Interapt Owner Meets With Buffalo VIPs

Buffalo Mayor Mike Johnson, Ankur Gopal, Dave Simonsen with JO CO First.
Buffalo Mayor Mike Johnson, Ankur Gopal, Dave Simonsen with JO CO First.

The owner of a Kentucky-based technology company was in town this week for a number of meetings with city leaders and representatives from local business, education, and other areas to discuss the possibility of expanding into Buffalo.

Ankur Gopal, owner of INTERAPT, has implemented a training program in his home state to train workers how to code mobile apps for his company, and guarantee employment with them once their training is completed.
He is interested in expanding into other regions, with Buffalo and Johnson County at the top of the list for possible sites.

Over the next couple of days we will look into what he had to say during his talk with local media.

Gopal said he left his home state to work, like many in rural areas of the country where success means getting out of the community to anywhere else. He eventually decided to start his own business and chose to go home to do so.
He sees similarities between Kentucky and Wyoming that could lead to a successful venture here as well.

The first step will be a feasibility study to determine pros and cons for opening a training center and office here, and that should be completed in the next couple of months. Depending on the findings, the “blue skies” plan, as Gopal put it, would be to implement training this fall with the first class ready to begin work after about a 6-month training program.

We will look into more of the information presented in the news conference in an upcoming story.

For the previous Sheridan Media story with details on the company, click here:

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