Identities Of Murder Suspect And Victim Released By Authorities

A 28-year-old Sheridan man is in custody at the Sheridan County Detention Center, on suspicion of murder. Shawn Osborne was arrested by Sheridan Police on Friday afternoon. The body of 42-year-old Gerald Bloom of Sheridan was discovered in a residence at 1075 Bellevue Avenue in Sheridan.

The Sheridan Special Response Team with the assistance of the Sheridan County Sheriff’s Office joined Sheridan Police in securing the scene on Friday. Representatives from the State Crime Lab in Cheyenne arrived at the crime scene on Saturday morning and will process physical evidence from the scene.

It appears that Bloom was killed with an edged weapon of some sort. Sheridan Police Sgt. Tom Henry said that several bags of potential evidence were collected at the home Saturday. The Wyoming Department of Criminal Investigation will assist local authorities as the investigation continues.

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Come on people

lets just think about this for a minute... he didn't kill someone... he murdered him a crime of passion i used to feel safe in this town i have been here 20 plus years and now im scared to go and do anything this man should be given the death penalty not just sit in jail and rot it just sickens me... go home and spend time with your loved ones because you never no if you will see them again

How can Murdering a man in

How can Murdering a man in his sleep be called a crime of passion??

Go home and hug your

Go home and hug your children...


We live in a world where there is a war waged on terror. A choice that shows a lack of understanding of even the basic laws of nature.

"We reap what we sow."

We live in a time where some parts of the world live in peace and some are ravaged by violence beyond comprehension. However, from the point of expanding consciousness, looking at the outside appearances is of little help or consequence.

The war that we see in this world is but a reflection of the inner condition of dis-ease that humanity carries.

The clearer we are about our inner state of being the more obvious it becomes that there is indeed a battle going on the inside as well. One might enter places inside where the ego's resistance becomes visible as its "peace" is disturbed. The lies and compromises of the ego are suddenly on display to an awakening awareness. One can see the root of all violence as it is rooted in our own consciousness.

With growing understanding and awareness of how our thoughts create the world around us we can acknowledge the fact that the inner judgement is what causes all of the outer conflicts. There is no Non-violence for those who have not conquered the shadow that lies within.

The most fundamental aggression to ourselves, the most fundamental harm we can do to ourselves, is to remain ignorant by not having the courage and respect to look at ourselves honestly and gently.

Well-being of mind is like a mountain lake without ripples.

When the lake has no ripples, everything in the lake can be seen. When the water is all churned up, nothing can be seen. The still lake without ripples is an image of our minds at ease, so full of unlimited friendliness for all the junk at the bottom of the lake that we don’t feel the need to churn up the waters just to avoid looking at what’s there...Not causing harm requires staying awake….

At the root of all the harm we cause is ignorance.

Lord Help us all

I read these posts daily, and yes if I don't like them I do turn to another page. But I also take in consideration that we all have the power of choice granted to us by a much Higher Power and so we all have the right to voice our own opinions. That being said, after reading these posts filled with anger and hatred and near mob mentality, I have to wonder how this town, as close minded, verbally abusive, and as close to cruel as the citizens are proving to be to their neighbors; ever got to be voted as "Best out West". We must all have had our masks on pretty tight the day of the vote, because had the people polling had seen who we really are, there's no way it would have happened. Yes, there are people in the community who are delinquent and immature and bad influences on their neighbors, but we are not a special case and are just like every other community in every other town in every other state! I knew that Wyoming was just catching up to the current century in a lot of ways, I just didn't realize that meant thinking that crime doesn't happen in a small town. I moved out here 14 years ago because I thought that this was a close-knit community with loving neighbors who would put aside differences and would gather together to do what was necessary for the greater good. People who were kind and said or nodded "good day" to you or some other form of mutual respect. A place that I would love to have my family. I still do to a certain degree. Although, after observing the majority of this community turn on each other at the drop of a hat like a bunch of mad demonize the youth who happen to be the community's future leaders simply for a few bad seeds in the be at each other's throats in hatred when we should be banding together as a support system for all innocent involved, to create things like Neighborhood watches and Safe houses, and to mourn and pay respect to the loss of a human life, regardless how he chose to live...I have to really wonder if this community even has a true future or are we, as the collected community going to just stand aside and watch it disintegrate piece by tragic piece.

J. S. Luckjohn


Everyone just needs to shut up about all of the murders. Making a big deal out of it isnt going to help and nither is bringging down people over the internet. These things happen, it was bound to get to this town. Get over it and do something about it.


First and foremost, my thoughts and deepest prayers for Gerald's family and friends.

Next, HOW PETTY and SELFISH and ARROGANT of you, Sheridan community members, to be pointing fingers at anyone other than the suspect himself.

I have read comments degrading the police department. Think you can do better? By all means, get off your dormant hind ends, and get a college degree to do so. If you're not going to do anything about it, be quiet and respect the fact that they are highly trained to do what they are doing. Also take notice: state officials ARE here overlooking everything that is being done in this investigation.

I have read comments belittling other community members. Exchanging harsh words to one another and pointing out petty grammatical errors in each other's posts is NOT going to make this community the tighly knit, friendly town you all say you miss so much.

Instead of being nasty to one another and making points of how terrible and awful this community is, why not come together to make it better? After all, the city of Sheridan is NOT the one who took Gerald's life.

Isn't that what we should be focused on? Reaching out to the family and friends of him, rather than fighting with each other on Really?

Thank you for your post! Its

Thank you for your post! Its nice to read one that has some common sense.

I am shocked at the comments

I am shocked at the comments posted here, For the love of God a man has lost his life,a family is grieving for there son, brother... Whatever his life style was the fact remains, he was a victim of a violent crime.
I read all the comments about drugs and alchol. I have an alcholic,drug addicted brother whos lifestyle choices will surely cut his life short, can I save him from hurting himself or others? NO Would I grieve the loss of him? Yes
Alcholism and drug addiction is a disease,that society pay's for over and over! I have seen drug addicts recover and alcholics get sober and become productive, responsible members of society.
The judgemental comments posted here are shocking.THANK GOD for the SHERIDAN POLICE dept who protect and serve this community 24 hours a day,7 days a week,365 day's a year. HOW CAN ANYONE PUT BLAME ON THEM?? The person responsible for taking Geralds life,the police have in custody. As for others involved I am quite sure our police dept it capable of completing there investigation.
I met Gerald several years ago at my place of employment, he was always very kind,over the years I have ran into him on occasion, He was always very kind.It saddened me to hear of the terrible way he died. My prayers are with Gerald and his family. I also pray for the alcholics and drug addicts who wreck havok on this community,and for our police dept who work everyday to protect us! Last but not least I pray for all you judgemental people!!

Alright children!

Don't just love how tragedy brings people together in times of need?

After reading these comments, I think it would be futile to put in my two cents on the article.

But as for those who are posting? Oh man, let me tell you something. I assist in moderating a site with a message board that has thousands of users logged on and posting crap per day. With little effort, I could easily put you below the teenagers who like to cause quarrels with other members and throw insults at each other.

Look at yourselves! I'm going to assume that the majority of us posting here are adults. We oftentimes fail to realize that there's another person on the other end of the screen with feelings and an opinion. We are unapologetic with who we are. Because of this, we feel no remorse in anonymously stepping on each others toes.

When you act like a jerk online, it results in you being lower than the person you insulted. You have NO IDEA how much of an impact this causes.

I walked into school today with Ft. Mackenzie High in partial lockdown due to some idiot making threats towards my classmates. LOCKDOWN OVER ONLINE THREATS. You people are no better than the kid who made these serious threats online. You're not going to convert someone over to your opinion online; it just doesn't happen this way.

Things like this don't happen a lot here, I get it. And many are scared and angry over it. Turbulent times can bring about the worst in people, but I can't hold that against them. What we CAN do is put in an attempt to cooperate to fix the problem.


All I can say is "Bravo"

J. S. Luckjohn

What a nightmare.

