, the board voted to allow Osse to draft a letter to Kinskey, thanking him for his service as a state senator, but pointing out the four issues they feel were misrepresented to the senate.

The board will review the letter at next month's meeting.


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