Hospital Audit Passes Muster

CPA Jerrel Tucker (Leslie Stratmoen Photo)
CPA Jerrel Tucker (Leslie Stratmoen Photo)

A certified public accountant charged with auditing the financials of the Sheridan Memorial Hospital announced Wednesday that the books were unqualified.

That means, he said, the books are “clean,” as he put it, which indicates there were no weaknesses or errors. The report was given by CPA Jerrel Tucker.

Just before his announcement, he said his job as auditor is to make sure the financial documents are correct and in compliance with the Generally Accepted Accounting Principals used in the United States.

No specific financial details were presented in handouts to the public for further reference. CEO Mike McCafferty did say after the meeting that the annual operating budget for the county-owned hospital is just over $100 million, with a net of $68-70 million. He said a clean audit is always a good barometer.

A 3-year census history, documenting case load, was included in the board meeting packet, but not discussed. According to the information, the total numbers of surgeries spiked in January of this year to 270, then dropped by more than 100 in August to 168 and popped up to 182 in September. In the two years prior, numbers fluctuated by 50, month to month, ranging from 176 to 228.

Deliveries on the other hand hit the high and low in the same year, 2011, going from 19 in February of that year to 42 in May. Last month's total was 35.

In that same year of 2011, the number of cancer patients treated nearly bottomed out during construction of the Welch Cancer Center, with numbers going from 481 in September to 2 the following month. But the patient count was back up to 586 by November of that year and has remained steady since, with an ultimate high of 783 people treated just last August.

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