My hope is that Mr. Bloom did not suffer. The idea that his body was disrespected after his horrible murder is even worse. I cannot even imagine the terror felt by anyone witnessing such a brutal crime. The biggest terror of all is that there were people there that knew that man's body was under the porch like some kind of garbage. No matter if the man did drugs or not a human is not to be discarded like a piece of garbage. Anyone having knowledge of that man lying murdered under that house that did not alert the police are guilty of a crime and should be in jail right beside the animal that murdered him. Shame on anyone that would have knowledge of such a crime and tolerate it. People like that are truly in need of a soul.

maybe there were different circumstances??

Did anyone ever stop to think maybe others lives might have been at stake that were there when this happened? Maybe he threatened everyone else in that house? I say maybe because I don't know the facts but keep an open mind.

This comment is yet another example of "insert foot in mouth" and everyone that is making accusations on this matter should be ashamed. INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY...does that mean a damn thing to anyone anymore? Yes this is a horrible thing that has happened in the community BUT I have lived here my whole life and find no reason to want to pack up and find a safer place. Do you know for a fact that everyone there...if there were others, didn't try to alert the authorities??

I think the makers of this site should remove the option to comment on the stories here at because of the hateful and unknown truth typed out for all the public to read. Isn't pointing the finger and saying things unknown to be true called slander?? Yes I beleive in freedom of speech but when did people cross the line on this story? I am pretty ashamed at how this community I live in and call home can be this way!

My last thought is how bad you people might feel saying things that end up proven wrong when everything is finally let known to the community of what really happened in that home!

Think about it

Each poster is a person, each person has a different way of thinking and believing, what is true to each person is thier percecption, oppinions are oppinions. Some people hate some people love. All balances out.

By allowing all comments SheridanMedia allows the public to vent concerns, ideas, concepts, etc. If the public is proven wrong, then so be it. If they are right, then so be it. Hence freedom.

If you do not like what you are reading then make a choice and stop reading it, go to another media site. It is as easy as changing the TV channel when a program does not capture your attention or you find it insulting in someway. Maybe the music on the radio is not the music you listen to, so change the station. (country music makes me want to puke)

You are for freedom or you are not. Take your side. Freedom of any sort cannot be half-a** you know what I mean? By the way, what really happened in that home? Life was taken, that is the tragedy.

Damian Trujillo

small towns

this is so typical of a small town, something happens and it is HUGE!!! then everybody has to put in their two bits on it and you can really see how such a "great" comminity is so evil, everyone turns on everyone and argues about things that are irrelevant to the investigation, frankly i think it is no ones business on what happened unless you have that badge and are doing your job. we have news papers to read, not to spread unwanted and untrue gossip about our peers if you dont know the facts then let it be.


I use 2 know alot of the people going in and out of that house.BUT, thank god I grew up and have a great life. Now that I am older and wiser it makes me sick to see all of the same people gacked out of there heads.I think every one who is involved should Nark on all the crack heads. that is a big ring and there would be alot less jerks roaming aroun such a nice town.Get them all at once! the hater


I have spent a little time reading through the comments the people have posted here; and like every other smaller community in the country, gossip and hypocracy have taken over! Quite frankly it is no one's business what the people in that trailer may or may not have been doing. To everyone that has posted about drugs, alcohol, and every other crime known to man I would ask "are there skeletons in your closet that you would like people making public, or would you like people making things up about you?"

I think the police have done an excellent job thus far with this case. It is easy to lay blame when you have no idea what you are talking about. I have a friend who knows quite a bit about what happened and what he has told me is very close to what the police have let out thus far. The police can't give all of the details to the public. If that happened then everyone and no one could be considered a suspect. Police have to keep certain information from the public so they can do their jobs. Again, I think the police are handling this as well as any of their peers in a larger city would do.

Regardless of what the evidence may be, or what people think the evidence may be; in our country you are still innocent until proven guilty and judged by a jury of your peers. Too often people try to make suspects guilty until proven innocent and that does not work in our legal system. I sincerely hope that none of the people who have made uneducated and uninformed hateful comments never be allowed to sit on a jury! How would any of you like to be arrested and crucified in public before a fair trial were to take place?

Also, if you do not know how to spell, or if you do not know how to properly arrange a sentence--do everyone a favor and keep your uneducated and hateful comments to yourself. Karma is a beautiful thing and for those who have published hateful comments just for spite; I really hope Karma bites you hard!

We moved to this area a while back and I have to tell you that Sheridan is one of the nicest communities I have ever lived in. If you think Sheridan is a horrible place; there are 10's of thousands of other towns in the US that you can move to. And, for those of you who think it's such a bad place; move to the east or west coast. You will quickly gain an appreciation for this Wyoming town. I have lived all over the US and we are very happy to call Sheridan home. There is a sense of pride in Sheridan that has been lost in most places. We have a thriving downtown area, good people and a work ethic that is nearly impossible to find any more.

Think carefully before you spew hatred in a public setting. Would your comments be the same if you had to sign you name to them? In most cases here I think the answer would be no.

do you know how to spell

do you know how to spell your?check yourself

go home

maybe you should wake up and smell the coffee, in this town you are guilty until proven inocent. And what they were doing in that trailer is our busness when it comes to dealing meth and other drugs. you make it you busness if your kids were in there or a friend. And i don't see you name on your comment either so your the hypocrit. And so what if people can't spell or form a sentence you can still read it so you must be like us enough to understand it.

So since everyone is

So since everyone is pointing fingers and blame... Then my question is... To some of you or most of you... Is the new Dog Park to blame? Or maybe the Train horn going off on 1st Street (now that 5th is a "quiet zone")? Heck lets also point blame to the new Mcdonald's building going up... Wow the list can go on and on about the petty things you people complain about on a daily basis and pointless "reasons" to point blame to....


Whenever something like this happens, my faith in humanity always takes a plunge. Not necessarily because of the murder, although that is certainly tragic enough, but also because of all the piranhas that come out of the woodwork blaming, pointing fingers and pretending to know what they are talking about. This is not a Sheridan thing it is a society thing and it makes me very sad.

my two cents

where there are people there is crime. murder happens in every part of the world. i lived in a small town where a man was stomped and beaten to death...why because he was walking on the sidewalk. you cant change the past, now someone is dead and someone is in custody, both men now leave friends, family, and loved ones with heartache and loss. why spend time blaming police,meth,drinking, and other things. BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT SEE.

I believe who ever is found

I believe who ever is found guilty should be killed the same way.

Alot of stories are coming out of these posts maybe the police should be investigating those people who think they know something. Bet that would clear out half these posts.

Drug involvement in this case

I have read most of the comments here and I am wondering how many of you attended this "party".

There are comments of drugs at the party and this is why the murder happened. Where does Kurt mention drugs in this story?

Kurt may be able to answer there some invisible ink that you are using?

I don't see where you mention drugs or how many people attended this "party"

great real

To all those that think crime doesn't happen in small communities remember that Cain killed Abel.

Oh man, that is a perfect

Oh man, that is a perfect remark! Thanks.


Just out of curiosity I read the comments to this article. Geez, there are a lot of very scary people in this community, many of whom can't type and/or don't have a grasp of the English language. But more importantly (?) are the comments that show hatred, limited education, lack of knowledge of constitutional due process, complete lack of knowledge of Christian teachings, and a willingness to blame anyone for anything. Are the posted comments really what people in this community are thinking? Are these representative comments from the community? If so, I'm outta here. You people are too scary.

I definitely see where you

I definitely see where you come from on this post. I couldn't agree any more with you. The people with potential seem to leave the state and never look back, while the people that want stagnant lives stay around for far too long.

Piggy-backing off your post it definitely makes since why the city of Sheridan has had to go outside the community to hire a new police chief, because of the lack of intelligence and ethics found in this community. I digress by extrapolating the opinions and comments found through this forum which is not 100% accurate because there are some intelligent people in the Sheridan community.

i agree

i agree on some of the things I've read on here today. this town is so caught up in making money that we even allow judges with crimanl back grounds or who are on probation, or going to trail to sit on the bench.these judges our just like the crimanls they prosecute, what givs then the right to judge us. when they are no better then us. And some of the police force is questionable as well.

Credit where credit is due....

