Incidents, Citations Up From Last Year in Johnson County

Sheriff Steve Kozisek.
Sheriff Steve Kozisek.

Citations and Incidents reported by the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office have increased since last year. Hannah Stepenoff has the details.

Johnson County Sheriff Steve Kozisek gave the county commissioners an update on what the Sheriff’s Office has been up to this year during their recent meeting. He started off by saying the number of incidents, which includes any call responded to by a deputy or himself, had increased by over 400 compared to the end of April last year. Over 1,800 incidents have occurred in the county, compared to 1,450 last year. He said these incidents can be anything from car crashes to animal calls.

He said that by the end of April this year, 15 felony arrests were made in the county so far, compared to 11 last year. Fifty-three misdemeanor arrests have been made this year, he said, compared to 64 arrests made last year around the same time. Kozisek said the biggest increase he saw was in citations made--compared to last year.

The Sheriff said that the increase in citations does not mean deputies don’t offer warnings, but one area that deputies are more strict with is traffic violations. Commissioner Jim Hicks asked Kozisek to elaborate on problem areas for these types of citations.

Kozisek said that when it comes to drinking and driving, the deputies are serious about making sure the roads are safe. However, he said, you will not see deputies waiting outside of bars.

Also discussed was the increase of inmates in the county jail, which averages out at 22, compared to 17 in 2014. On any given day, he said that number can increase to 36 or be as small as 17.

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