Hospital CEO: Not Many Redeeming Qualities in 'Obamacare'

Mike McCafferty speaks at Republican Women's luncheon. (Photo by Pat Blair)
Mike McCafferty speaks at Republican Women's luncheon. (Photo by Pat Blair)

Sheridan Memorial Hospital's CEO said he doesn't see many redeeming qualities in the Affordable Care Act, the federal legislation that's more commonly called Obamacare.

Mike McCafferty, who was featured speaker at this month's Republican Women's luncheon, said he prefers to call the measure by its rightful name, rather than “Obamacare.” The problem with the measure, McCafferty said, is that it's driving insurance companies out of business.

McCafferty said a secondary issue is that the plans offered through the Affordable Care Act don't provide comprehensive coverage. He said what he's seeing is increased costs associated with insurance and insurance coverage, insurance companies going out of business and the lack of competition by insurance companies within states.

He noted, for example, that only one insurance company in Wyoming provides insurance through Obamacare. That company is Blue Cross Blue Shield, and McCafferty said if that company were to start cutting reimbursements to hospitals, the effect would devastate hospitals across Wyoming.

McCafferty said Medicare pays about 78 cents on every dollar that a hospital spends for care of a patient, Medicaid pays about 19 cents on that dollar, and self-pay pays around 20 cents. He said insurance companies pay the hospital generally about $1.45 for every dollar the hospital spends.

McCafferty said Sheridan Memorial Hospital hasn't supported an expansion of Medicaid in Wyoming. He said the federal government has provided money to the states for Medicaid expansion but, ultimately, that money comes from the taxpayers.

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A closer view of McCafferty. (Photo by Pat Blair)
A closer view of McCafferty. (Photo by Pat Blair)

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