The fact of the matter is that a life was lost, a tragedy and ALL of you have done your damdest to place blame on someone or something. Be it your own guilt, greed or just plain stupidity that makes a man losing his life an excuse to stir the pot. My thoughts go out to each of them and their families right now......for once you hypocrites, put yourself in someone elses shoes and tell me they fit.

the murder....

I heard about this from where im currently located which is no where in the united states. Im from Sheridan, shocked? yes, but surprised no. As Sheridan continues to grow so does crime. All these people that say "oh its not a big deal", you would be feeling different if it was your father, son, or uncle... I think the Sheridan PD does a great job, especially compared to some of the other places I have lived. The grass is always greener on the other side... but isnt necessarily sweeter...

And they say we can't have

And they say we can't have the lottery in wyo because it would bring crime here, so lets just keep spending in other states, maybe if we had the lottery here we could use the money to pay for the recycling.


um....I think you're posting on the incorrect issue here. Please read before you type.

J. S. Luckjohn

I think sheridans people

I think sheridans people need to realize that its not the cowboy town it thinks it is. Just because it was voted the best out west those people must have been on meth. Sheridan sucks take a look at your local wind gate motel some employees there are into drug dealing big time. But yet we praise them. Let the police officers do there duties. You go ride your horses or your sheep. This is the 21st century and you people need to get on track. Your little sheridan town needs to realize that most young people are your drug people. Because the town offers nothing for common people. Sheridan wants to be a town that is high class but can't live up to compete with other towns.Thank you sheridan county officers for doing there job. To bad some of the people that made negative
commets about are police officers don't try and put a badge on themselves. Way to go sheridan county officers.

You're wrong Chuck

Charles, I think you're wrong dude!

1. A department's philosophical approach and attitude towards crime, allocation of time, manpower and resources, driven by a chief and promoted by a chief, mayor and council, does matter.
2. Community Policing? Really? In a town of 15,000? The cops have been community policing here since before community policing had its monicker. All someone did was slap a label on something the police have done here forever as part of their normal duties. That's what small town law enforcement is. As far as working people over, I think you might have watched LA Confidential just a few too many times! I do hear that they waterboard suspected shoplifters and speeders here though!
3. If your a hard working common joe and you're still questioning whether or not we have qualified candidates at the SPD, then I think you took a bite of some bad bologna. You either haven't paid any attention to the last few years or you aren't being honest with yourself and maybe have some prejudice against the current guys and gals there. There are plenty of qualified apps at the SPD. The last Chief was a complete disaster.

Chuck, just for you, I will leave the building! Putting on my blue suedes now....

Chief candidates

Please name five current PD officers who are qualified candidates.

qualified officers

Lt. Dahmke, Sgt. Ringley, Sgt. Koltiska, Capt. Chandler - there are 4 very qualified officers!!!


Actually Lt. Dahmke and Sgt. Ringley are the best candidates but we all know Lt. Dahmke doesn't stand a chance with the Mayor regardless if he is the best choice or not. So let's hope that the Mayor does the right thing and gives Lt. Dahmke a chance or Sgt. Ringley will get a shot.



Please! Koltiska is a good

Please! Koltiska is a good ol' boy who does not give a hoot about todays issues!
Next please?


What about Arzy? or maybe the one officer with the Lazy eye. That one scares me because I always wonder how could he shoot the right person. No complaints, just the way a see things, no pun intended.

You sound like a bitter cop

A department's philosophical approach does matter. But you have failed to tie it in to this murder. If the approach was different would it have changed the outcome of this murder and how so? More drug interdiction maybe?

Cops here in the past did not practice community policing. In the past there have been some good cops and some others who were unapproachable jerks.

Don't pretend that cops never used to bully or intimidate people. A lot of us in the past have seen it first hand. I have.

With that said. There are a lot of good police officers here at the moment from what I hear. I have nothing against the PD. I think that Card was an arrogant jerk. From what I've heard that Captain Chandler might be a good candidate for chief. But I don't think the PD is brimming with lots of chief candidates.

Oh, and I hate bologna.

Don't blame drugs

I like to smoke a joint here and there. Don't blame the drugs. That's an unfair stereotype. It's no ones fault but the person that slit the throat......................

OMG this is YOUR brain on

OMG this is YOUR brain on drugs!

wow dude

were have you been. don't blame the drugs what do you want us to blame the person on the drugs. duh. Of course drugs are the problem and that needs addressing. smoking pot is fine but it still leads to problems and harder drugs pot is a gate way for meth and acid and cocaine. And eventualy murder. this town is my home but it's pretty bad when you can go to buddies place and get asked ten times if you want to buy some meth. And yes jerald bloom did sell. He asked me if i want some meth from him or anything else he could get it. Jerald was my friend but he made bad choices that cost him his life. the bible says an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth a life for a life.

Its only a gateway drug is

Its only a gateway drug is you are looking for trouble. Alcohol isn't much different. 20 years an occasional reefer smoker. I don't do other drugs and I don't drink alcohol. I hope that gate opens pretty soon ;)
And the bible doesn't say anything about an eye for an eye or a life for a life. Thats something conservative christians made up to control the masses. Really the bible says things like if your brother slaps your cheek give him your other and things like to allow god to seek revenge. We are supposed to be passive and good loving neighbors no matter what. I hate when this conversation comes up..... an eye for an eye..... that's really not very christian like at all. Don't judge just forgive forgive forgive

Exodus 21:24 "Eye for eye,

Exodus 21:24 "Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot."


"Judge not lest ye be judged"
"turn the other cheek"
"treat thy neighbor as ye desire to be treated"

J. S. Luckjohn

Mark 12:29-31

In all Judeo Christian versions of the bible Jesus only gave two commands, everything written in old and new testament follows them. . Jesus says there are no other commandments greater then these two. Go read them if you want to know what they are.

MARK 12:29-31

Doesnt playing ping pong with scipture diminish the meaning behind it?

Take out the trash

I have never once been asked to buy drugs at buddies,i agree it must be the company you keep! Didn't your folks ever tell you that you,you are what you hang around? So if you were friends with this Bloom guy who you say did indeed sell drugs than why would he ask you if you wanted anything if you weren't an addict yourself?I mean you said he was your friend so he would know if you used! The cops need to start pulling up the addresses of the people on here who say the use or sell meth. So go ahead dea get their ip addresses and take out the trash!


Isnt alcohol a drug? Correct me if I am wrong. Maybe cops should hang around the bars more often and bust people for public intoxication, that would be cool. Then maybe the cops should go into people house's to see if they have any alcohol with minors in the house, then they can put the parents in jail. Another cool idea.

Been around addicts all my life, (churches, bars, parks, schools,etc)does that mean I am an addict? I could have my blood tested anytime with out fear. Maybe all posters should leave thier names and stop hiding behind thier redkneck, republican ignorant posts. That would be cool too. Tell us all how you really feel. Kudos to sheridan media.

Damian Trujillo

Maybe you should be a cop,

Maybe you should be a cop, you have such GREAT ideas to arrest people- preying the bars, intruding homes.

Take your negativity elsewhere.

That was the point

I was posting to "take out the trash" comment:

"The cops need to start pulling up the addresses of the people on here who say the use or sell meth. So go ahead dea get their ip addresses and take out the trash!"

I was trying to be as unsound as that crazy poster, looks like it worked. Of course those are terrible ideas and nobody would want that. Just like I think it would be waste of time and stupid for cops to capture your IP address and take you out with the rest of the trash.

freakin knee jerk response.


Child Please!!

Please don't dredge up the gateway excuse, there are tens of millions of people who smoke marijuana everyday and I don't see them committing murder!! Those that end up on harder drugs would have eventually anyway. To say that everyone that smokes marijuana will in time be doing acid, coke, meth etc...and then committing murder has got to be the most uninformed blatantly false statement that I've ever heard!! Also, if every time you go to a "buddies" place and you get asked ten times to buy meth, you may want to think about surrounding yourself with better people!!! I don't seem to have a problem being asked to buy meth when I go to my "buddies" place, so it's evidently the company you keep that's the problem.


He is not talking about a "BUDDIES" place, he is talking about "MY BUDDIES PLACE". There is a difference. My buddies place is a bar here in town just incase you are unaware of that.


