It’s Time For Liquor License Renewals In Sheridan

Liquor license renewals come due at the end of the calendar year in the City of Sheridan. The City starts the renewal process in September to make sure that all paperwork is returned in time for City Council action in November. City Clerk Scott Badley says there is one license holder they are watching closely since their license is not being used and they have already had a one year extension.

In addition to retail licenses there are three bar and grill licenses that will come up for renewal. One of the awarded licenses has actually been issued to the Wyoming Rib and Chop House. The other two were granted in 2008 but never issued pending the development of two new businesses. Dana Barton with Progressive Development says the poor economy is preventing them from moving forward.

Sam Street owns the New York Store. He reported similar obstacles in his development. The licenses were originally granted with the understanding that recipients would have two years find a use for the license and the City would issue the licenses at that time. If the developers fail to make satisfactory progress by next May, the Council could rescind their approval and grant the license to another party.

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Little Goose Liquors/Cynthia Hoover

Did she make the deadline of October 1st? When I drove past the building (For those of you that don't know, the license the city was worried about is on the old Trip & Tan building across from O'Riellys Auto Parts) two days it didn't look like they were open at all.

If she didn't I for believe that the City shouldn't grant her renewal as She's been sitting on the license for years now.

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