James Mack Has Initial Appearance In Circuit Court

James Mack has his initial appearence in Circuit Court on a felony cruelty to animals charge.
James Mack has his initial appearence in Circuit Court on a felony cruelty to animals charge.

64-year-old Sheridan resident James Mack had his initial appearance in Sheridan County Circuit Court Thursday on a felony Aggravated Cruelty to Animals charge. On July 26th, 2010, Mack allegedly beat a fawn to death in the front yard of his home on Thurmond Avenue in Sheridan. Mack was initially cited by the Wyoming Game and Fish and the State for two misdemeanors.

Earlier this week Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Dianna Bennett said that Mack would be charged with a felony because of further acts of cruelty that were displayed by Mack on September 4th and 5th where Mack had thrown rocks at deer that were on his neighbors property.

Charging documents state that a neighbor witnessed Mack strike the fawn in the back of its legs with a shovel, and continued to beat the animal approximately five times before covering the fawn with a tarp like object. Mack then allegedly drug the animal to the south side of his house where he was observed picking the animal up and dropping it before cleaning off the sidewalk and shovel.

Circuit Court Judge John Sampson set a $5,000 cash only bond, which Mack posted. The conditions of the bond also state that Mack not have any contact with any of the witnesses in the case, and that he not be within 500 feet of any listed witnesses' residence, place of employment or place of education.


sheridan PD needs to expand to a Special Deer Unit,,, how is being hit with a shovel more cruel than being shot? Hypocrites all

Get real Sheridan!

Dianna Bennett thinks throwing rocks at a deer is a felony crime? Dianna Bennett thinks that James Mack should loose his ability to vote in elections for throwing rocks at a deer? Dianna Bennett thinks that James Mack should loose his right to own guns for throwing rocks at deer? (ironic since his weapon of choice is a shovel)
I don't know if Dianna Bennett is an over zealous animal lover or an unscrupulous prosecutor who sees the opportunity to use public opinion to get another felony prosecution on her resume but this is ridiculous! If James Mack's neighbors hadn't been trying to make the deer their own personal pets then James wouldn't have been able to get close enough to touch that deer.
Now those that fed the deer not only caused Mr. Mack property damage from the deer tearing up his yard but Mr. Mack will be forced to spend thousands of dollars to defend himself from these questionable charges.


Maybe it is time the city of Sheridan allows property owners to build high fences around the entire perimeter of their private property. That way those that don't want deer destroying their property have an option and those that like deer can enjoy them in their unfenced property.


He is being charged for beating a fawn to death with a shovel, not for throwing rocks. The rock-throwing is being used as further evidence of cruelty to animals, which prompted the change from misdemeanor to felony.

Do you have evidence that his neighbors were feeding deer and trying to make them "their own personal pets," or is this merely speculation on your part?


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