I see that now, but it's irrelevant, as my point is that I don't seem to have hordes of meth heads approaching me when I step foot in there. If you're being approached by at least 10 drug dealers every time you step foot in a bar, then don't frequent bars and places where known meth heads and drug dealers are known to congregate. Just remember that you are the company that you keep, if you hang around drug dealers and convicted felons with a 3rd grade education, than you can expect bad things to eventually happen to you, even if you personally aren't a bad person.


i don't hang out at the bars and i don't hang out with drug dealers either. Abnd thank you but i have an 8 th grade education lol. Any bar you go to you'll find dealers in so maybe you should be a hermit and stay home 24 7 and safe what would that serve. And I'm a felon been out of prison for awhile and that makes me a trouble maker huh. thats really hypacritical of you.

Judge a book by its cover?

Even bad things happen in a church setting. Church goers drug of choice: HydroCodone. Why? because people are involved. Havent you met anybody outside of a bar that is addicted to anything? Even bad things happen in good places.

Are all drug dealers and felons uneducated? I have known drug dealers that were cops, teachers, soccer moms,etc. Where do drug dealers hang around? everywhere.

I can agree, if you hang around bars or dark places, eventually trouble will find you. I like the bars because you never know whats going to happen. Been attacked on more the one occasion, been beat up a few times and deserved it. I personally like the counter culture, the out casts,and so on. Hey meth is not the problem, people are. Yes, I know, pretty random.

He is not talking about a

He is not talking about a "BUDDIES" place, he is talking about "MY BUDDIES PLACE" you know that bar on North Main. Although I do agree with you that pot smoking does not always lead to harder drugs. There are many people who can contain themselves to smoking pot and not doing the hard core S***.

Age old

Alot of these posts are based on western civilization linear thinking-the cause and effect concept is just being blown out of proportion. Sometimes humans are just being human. How about we keep this simple:

Drugs are not bad, people are bad
Cigarettes are not bad, people are bad
Guns are not bad, people are bad
Alcohol is not bad, people are bad

Where does this list end? Nowhere. People will be people, not as complicated as everybody wants it to be. I wonder if alcohol, caffiene and nicotin are gateway drugs? Maybe drugs were involved, maybe not, but the final deadly factor is that people were involved.

Wow you're an idiot. That's

Wow you're an idiot. That's not unfair at all.



no joints aren't problems.

no joints aren't problems. i bet hardly any murders/accidents have anything to do with joints. good one

I can't believe this

I can't believe this happened. You would think of Sheridan as a sweet little tiny town, but it's funny how people just want to do something TERRIBLE like murder someone to ruin it all because they have nothing else to do with there lives! It makes me cry how terrible tese things are. Hopefully nothing will happen like this for a very long time.

Welcome to the real world

Welcome to the real world

Not to sound like a jerk or

Not to sound like a jerk or anything, but it sounds like reality hit you pretty hard! Stuff happens.

What I cant understand is

What I cant understand is why all the people that were there have not been charged.If that is how things are going to be handled, then the two youths that didnt pull the trigger on Mr Ernst should be released. Its practicly the same situation.Everybody there should be charged and convicted.

Everyone knows so damn much

Everyone knows so damn much & wants to place blame! How do you all know there wasn't a DEA investigation or something of that nature going on? Also, this is still a republic! Do you all want your civil liberties violated too?!?! Cuz what's good for one is good for all. Laws are only good for those who are law abiding citizens. Seriously! you think the police are in it for the Benjimins?!?!? They would love nothing more that to protect and serve. Who is really responsible?

The house is a drug house.

The house is a known drug house. Nothing good ever happens in there. Something needs to done to the owner and the amount of drugs and alcohol that is furnished in that house. There's evil there. And now, some one has died. Please don't let this happen again.


How would you know about the booze and drugs? Where you there ? I mean if you were aware of all this why not call the police? I grew up here and didn't know of this home being a drug house. Maybe you should go throgh the list of people you associate with .

They should do the community

They should do the community a favor, and blow the place up. You are good ever comes out of there, only pure evil.

I see that the Sheridan

I see that the Sheridan Police Department is receiving a great deal of blame for a homicide which occured on a private property involving suspects/victim with constitutional rights. I also see on the City website that the P.D. is testing on March 1. For all of you armchair quarterbacks/legal scholars that could do a better job.....

we have enough cops...but

so what if there were drugs involved. that sitll doesn't give any of them the right to murder an innocent man no matter how high, crankd, drunk, or f'd up they were. everyone says not to target a certain person, but i feel that after what has happend in the past 6 months the police have the right to target any suspicious person (adult or youth). i know that if either an adult or youth was suspicious at my house or right across the street i would definatly want an officer to target them.

Another Homicide?

Elvis – did you forget about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights? I for one do not want to live in a “police state” like Nazi Germany. Our police and others in law enforcement have to follow, not only state law, but federal law and the local city and county laws. You will always have crime, as long as you have people who believe that those laws don’t apply to them. Harsher punishments are not going to do anything to stop the criminal if they keep getting probation and fines. It is amazing how some of the people who post on here seem to know everything about everything and have all the solutions to all the problems……if that is the case, how come Sheridan isn’t call Mayberry???

...and the point is

Fact: We still continue to live in a beautiful place.
Fact: Preventing growth DOES NOT prevent crime.
Fact: An ailing economy causes good people to make poor choices.
Fact: Rallying together rather than pointing fingers makes better sense.
Fact: Those who blame mayor Kinskey and law enforcement are clueless.
Fact: We are not exempt from criminal activity...utopia won't been found on earth's surface.

Support your family and friends and watch out for each other!!

Smartest comment I have read

Smartest comment I have read on this whole site in 3 days!

Agree 100% and how do these

Agree 100% and how do these people even know what was going on? Been there, done that, or what!

Youth? How do you just

Youth? How do you just assume that the ppl involved are youth? The man that resides in this home is 37 yrs old. And the company he keeps are far beyond the yrs of they're youth. Hopefully this will open their eyes to grow up, and become productive members of society.
As for the police force...I know for a fact that they have sat outside this home and pulled ppl over who have left. They have done everything in their power to regulate the problem surrounding this residence. However they cannot go around arresting ppl if they do not catch them breaking the law.
Though I am speechless that the home owner is free, and wandering the streets. He is just as guilty as anyone else. They should lock him up and throw away the key. And yet another piece of sheridan's garbage will be taken care of.

TO: All who read RE:

TO: All who read
RE: Unjustified judgmental attitudes

The rather obnoxiously blunt and unjustifiably blaming individual, who prepared this previous comment, certainly is not in a position to ascertain the guilt of the homeowner in any matter.

As a long time absentee Big Horn / Sheridan citizen; I have read all posts related to this situation and my thoughts go out to Mr. Bloom's family - no one deserves petty murder from a drunk drugged out fool.

As a proud associate of the "garbage" since kindergarten in Big Horn Elementary; I realize my beloved friend has lost himself to serious active addiction but through all our lives together he has never been a threat to anyone but himself and his liver. He is a talented musician, expert restaurant kitchen manager & cook, father and very loyal brother & son.

Yes, some of the company he keeps is obviously less than upstanding and perhaps types that are perceived as druggies and drunks. (Most of whom are long time friends into music, drinking and harmless biker style partying)

Consider this though, in over fifteen years & hundreds of people from all levels of Sheridan society through the door of the "druggie murder trailer on Bellevue" for thousands of parties; there has never been such a scene as perpetrated by someone other than the homeowner this last weekend.

The only one charged in the matter at this stage of the investigation, Shawn Osborne and his accomplices are the ones to point the blame at; if the homeowner was not arrested does that not account for something based on the activity of the oppressive SPD. Surely if they find him at fault for participation in some capacity SPD will level charges for arrest warrant quickly.

As to the police and sheriffs of Sheridan / Sheridan County; they are all regular people working in the business of protection and enforcement of law on a budget from the government fed by our taxes. However; it was a lot more fun in Sheridan when more of them were “involved” in gun crime & drugs and prosecutors & judges (except for that stubborn drunken hypocrite S.H.) could be “influenced” by the right attorney. Based on all reports from longtime friends and regular visits home to family… I am grateful I left the small town drama in 1990 for the city, but the Big Horn Mountains will always be my home.

