Host of Motley Fool Money Talks Fiscal Cliff

Host of Motley Fool Money Talks Fiscal Cliff (Stock photo)
Host of Motley Fool Money Talks Fiscal Cliff (Stock photo)

With all the talk about the so-called fiscal cliff looming over our heads, host of Public Pulse, Kim Love, spoke to Chris Hill, the host of Motley Fool Money on Wednesday during a segment of Public Pulse on 930 AM KROE.

Hill says he expects we will go over the fiscal cliff, and he explains why.

Historically, Hill says, Congress has a hard time making the tough decisions that would be in the best interest of the country.

Some have suggested that President Barack Obama wants to go over the cliff for political reasons. While Hill says he disagrees, there are some political benefits if the president doesn't reach an amicable agreement.

When it comes to the consequences of actually going over the cliff, Hill says the political heat will come from the automatic tax increases that will immediately go into effect as a result.

To hear the entire interview with Chris Hill, click on the "Public Pulse" header at

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