Honeybees Face Environmental Stressors

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(Photo from Wyoming News Service)
(Photo from Wyoming News Service)

The USDA has said the nation's population of honeybees is declining at a worrisome rate.

While the exact cause of their disappearance has not been pinpointed, it's suspected pesticides, parasites, poor diet and lack of genetic diversity are all contributing factors. Scott Black at the Xerces Society, and organization that advocates for the conservation of invertebrate species, said many people are surprised to learn honeybees are not native to North America. They were brought here by European settlers. Bees native to this region are often not the hive-bound homebodies people imagine.

Honeybees play an important role in the ag industry, as many farmers rely on them for pollination, but it has been noted that other native bee species seem to handle the climate here much better.

Flies, beetles, and hummingbirds also help with pollination.


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