Instead of pointing fingers

Instead of pointing fingers at the youth, the adults, the so-called under-agressive law enforcement, and anyone else who may be involved, take this as a tragic, unnecessary loss, but look to the future. There never is a good reason for a murder to happen, but don't blame the town of Sheridan. Who can honestly say "this is the reason why nobody wants to live here!"? Move to Chicago, we don't want you here anyway. And please, don't come back crying to us about the high crime rate there compared to here in Sheridan. We should consider ourselves fortunate and have a little pride in this community over how low the actual crime rate is. Unfortunately, the crime rate has increased over the years, but the police force is trying to make changes and improvise. If anyone wants to continue pointing fingers at everyone else, why don't you do something better then? Please, feel free to prevent the next crime from happening. More power to you.

poster child

If anyone was ever a posterchild for alcohol intervention, Shawn Osborne was it. A family member of mine had the misfortune of seeing what this guy was like when he was drinking and he was totally out of control! Were there no family members close that could see what was happening to this guy?


Shawn also known as "Squirrel" had a lot of addiction issues. I am sure that there are many people who love and care about him and are devasted by this tragedy. However, an addict cannot be helped unless he wants to be helped. Do not put this blame on society or those that loved and cared for "Squirrel", there is no blame here except addiction. I am so sorry to all those that loved anyone involved in this crime, what a tragedy for all involved, both those that loved the victim, Mr. Bloom and those that loved the perpetrator, "Squirrel". My thought and prayers go out to all involved and I will spend my breath praying that those involved (all those involved) find peace and forgivness and can somehow no matter their circumstances contribute to making this world a better place. For do not judge, just do your best to make this world better.

Law inforcement here sucks.

They do target the youth! I was playing tag out at big horn this summer and the doors to the school we all open and the lights were on. We didnt know what was going on! We went in to see if it was alright to play nobody in there. We were leaving then out of nowhere sheriffs were all around the school! They arrested us and their first thought is that we broke into the school and were going to plant a effing BOMB! Wtf! After that I lost all respect to our stupid police force. They even had their M16 out! really? Going to shot up 6 teenagers who were playing tag? wow pathatic pieces of !@##!!!!

You are a liar! You all

You are a liar! You all tried to run from the cops, and when you were caught you all lied about what you were really doing there!
Don't lie on here about things that are public record!
Not to mention that it was very late and you were out past curfew!

Stop with the blame game

Everyone keeps saying it is the police's fault that Sheridan is turning into a town with crime. People, WAKE UP!!! They can only do so much with the information given. I am not a lover of the Sheridan Police force and I do believe that they have some faults, but they work off the information that they are given. They are not mind readers and cannot simply see a crime coming. If you want the streets of Sheridan cleaned up, be more proactive. Be a nark, listen to what is going on around you and be proactive. They have done some good work in our town, but again I say... it is your town, be involved in the protection of it, don't just sit back and point fingers!

murder in Sheridan

There is no way our police could have prevented this crime. In the perfect world, there would be no drugs in Sheridan, however, this world is not perfect. We have people coming in from all over and even our locals bring in drugs. It is our responsiblilty as parents to set examples for our kids. I feel Sheridan is a wonderful town and the best place to raise a family. If you are not happy here, move to a big city where these things are not in the news as they are an every day occurance.

The police can not prevent murders

You can have the best police department in the world and you would still have murder taking place. There are no steps a police officer can take to prevent one human being from killing another human being. They can prevent burglaries, robberies and thefts by aggressive patrol tactics, but it seems that many of our police officers are more concerned with ambushing drivers for traffic violations.
And why do all the police officers here in Sheridan have the buzz cut, the sunglasses, the black gloves and the attitude?? Do they think they are patrolling Iraq?

Traffic violations OFTEN

Traffic violations OFTEN lead to arrests for drug dealers, criminals with warrants, and other unknown activity. If you knew anything about being a police officer you would know that, that is a tactic that is taught in most academies. If you read the paper the majority of the time drug dealers get busted because of a simple traffic violation. You can't just pull someone over because you 'think' they sell drugs. You have to have a reason to pull them over like speeding, headlight out, not using your blinker, etc. And to criticize the poilice force for wearing sunglasses, buzz cuts, black gloves, and having attitudes is pretty closed minded. They probably wear sunglasses and the gloves for protection, have you ever thought about that? And I would have an attitude to if I had to deal with all the trash people in Sheridan and then have to listen to people like you criticize. What do you do for a living?

I cannot believe the

I cannot believe the attitude of some of the citizens of Sheridan! Buzz Cuts, gloves, glasses? Apparently these citizens that criticize so harshly have never served in the Armed Forces or consider the daily work these people have to go through on a daily basis dealing with harassment, danger and filth dealt out by people who have no consideration for other peoples lives. With the influx of drugs, and yes, this includes marijuana also, they go into dangers way daily unknowing what the next civil disturbance may bring because of a domestic violence where drugs may be involved. If you only deal with the seedier side of life just doing your job you soon have to put on a different attitude with your uniform than you do when you are safe and sound at home with your family and friends.
God forbid if we didn't have civil servants!
Thank You all for what you do!

Cut funding for the Police Dept?

To suggest that we cut funding to the Police Dept makes absolutly no sense. Let's get rid of half the officers and expect that crime will just take care of itself. You have got to be kidding me. All you people who suggest this need a reality check. I am very proud of all the men and women who serve this great community. All of the homicides that have occured in this town in my lifetime do scare me a bit and might make me look at people a little different but that is not the fault of law enforcement. If a house burns down, do you think that we should cut funding to the Fire Dept because they didn't do their job? Here's an idea, we should send the police on a door to door search of every house and appartment in this town with or without the owners consent and maybe, just maybe they will stop all the bad guys before they strike. Or wait, maybe we should just trust the job they do and realize that no matter where you go there will always be a bad guy or a bad situation that no matter what will be present.

if the fire dept sees a fire

if the fire dept sees a fire hazzard and does nothing for years then yes i would blame the fire dept if a house burnt down

2 murders in about nine

2 murders in about nine months? cmon now...srsly. have any of you even given a second thought to the seatlle police force that has lost 9 officers in the past two months? or the multiple murders that happen daily in other cities around the US? im not tryin to downplay the seriousness of this, but lets be real. it could be MUCH MUCH worse. sure sheridans population is only 17k, but stupid actions like this are bound to happen. its foolish to think that our community is immune to events such as this. this stuff will happen no matter how much police "crackdown" on the "hardcore" issues around the city.

just my two cents.

oh my

Okay folks you all take it out of proportion blaming others listen there is going to be crime anywhere you go do you want it to be like pleasentville. It happens yes it is sad it happens but back east people get killed all the time. If we only have one in a blue moon. You know what that says about this town it happens. People have rage its going to happen. You need to be more supportive of the family that lost there father and or son that night. Its sad that this happens. But to blame lower class or blame the police department i think that is completely not the story i see them all the time doing there job. If you want them to be pitbulls then no one would be free to do what they do lieniancy is good so don't blame them. Because when you point you always have someone and many pointing back at you. Don't say you can't raise your child here come on people where would you go and it doesn't happen? Not in casper! So you should be happy that the most of the crime we get is DUI's and Dog at large. When i came here i was shocked that was all i seen in the paper not from where i came from there was crime all day everyday and the page was massive. We should all be more concerned on the family that lost him instead of pointing fingers!


How can you possibly blame law enforcement for what happened? Or the youth? This young man was an adult. Each individual should be accountable for their actions and choices. This is not just happening in our community crime happens everywhere in our society. Basically we live in a very safe community, yes we have had a few major incidents lately, but how many years was Sheridan MURDER FREE? Could the influx of drug related charges that we have been seeing be a result of better law enforcement or just more drug use and abuse due to the poor economy. People will make money some how legally or ilegally. Quit pointing fingers and placing blame where it doesn't belong each individual needs be accountable for their choices. It is non-productive to always look for others to be responsible for the actions and choices of a few. And the youth in our community the majority are just good kids who sometimes make poor choices. I agree make the consequencs for the youth in our court system tougher. A tough lesson learned has a much greater impact on the choices in the future.

