JCHC Board Moving Ahead With 2018 Project...For Now

JCHC Board Moving Ahead With 2018 Project...For Now

At their last meeting, the Johnson County Healthcare Center's Board of Trustees heard mostly negative reports from Hospital Administrator Sandy Ward on the facility's loss of revenue from fewer patients walking through their doors as well as through lower valuation in the county.

The Board is contemplating raising prices for services in the facility as well as possible cuts if volume and patient numbers don't increase significantly in the first few months of FY2014.

So far, the 2018 Capital Improvements Plan to replace the aging Amie Holt Care Center and a portion of the old hospital are still on track, after discussions at the meeting.

Although concerned about spending millions of dollars on a capital improvements project when revenues are down, the JCHC can continue on their original plan to complete design and engineering work on the proposed project and not actually have to decide on whether or not to build it until January of 2014.
If the decision then is to wait on the project, the engineering and design portions of the project would not be outdated for some time and could be picked up and committed to within a couple of years if revenues increase enough to warrant building the project.

The board took no action in the matter, meaning the design phase will continue on schedule through the end of this year, and will cost an additional $400,000 to complete.

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