How Healthy is Sheridan County?

One of the healthy outcomes of all the debate and arguing over health care is it has caused many people to look more closely at their own lifestyles and consider what they might do to improve their own health. Medical professionals have also been examining the data to see how their region stacks up health-wise to the rest of the nation.

Sheridan County Public Nurse Educator Katie Hiller says that Sheridan County is not exceptional relative to the rest of the state for risk factors, such as the percentage of smokers and people who are overweight. And that actually makes Sheridan County unusual, because typically, these risk factors are directly linked to rates of disease. That is not entirely true in this case.

According to this study, issued by the Department of Health, 57% of people in Sheridan County are considered overweight and over 20% are obese. Interestingly, Katie says these are not high numbers.

This study also says that nearly 75% of people in Sheridan County do eat enough fruits and vegetables. This too, is close to the average both nationally and statewide. Only Teton County showed significantly lower numbers--65% of people do not eat enough fruits and vegetables.

Katie adds Sheridan County stood out in one other area--though not by having too much of something, but too little.

You can get the complete details by visiting the Wyoming Department of Health website by clicking here:

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