About the parents of the guilty

I agree with this comment. Why cant people step back and remember the innocent in this tragedy. Why cant people realize that when it comes down to peoples reactions, the parents are NOT the guilty ones! Parents do their best in everyway to raise their children right, but when it all boils down, every sigle individual makes THEIR OWN CHOICES, whether they may be right or wrong in every sense. We know Shawn Osbournes father and he is the nicest kindest most loving man and know he has raised his chilren up to the best of his ability. It is NOT his fault or the mothers fault for how this man ended up chosing to be....Please everyone remember this and do not be hating against the parents and loved ones. GOD BLESS THE PARENTS OF EVERYONE INVOLVED IN THIS TRAGEDY.

This is a terrible thing

This is a terrible thing that happened, regardless the situation Gerald did not deserve to die. As for the rest of these comments on here once again have proven to be either idiotic,naive and just flat out disrespectful to not only the victim but also the local police force. I am sure I wil get flamed for even saying this, I just wish that more people in this community had the ability to step back and look at things for what they actually are. Last time I looked on this site there was practically a lynching party forming aimed at the kids parents.......seriously??

How can you possibly blame

How can you possibly blame law enforcement for what happened? Or the youth? This young man was an adult. Each individual should be accountable for their actions and choices. This is not just happening in our community crime happens everywhere in our society. Basically we live in a very safe community, yes we have had a few major incidents lately, but how many years was Sheridan MURDER FREE? Could the influx of drug related charges that we have been seeing be a result of better law enforcement or just more drug use and abuse due to the poor economy. People will make money some how legally or ilegally. Quit pointing fingers and placing blame where it doesn't belong each individual needs be accountable for their choices. It is non-productive to always look for others to be responsible for the actions and choices of a few. And the youth in our community the majority are just good kids who sometimes make poor choices. I agree make the consequencs for the youth in our court system tougher. A tough lesson learned has a much greater impact on the choices in the future.

Why blame the Police?

I for one think that Sheridan Police do a good job. As horrible as it sounds, murder happens and there is little to be done to stop it. Again, I believe that the Sheridan PD work well with what they are given. Whenever a crime is commited, citizens will always look back and say they could have done a better job but this isn't PLeasentville. Sheridan is a wonderful town to raise a family in and be involved in the community but horrible things still happen. Our job as residents should be to teach our children right and wrong. If you have friends that are worrying you, tell the police. If you suspect someone of harming another or themselves, step in and help. I'm not sure of the circumstances of this crime but I know that if someone knew before it took place that a mans life was on the line, someone would have stepped in. Just like if the Police had any knowledge, it wouldn't have happended. We can't blame them for something they did not cause. I truely hope that whoever commited this crime will be brought to justice and that the victims family heal quickly.


You're only as good as the company you keep. My thoughts go out to the families of those involved, but I see it as two less ****-ups roaming the streets.
Meth is A Cancer, and your children are in Danger Sheridan.

wow.. i cant believe how

wow.. i cant believe how many people out there dont know the criminal justice process and what police officers are there for.. police officers are "peace officers".. police officers do there best on trying to keep the peace and its not only the police officers job to try to keep the peace.. there is a little thing called institutions of social control.. which school, parents, neighbors and the whole community can do things to help prevent crime from happening... so the next time you blame a police officer for not doing there job maybe you should be pointing a other finger at yourself..

Saw this coming....

I live across the street from where this man was killed. The police department has been called to the residence where Mr. Bloom was killed on several occasions due to volitile nature of the residents of the home. There seem to be quite a few people who are concerned with whether Methamphetamine is an issue or not, and if asked,I would say, "Yes", "Absolutely", and "no doubt." I was speaking with a neighbor and she made the comment, "the people who are questioning whether drugs were a involved should come live across the street from this house for just 1 month. They would see." I completely agree with that. Creepy people constantly coming and going, yelling in the street, and fire cracker wars do not make for a great neighbors. My concern is this: Will the man who has been allowed to live here in this neighborhood, who allowed a dead body to be hidden under his home, be free to walk the street simply because he didn't slit the throat himself? This freaks me out. I know I am not the only one to think this, hopefully not the only one to say this...I do not want him near my home. I do not want him near my family or my neighbors, and especially around the kids in the neighborhood. All I can really say now is that I saw this coming. It was only a matter of time until this escalated to what is now happening. I am not okay that it took someone dying to get these creeps out of the I just hope they are gone for good.

This is far from over.......

This is far from over....... Get a grip on your Drug problem in this town........

How in the world is this the police officers fault?

I am very sorry to be affensive, but are some of you people ignorant or what?? Im 18 and I view this as a clear cut matter. Some stupid adult made an even more ignorant decision, as someone earlier has said, kinda. This has absolutly noting to do with Sheridan Police Officers, as to be repetitive towards someone above, what are they to do, camp out every few hundred feet? TARGETING YOUTH???? Sounds to me like someone is holding a grudge, cause just a few years ago I was a member of the Sheridan County youth. I never once felt 'targeted'. Maybe the reason they 'target' youth is because the officers know the youth actully has a chance to change. I do however agree that there should be more harsh punishments towards drug and alcohol abusers by attorneys and judges. Sending a meth abuser to rehab for six months does nothing. If we where more like other states and had the three strikes your out rule it would be a good thing, however we would only have a population the size of Buffalo. Its not the officers job to control the youth, it is the parents. And it is not the officers job to crontrol the adults makeing bad decisions, they are adults. The same with the last tradgedy that happened in town, they may have been 'youth' but they where obviousally adult enough to make the decision to rob someone and the decision to KILL. I do believe that our officers should be more aggresive, but how can they, as someone said earlier. They have to have probable cause, warrents, and many other things, unfortunatlly. I also agree that people turn their heads the other way and should take resopnsabillity for themselves instead of pointing fingers, myself to. I am sorry if anyone doesnt agree with me and I would be more then happy to be told why, I am always up for constructive critisim. I am deeply sorry for all of Mr. Bloom's family members and friends. My prayers go out to all.

Before you accuse people of

Before you accuse people of being ignorant, you should edit the spelling of your posts.

its not the police officers fault! thanks!

I am sorry to be offensive, however I think some of you people must truelly be ignorant! I am 18 years old and I see the matter of fact very clearly, these are ignorant ADULTS doing stupid stuff, as someone said earlier! The last tragic accident in Sheridan may have been by young adults but none the less adults, to make the decission to KILL is obviousally an adult decision. I believe this is in no way the police departments fault, as someone said earlier, should they camp at every block? However I do believe that a certain amount of the drug rates in Sheridan do contribute to the amount of crime. And I do agree that if possible the judges in this town should be harder on the drug addicts and 'screw ups' in this town. But just to be repetitive this has nothing to do with Sheridan officers 'targeting' youth, if anything they are trying to fix the ones who are young enough to have a chance to change. It is not the police officers job to control the youth it is the parents!

negative ghost rider

ok first of all the police don't always know when something terrible is going to happen. they do what they can do and they catch who they can catch. yes what happend is very unfortunate and terrible. i would hate to know who was killed or who did it. it would tear me up. but don't blame the police only focusing on the "youth". because there is a damn good handfull of adults that have been thrown in the slammer for mistakes that they have made.

anonymous, you are the one who is lost...

