JCHC Board Discusses Options For 2016 Project

JCHC Board Discusses Options For 2016 Project

At their last meeting the Johnson County Healthcare Center's Board of Trustees discussed the 2016 Capital Construction project which will, if approved, replace the aging Amie Holt Care Center with a new facility and expand the hospital.

Early projected costs for the two projects were thought to be between $12 and $14 million, but in the last year or so the cost estimates have swelled to nearly $20 million, according to Hospital Administrator Sandy Ward.

Financially, Ward said it will be difficult for the facility to accomplish the project especially with the uncertainties with the economy, valuation in the county and how that will affect revenue to the facility, and the question of whether a nursing home can continue to be economically viable in this community.

Ward gave three options that the board will need to consider in January or February of 2013 and then decide how to proceed concerning the project.

Option one would be to build the new nursing home facility and not build the hospital portion of the project.
Option two would be to wait a year before starting the project.
Option three would be to close and tear down the Amie Holt Care Center, and continue with the hospital expansion portion of the project.

Each option will have risks and pros and cons, he said, and it will be a difficult decision for the board to make.

The decision on the project is expected to happen before the end of February, 2013.


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