JCHC Health Plan Has Good Year, Shows in Quotes

JCHC Health Plan Has Good Year, Shows in Quotes

At their last meeting, the JCHC Board of Trustees got a positive report on the facility's employee health plan from Hospital Administrator Sandy Ward.

Ward reported that the two years prior to last year the facility had significant payouts in claims and their rates had showed that. Last year showed a drop in claims, getting back to a more “normal” type of year, and that the quotes received this year reflected lighter claims paid out by their insurance carrier.

The quote received from American Fidelity, is for a total plan cost to the JCHC of $1.2 million. They are currently paying $1,223,000 in premiums, so the recommendation of the administration is to not raise premiums to the 97 particicpants in the plan.

Premium increases of 10% in 2011 and 20% in 2012 were suffered by the facility and the participants in their plan.

The board voted to go with American Fidelity Insurance as underwriters of their health insurance plan and to not raise premiums for the employee participants, and made it effective May 1st.


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