How Much Do You Know About Islam?

People crowded into the Unitarian Church in Sheridan this weekend to hear a lecture on the history, politics and diversity of the world's 2nd largest religion, Islam. Sheridan Media's Betsy Love has the the:details:

The Greek philosopher, Socrates, said that "one thing only I know, and that is that I know nothing." These words may sound alien in the current cultural atmosphere of dogma and polemics as often, we assume we know much more than we do.
For instance, Muslims make up nearly 25 percent of the total world population. Thus, as Dr. Paul Flesher, the Director of the Religious Studies Department at UW pointed out during his lecture this weekend, Muslims are far more diverse than many assume:

And learning the facts about Islam is important, he says:

Because it is usually the extremists, and not the "regular Joe" Muslims who are typically heard about in the media, many non-Muslims have a skewed perception about a quarter of the world's population:

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Fear Government

Hey Jered,
What news do you watch, the muslim extremists tribune? Dig your head out of the sand and take a look into reality. Read the koran and tell me why it says they are to kill all those who don't convert to muslim faith. Bush didn't say all the things you say he did. I believe he did get us in a war we didn't need to be in. We shouldn't be having our people killed over there. You are believing to much BS. Wise up sunshine!!!

Fear Government

Islam lecture

Thank you to the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Sheridan for hosting Dr. Paul Flesher's highly informative lecture about Islam in the modern world. And thanks to Sheridan Media for covering this important community education event. I for one learned a lot, and many other attendees probably did too.

I know enough to know that

I know enough to know that nearly every terroristic event has its roots in this "religion of peace."

Actually, recent statistical

Actually, recent statistical analysis on suicide terrorism (I don't know the statistics for terrorism overall) suggests that these acts are much more strongly linked to nationalism than religion. In fact, suicide terrorism was first employed as a tactic in secular nationalist movements in Sri Lanka. Furthermore, terrorism has been employed by a variety of religious groups, even in recent history. For instance, the Irish Republican Army perpetrated multiple bomb attacks on the London public transportation system during the 1990s. While it's easy to look through the newspaper these days and jump to conclusions, combating terrorism and extremism requires careful study of the current situation and how it links to past events. I don't normally comment on these sorts of internet news articles, but faculty at my university have been researching these topics, so I thought I'd spread the findings. It's hard in Wyoming to find all the available information, but it's important to try to understand a situation before jumping to conclusions.

"regular Joe" Muslims

I see a lot of the "regular Joe" Muslims, stand by and watch the actions of the extremists..

"regular Joe" Christians

I see a lot of the "regular Joe" Christians, stand by and watch the actions of the extremists..

Christian extremists

I challenge you to name the last time a "Christian extremist" strapped a bomb to their body and blew up a market full of women and children. You can't because it simply doesn't happen. Now I am not saying that bad things haven't been carried out in the name of Christianity, the Spanish Inquisition to name one, but to say that Christians stand by and do nothing is ridicules. Now in my experience Muslim's don't stand by either, I served for 6 month along side the Turkish Army less than 5 month after 9/11 and they were ashamed of what had happened to the U.S in the name of there god, and they were willing to fight along side us to bring these people to justice and clear the name of Islam in the worlds eye. There is intolerance on both sides, and unfortunately it is only the bad side of things that the main stream media shows, mainly because that is what get ratings. If people took the time to get to know some one that had different views you might find out that you have more in common than you think. That is exactly what happened when me and my fellow Marines took the time to get to know a few Turkish soldiers nearly 8 years ago.

you @ss

really you see alot of christians stand by? well i know that my family members in the armed services would sure like to get ahold of you and tell you oither wise that they are not standing by

What about the "regular joe"

What about the "regular joe" Christians who sit back AND can't be bothered with joining the military? At least your relatives are DOING something. But there are a lot of so-called Christians who are too busy finger-pointing and name-calling to DO anything.

I have to agree with you..

I have to agree with you.. It's not even our fight but our people go over there to be called "Infidel"..

Me @ss

I support our troops 100%. What I do not support is that you stand by while christians attack abortion clinics. I do not support that you stand by while the war that Bush started because a "god" told him to claims innocent lives. You stood by while that same man told you that the Muslims were blood thirsty monsters for attacking us on 9/11 when it was only retalliation to the months of airial bombings we had been doing to them in the months leading up to it. I'm sure if you ever met a Muslim you would be too bigoted and closed minded to realize that they aren't like the ones you see on the news.


It sounds to me like you sir are the one being a bigot, blaming the U.S for the attacks of 9/11 shame on you and how dare you. I think you need a history lesson we didn't start this war we were attacked by people who want us dead for the simple fact that we are Americans, and non Muslim. They think that the western way of life is an abomination to there god and for that reason we are targeted for death. It doesn't matter if you are a man, women or child, as long as you live a western lifestyle you are an infidel. Stop passing judgment with out the facts.

Congrats on being able to

Congrats on being able to regurgitate exactly what Fox news says. I suggest you take a look at news reports from other countries to get an objective view on things.

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