How Much Has Sheridan County Grown?

County Growth?
County Growth?

There have been rumors circulating about how much the Sheridan County government has grown over the last few years.

So how much has it actually grown? Part of that depends on what aspect of growth we are talking about.

County Administrative Director Renee Obermueller says the County's assessed valuation--which determines their budget--increased from $564 million in the '05-06' fiscal year, to $793 million in the '09-10' fiscal year. This increase was due to the heavy energy development, she says, but now that the development has slowed down, the numbers reflect those reductions

She says the county's estimated assessed valuation for this year is $580 million, which brings the numbers slightly above what it was five years ago.

Employment levels, she says, have followed a similar pattern as the budget. Though 23 new full-time employees were added during the boom of the last five years, that number has recently been reduced by 8, bringing the number down to 15—so far

Currently, the county has 139 full-time employees—so the 15 employees represent about a 10% increase from the '05 levels.

So if we are looking at full-time employment levels, according to Renee's numbers, the county's current levels are roughly 10% higher than they were five years ago.

Part-time employment has increased more dramatically—29 new part time positions have been added in the last few years, bringing County part-time employment to 55. Renee says Roughly 90% of those part-time employees are control operators in the new county jail.

They added 6 employees in

They added 6 employees in planning alone.And Renee makes $65k a year,pretty good for a secretary,especially since nobody made that wage before her.They pay liesinger $112k a year plus benefits/retirement.According to Bruce Yates on public pulse the county added not only Liesinger,but a second employee for a similar wage which brought that payroll amount up from $75k a year to over $200k a year and that's not counting the benefits package.

The county can play the part time employee game all they want.A good example of part time employees making a full time wage is the county commission.You went from three commissioners who are part time employees at a combined wage of $70k a year or $23,300.00 per commissioners and that's just wage.You also have benefits being added. You then had Durante usher in the 5 commissioners who cost the tax payer $155k a year in wages alone or $31,000.00 per commissioner a year.Plus benefits for a part time employee.On top of this the commissioners are looking at giving themselves a pay increase.

Mike Watkins is correct in his figures on how much county goverment has grown.

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