Islam and The West Will Be Discussed at a Local Church Friday Night

A renowned speaker is visiting and will be giving a talk about a subject on almost everyone's mind now days. Sheridan Media's Betsy Love has the:story:

Honestly, if only everyone else in the world thought like me, everything would be great. So far, however, I've had trouble getting everyone to see how sensible that is.

Chuck Graves is one of those who don't think that is the best approach to solving the world's problems, and so he's helped bring a speaker, Dr. Paul Flesher, from UW to visit and give a couple talks on Islam. After a stint at the Rotary club, he is doing another talk tonight, where everyone is invited. So why does Chuck think Dr. Flesher knows more about this topic, than, well, me?

And he will be speaking about Islam at the Unitarian Church in Sheridan, tonight at 7. That's right, a speaker on Islam at a Christian Church...Chuck says that's because they tend to think learning about other ideas and religions is important and valuable on many levels...personally, I still think everyone should just think exactly like me and we would all be better off...but it still doesn't seem Chuck agrees

Everybody, and that's everybody is invited...
And, there is a rumor that this is a potluck does that mean I need to hit the kitchen?

Hmmmm....I wonder if Chuck has heard about me being "culinarily challenged"? Seems its time for this reporter to go hit the market.

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Betsy Love says: "Honestly,

Betsy Love says: "Honestly, if only everyone else in the world thought like me, everything would be great. So far, however, I've had trouble getting everyone to see how sensible that is."

This is NOT a "News Report". This is an editorial, and the "reporter" should identify it as such.

I agree with you completely!

I agree with you completely! Since the loss of Kurt, the "news" from Sheridan Media has been laughable.
Plus I cant stand her voice!

Is this news

I had a very hard time following this. Was she trying to report news? Is this some sort of blog? Has this person ever written for another publication? Can I write for Sheridan Media?

I agree the whole "culinary

I agree the whole "culinary challenged" comment made me decide it was a blog from a person not a reporter.

The intent was to create

The intent was to create more of a "human interest" type story, and I figured it was overly obvious that I was not reporting straight news and did not feel like insulting the intelligence of the listeners by pointing that out.

My mistake

There must be something wrong with my internet connection. For some reason when I clicked on the NEWS link this showed up. Obviously a problem on my end. I commented because it would not make sense for something that is not NEWS to be in the NEWS section. If it was NEWS and was in the NEWS section I wouldn't have a problem. But when you try to pass something off as NEWS in the NEWS section that is obviously not NEWS people get confused. Also, I am guessing if it was your aim to write a "human interest" type story it was about you.

Not all journalism is "hard

Not all journalism is "hard news." The local paper will occasionally have something like a picture of a kid on a sled going down a hill as their big front page picture. That isn't technically "news" by your definition either. However, "human interest" or "soft" features are a legitimate journalism genre and such stories are often included along with hard news.

Supposedly news is unbiased

Supposedly news is unbiased and objective. This is not. Even if it is a human interest piece, why is there a personal opinion inserted in it?

Actually, it should be

Actually, it should be pointed out that Unitarians are not associated with the Christian faith. they do not promote one belief over another...

Quoted from their website:

"Belief in God is welcomed but not required within Unitarian Universalism. Diverse beliefs about the existence of a higher power are found among Unitarian Universalists (UUs). The Theological Perspectives section of provides more information about how Atheism, Christianity, and other theological and philosophical traditions are welcomed in Unitarian Universalism."

Pretty much anything falls under their heading, hence the universalist naming.

I find that odd, how does

I find that odd, how does one fellowship with another who does not have a "Belief in God"..

This is like saying there is

This is like saying there is no issue with sitting down, and listeing to a case being made as to why satanic worship is worth your time. When you feel God in your heart I feel there is no need to hear, how other people feel they have a "like god", and that his vision of life is not so far off from your Gods vision of life.. Nothing may come of it, but any time you open a door, things can happen that may not turn out the way you expected. But hey, "I hear it's potluck event" so I guess that makes it ok... Keep it simple.....


Advocating vs. understanding

There is a difference between advocating for a religion, and understanding the historical and political context of a religion in a scholarly way. This talk was purely about understanding the history, etc. of Islam.


If only everybody thought this way things would be much better in the world. Your christian missionaries would be wasting thier time telling other people that the diety they worship is so much better. Is it because they are doing the "bidding" of your god that it is acceptable?

a small correction

A Unitarian church is not necessarily a "Christian" church. Some would describe themselves that way, most not.

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