Immediate Plans For The Spray Park Have Been Shelved For Now

The City of Sheridan and the Sheridan Recreation District have come to a decision in regards to the proposed spray park in Thorn-Rider. Sheridan Recreation District Director Richard Wright.

Wright explains that the plans for the spray park are in place if the choice is made in the future to move forward with the project.

The decision to put the spray park on hold was made during a public meeting Tuesday night at the Old Highland Park/Recreation District Facility.

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Vote it down!

Good point bringing up the optional 1 cent tax! Vote that bad boy down! It was put in place to help buy emergency services and fund the library. It did it's job......Then the powers that be thought! We will just keep stickin it to these poor suckers to get everything we want just like a spoiled brat on Christmas day! Eventually the people wise up and get sick of that spoiled brat, this is the point we are at now as tax payers! Raise enough money to fund the Library and a few fire trucks and cop cars and ambulances, this is what the tax was for......Stop with all the fluff such as camera's on every corner, and other luxurey items that city deems mandatory! Only you can prevent unwanted taxes! Vote and pay taxes on election day!

1% tax

While i'll agree the spray park isn't needed, i really think the 1% tax is needed. If does help the city/county with funding for projects. Look at Brooks Street for example, that road was in dire straits and 1% helped fund that. If you're a property owner and vote NO on 1%, then your mill levy will ultimately go up to fund projects. You're going to see the tax come back on groceries also if they can't find funding in other places. At the least the 1% is shared by tourist, illegal immigrants or anybody that buys something in Sheridan County. The mill levy is just paid by property owners, so if you own property you're going to pay the tax one way or another.


Maybe, if it was needed, it shouldn't have been misused and abused.

While I agree that times are

While I agree that times are tough and jobs are more important, I hope this grand idea doesn't die. Sheridan is notorious for talking, debating, and then killing ANY IDEA that perhaps might attract a youthful gathering. When the economy turns around, I expect this plan to be resurrected quickly!!! The young people are the future of this community...we constantly ask "why so many of them leave and never come back". Well that's a no-brainer, we carry the "defeatest" torch (unless of course it has something to do with retirement). We see how well that focus has helped the local economy.


Are you kidding?

Best way to get rid of this

Best way to get rid of this thing ever coming back,would be to vote down the optional 1% sales tax.

It seems the optional tax

It seems the optional tax gets voted in every time without fail. Really is should be passed in such a way that the projects are named, funded, and then the tax stops once these things are paid for.

we have that tax already!

It's called the Capital Facilities Tax, when the desired amount is reached, it stops. I like the CAP tax and the 1% tax because if we don't have those taxes, the only other source is property taxes for revenue. Then only property owners are left to carry the burden, at least this way everybody that buys something helps the fund. Putting the sales tax back on groceries is coming because of the lack of tax being generated.

Spray Park

Actually those funds cannot be used for Parks and Rec employees salaries - would be nice if all of you that think you knew what you were talking about acutally did.

Please explain why they

Please explain why they cannot. Thanks.

The cap tax is reserved for

The cap tax is reserved for Hard Infrastructure.The optional 1% sales tax is wasted on things like Travel and Tourism that goes to paying people like Val Burgess $100k a year.


Glad to hear that the spray park has been put on hold, hopefully for a very long time. Now maybe the city can use that $350,000 - $400,000 that they were going to spend to make salaries for the Parks and Rec employees.

The only reason a decision

The only reason a decision was reached,is because there isn't enough optional 1% sales tax being generated this year to steal from.

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