First off, if you had any guts you would identify yourself. Secondly, you live in a dream world. Bad things can happen right here in your "little bubble" world of Sheridan and there is no law enforcement at fault for an act which is completely random, even if it is murder. Do you think we should have a policeman at every corner and would that have kept this crime from happening. What I see is a law enforcement body here in Sheridan who get zero community support. I also notice that besides the fact you can't spell, you seem to have the most time of anyone to complain about life here in Sheridan. Maybe you need to go out and work for a living and get busy or are you afraid of the horrible crime rate here? What... are you one of those with your head in the sand who says, "Oh it'll never happen here." Sorry Anonymous... Life is real and real stuff does happen. I'm glad the police department looks into our youth and their activities. For the most part Sheridan has great kids, but bad young people just grow into bad adults and since some parents don't know how to teach discipline unfortunately the police officer ends up playing baby sitter for them.
Why doesn't everyone who hates mayor Kinskey and hates the way Sheridan is operated go find a better deal somewhere else. As one who has lived and traveled in all but 4 states in this country I can tell you we are very fortunate here in Northern Wyoming to have the quality of life that we do. Try giving a cop a thank you or a pat on the back one day. Maybe your attitude and that of many others who exercise a small town mentality would find them less defensive and more friendly. Small towns are wonderful and we love the friendly atmosphere in Sheridan. But unfortunately small towns that are successful grow and with that growth come some challenges. My experience is that usually the ones who complain the most are diverting attention away from their own misgivings, so "Anonymous", make sure your own walk is perfect before you continue to bust the spirit of the ones sworn to keep the peace here in Sheridan. When you've walked up to a car at 2 or 3am on the street and ask for their ID while no one else is around and never know what you are walking into, you can give the police advice, OK pard?
Sheridan is a nice community, but we've noticed how people are getting more and more rude on the roads and probably some of the frustration of the leaner times is takinjg its toll on a few attitudes. Don't let it ruin Sheridan. We saw Bozeman, MT change from a nice agricultural community into a yuppie liberal bunch of busy idiots. Don't let it happen here. Slow down, care about your neighbor and if you see something wrong, report it or get involved; don't just sit there and bitch about it like this Anonymous person does all the time with their comments.


Finally someone with a REAL opinion the is Honest to the bone...Thank you for speaking against stupidity, I could't have said it better. Amen

Murder in Sheridan

I lived in Sheridan for awhile and am from a big city. That town is beautiful but has been overtaken by the Meth heads. And when there's Meth there is violence. I moved and would never live there again. Everyone knows that town for "partying" What a shame for such a pretty place.

The problem goes so much

The problem goes so much deeper......obviously drug abuse is going to happen here or anywhere else. The police, judges, attorneys, counselors, etc only have so much to work with. Laws and precedent stand in their way of so much. WE as a community need to stand up and approach our legistlators to get laws created for harsher punishments for drug users.


What are harsher drug laws going to accomplish? Throwing someone in prison for 8 years instead of 3 years is going to help? Most of them get probation and treatment anyway.

The big problem is trying to catch the people who are using. More people need to be caught and put in the criminal justice system. Law enforcement doesn't have enough resources and a lot of the public doesn't report suspicious behavior.

Tsk, Tsk

This is what we all get for allowing our police force to stop being aggressive, crime-seeking, law enforcement pit bulls and instead allowing an outside Cali Police Chief to come in and disregard the serve and protect function of law enforcement. When we allowed his leadership to favor things like the catering of downtown merchants with distorted, misguided attempts of "the police are our friends" and making officers walk foot patrols downtown in the daytime in the hopes of apprehending a deliquent skateboarder or two on the sidewalk at the expense of their real crime fighting duties was ridiculous. Things like the 3rd Thursday wine tasting fiascos that sucked officers off the street from their law enforcement duties in favor of promoting card's own distorted self-image, going door to door and asking about "quality of life" issues, and abandoning any real programs to combat drug use, abuse and sales in the community in favor of running radar programs in some 6-figure earners neighborhood were just silly.
Can we now get back to some real law enforcement efforts? Please?
For God's sake, hopefully the city learned a lesson from the last 4 years and they hire a local country boy from inside the department with knowledge of Sheridan's problems and needs. And for all the elitists out there who say we don't have qualified applicants in our own department, go back to reading your Huffington Post and chowing on your beluga, because you're not paying attention! We have many qualified officers that could do the job and put crime prevention first; they just won't sip the Big K's kool-aid!

Elvis needs to leave the building

1. This murder has NOTHING to do with who is or isn't the police chief nor does it have anything to do with the competence or quality of our police department.

2. What is wrong with community policing? Is the PD supposed to go back in time 50 or 60 years and work people over and ask questions later?

3. There are also lunch pale common sense hard working average joes who question how many qualified candidates are in the PD.


oh yeah because two murders in Sheridan is definitely reason to turn Wyoming into a police state and stop all community events. Scared people like yourself throughout history have allowed themselves to be oppressed by their government and subject to unjust laws all be cause of an unhealthy fear of the unknown. the job of law enforcement is to protect and maintain order for the general public NOT individuals. There is no way that law enforcement could have forseen either of these crimes. it is the responsibilty of all people to protect themselves from violent crimes and the police are there to restore peace in the community and to investigate the crime. Police officers acting like soldiers in Bahgdad will not prevent crimes from happening it will only fuel a stronger hatred of police by law abiding citizens. Quit acting like a victim and learn how to protect yourself and your family. I feel sorry for people that are so helpless that they think that "pitbull cops" are going to fix anything.

Please,no more kinskey

Please,no more kinskey bashing,Daves worked hard to get us to this point..There's still a lot of good law enforcement officers in sheridan.It's just that they're all over at the Sheriff's office.That's where they went after seeing "Big K" and Card in action.

How awful

See this is the reason people don't want to live here!! That poor man didn't deserve what he got and for these kids to just go on like nothing happened is awful! I have a 14 month old and I don't think I want to raise her here!!! If some people didn't focus on partying and drugs this would be a better town to live in. The police need to crack down harder on all of this. As long as I have lived here I have come to the understanding that residents here care nothing about one another just about themselves and the money they make!



See that is how you stupid

See that is how you stupid tourists think. You move out here and want to whine about what happens but you forget why you moved here in the first place. The crime rate here is low enough that when something like this happens it seems bad. But anywhere else a murder is a everyday thing so people ingnore it.But like most of us that were born here and like it here. We didnt want you to come here in the first place, so pack your bags and leave. IT WONT HURT OUR FEELINGS ONE BIT.

You certainly speak for a

You certainly speak for a lot of people who I assume are locals. Maybe you should leave IT WON'T HURT OUR FEELINGS ONE BIT.

That's the idea.If sheridan

That's the idea.If sheridan is to dangerous, by all means leave and take others along with you.


Only thing I would change about Sheridan is the way they take care of thier streets. I Thought Wilson really did a good job. Maybe Kinky does have the funds Wilson had, who Knows!!

i don't understand?!?

How would law enforcement have prevented this incident from happening? How do you figure that they are focusing on youth so much they didn't see this happening? It doesn't make sense. If our Youth is out of control and breaking the law that is where the officers need to be. They need to teach our youth the difference between right and wrong and be seen in our community because those are the things that prevent crimes and criminals. Officers being SEEN. Criminals need a deturant and that is where it starts. A person made a bad choice. Maybe he is bad person who made a bad choice, acutally, the worst mistake of his life, but what could someone done from the outside of the situation? You cant say anything until nyou look at yourself. What could you have done to prevent this incedent, the Ernst tradgedy, and all other crimes (If you want to go there). I think as citizens of our community we need to look at us. What will we put up with? What will we turn our heads to and look the other way? Crime and horrible stuff starts and ends with us. Quit pointing fingers just because you can't handle taking resposibility for your own choices.


There's no possible way that law enforcement could have known what was going to happen in that private household any more than it has knowledge of what takes place in each and every one of our homes daily. My Gosh, you people all make it sound like they had a crystal ball and could see the tragic event before it happened, therefore they should have put a stop to it....Give me a break People! Just because a certain address is on the police records for incidences does NOT mean that the authorities should automatically expect something like this to happen! Trust me, there are PLENTY of other places in this "small town" that have the same, if not worse, reputation where nothing like this has occurred. Talk to any of our drug court officials, judges, and probation officers in this town. You all would be shocked, by the contents of your posts, at just how much our "small cowboy town" is JUST like all the other towns in all the other states in this country. Sheridan county is very, very well known in the underground circles (and before you place undue judgement NO I AM NOT A DRUGGIE, NEVER BEEN ONE NEVER WILL BE ONE I like my brain cells thank you, I have just known a few who have explained a few things) as one of the biggest druggie towns in the state next only to Gillette and Casper. You would be very surprised at just how much DCI watches this town for delivery, sales, and trafficing. We may not have meth houses and such like Casper and the bigger towns, but do not kid yourself people, drugs are here in our "lovely town" in great amounts more than will ever be reported. As far as the crime, yes once again, a tragedy has occurred in our "small Western town". But look around the country and the world people, crimes in all phases are getting worse daily, people murdered for less than drugs...for food, home, water, jobs....are we here in Sheridan, really so small minded to think that we are immune to the reality of life? If that's the case, then honestly people I would really like to know what cave you're hiding in and if there's room for a few more. Wake up people, this is life and all it's harsh reality...and looking at the state of the country and the world, brace yourselves because it's only going to get worse.

J. S. Luckjohn

Right and Wrong

Dont you think that maybe its up to the parents to teach right and wrong? Police Officers should not be playing parents to the delinquent youth in this town, they should just be enforcing the laws. Parents need to step up and be PARENTS!!!

You've got to be kidding me!!!!

What an ignorant statement to make that the police should stop focusing all of their time and money targeting youth!! This is not a case of who the police are tageting. It is a case of adults making stupid decisions. Seems to me that "youth" were involved in the last tradgedy like this in Sheridan. Did you post that you wish the police would stop focusing on the adults in Sheridan when that happened? I get so sick of people saying that the police are focusing all of their time in the kids in Sheridan. GOOD!! Thats hopefully how things like this are avoided. And no, I am not a police officer.


this is sad that this has happened yet again to a innocent man. How can everyone all predict meth was involved?

Because Sheridan is a small

Because Sheridan is a small town. A lot of people know each other here, grew up with them, knew them in passing, knew what they were about. Meth was certainly a factor in this case, noting the residence and those involved.

Because it happened at a

Because it happened at a meth dealers house.

Wow! How are the police

Wow! How are the police targeting youth? Did they arrest the youth that were involved in the judge Healy situation? No! They are either accused of not preventing "youth" from vandalism or stealing sprees OR they are accused of being too harsh on them from the other side. Sounds like a losing battle to me. Glad I'm not law enforcement in this town. What else are you talking about targeting youth about?? I think I just read an article where a husband and wife locally were arrested for drugs or meth. What does that have to do with targeting youth? Sounds like somebody was doing their job! One police officer might be in trouble for domestic abuse and the whole department gets a black eye.Sounds like you need a little backup to your accusations. Wasn't it just grown-ups in general that target youth? Now who's stereotyping who!


cant believe this has happened again. there have been several murders in this town since ive moved here and i believe it due to the fact the law inforcment spends too much time targeting the younger generation. in my opinion as a tax payer, funding should be cut back for law enforcment and used for something else. instead of jobs being cut around town, they should be cut at the police department if there not going to do there job. this issue should be brought up to the city council at the next meeting and maybe congressmen should get invloved as well and have our police department put under investigation.

You are misinformed

How can you say that they should cut the funding for the police department? They cannot stop every incident that occurs, no one could. Trust me when I say this, if they had recieved a 911 call before this happened, the police would have done everything in their power to get there. If our police force was as incompetent as you make them sound, I would not be around to write this.

cut the funding at the

cut the funding at the police department? seriously? The police do what they can with the information they have and the boundaries that are put on them. They can't just go and arrest people because they 'heard' something. They have to have probable cause, warrants, etc. to do anything. Mr. Osborne has been arrested many times but has been put back on the streets. The deciding factor for that comes from the attorneys and judges in this town. How frustrating must it be to be a police officer who is trying to keep the streets clean but then to have their efforts go to nothing because of what the attorneys and judges decide in the end. This Meth epidemic makes me sick! I wish that the judges would lock known users up and throw away the key; rather than sending them to treatment. It seems like a waste of time and money. Healy, Sampson, Fenn lets get a little tough on known drug users!

My thoughts exactly!

When the law does haul someone in, especially for drugs, the lawyers work a deal with the judges and the criminals walk out freer than the law abiding citizen. If the laws were designed so the drug buyers left the court system broke, we would not have drug dealers. Why have a 'product' that there is no market for?

Cut the funding....

I totally agree. The judges in this town need to quit slapping wrists and get real with sending some of these repeat offenders away for good. The police have a tough job and I think do a great job only to have the judges let these creeps off the hook. It seems to be a revolving door at drug and alcohol rehab. You can't rehabilitate someone who does not want to be rehabilitated.

What are they supposed to do?

What do you propose the police do? Camp out on each block in hopes of preventing a murder they could not have forseen coming? How many police officers do you think we have in town? Of course that's not possible so they do what they can, respond once the crime has happened and do their best to solve it.

I completely agree. I really

I completely agree. I really don't see where all these people are coming from, blaming this on the poice? It was not an event that the police could forsee.

Sounds like you are the same

Sounds like you are the same person who posted the last two comments. If you are going to fill the page with multiple comments as if different people are writing them, you could at least be a little more creative not to repeat the same words in each.

I posted the first but not

I posted the first but not the second one. Thanks!

What is Happening?

This is another example of why the city of Sheridan and its law enforcment need to STOP focusing all of there time and money targeting the youth! They need to start cracking down on METH and other hardcore issues. I will geuss that METH was involved in this tragedy. Considering the people involved. My Love goes out to the Victims family. Murder in Sheridan is occuring to much. Something needs to be done to prevent this and i think the public needs to speak up against the funding of law enforcment and let there voices be heard. Let them know what we want our tax money to pay for! This needs to STOP!


Back up your statement that law enforcement focuses all their energy on youth! Oh that's right, you can't.

So law enforcement needs to spend more time on "meth and other hardcore issues" and they go about that by having their budget cut if you had your way.

That is pure genius.

I think u need to focus your

I think u need to focus your time and money on learning grammer



I Think that is another

I Think that is another great example of how the city of Sheridan and its law enforcment need to stop spending all its time and effort targeting youth. They need to start cracking down on Meth and hardcore issues! I will geuss that meth had something to do with this tragedy! Concidering the people involved.

The details to this case are

The details to this case are appalling. All six of the people that attended the party where the vicitm was killed should all be in jail. How six people have knowledge that a man has been murdered and continue to drink and carry on as if nothing has happened is beyond me. They are just as guilty as the person who committed this crime.

You Are So Confused its

You Are So Confused its Silly

6 people?!?!

Where in this news story is the report that 6 people attended this party?
Where did you get this news?
Apparently there is something going on here that you need to explain..

In response to some of the other posts here..Yea, lets cut funding for the Police Department. Makes perfect sense. That would be less officers on the street and less dispatchers to take OUR phone calls for whatever. Then lets watch crime go up.

For crying out loud people, think before you speak. There are so many things that the police can watch for just like us in all of our houses. NOBODY CAN BE EVERYWHERE AND NOBODY CAN SEE EVERYTHING!! The city has as many officers as it can take according to the population!

I think that all the posters here need to really think first. If you want change then RUN FOR THE OFFICES that you all are constantly running down. Problems solved right?

This forum isn't a place to make comments about the City Council's shortcomings or the Mayor and his agenda and how the offices under his direction are ran.

These losers arent going to

These losers arent going to run for office! They would have to change out of their red bull stained sweat pants and venture into the real world first. Not going to happen.

I agree with you!

I agree with you!

I met Gerald thru a friend

I met Gerald thru a friend and he would stop by and check on me and my three kids. My oldest daughter adored him. I cant believe this happened gerald didnt deserve any of this and me and my daughters miss him dearly. I am so ashamed that i know squirrel, i never thought he would have done aything like this expecially to gerald. Gerald was loved by a lot of people and this will effect everybodys life that was close to him. I know it has mine. I feel empty inside now. me and my daughters will always remember gerald, we will always love him and will miss him dearly.
this is just so hard i am tryin to get thru it i just cant believe this

oh my gosh i cant believe

oh my gosh i cant believe this is happening again. mr. ernst was a very close family firned who grew uo with my great grandma. it was devistaing when we lost him so i can only imagin wat the friends and family of mr. bloom are feeling. i will be praying for them, i am goiing to bring this up at church for a prayr request i can only ask that we all pray for them ( that includes all of the community).
it is very tragic that this has happened again. i pray that trhey find everyone who was involved. may the family and friends of mr. bloom be be touched by the lord. god bless

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