Homicide Suspects Charged With 1st Degree Murder

Three young men charged with 1st Degree Murder made their initial appearance in Sheridan County Circuit Court on Thursday afternoon. The defendants are 19-year-old Dennis Poitra, 16-year-old Wyatt Bear Cloud, and 15-year-old Dharminder Vir Sen. Both Bear Cloud and Vir Sen are being charged as adults.

All three men were remanded to the Sheridan County Sheriff’s Office after Judge John Sampson set a $200,000 cash only bond on each of them.

The State alleges that the defendants entered the home of Robert and Linda Ernst on Wednesday morning with the intent of committing a larceny. According to court documents, the defendants confronted 79-year-old Robert Ernst in his bedroom and he was shot three times. Ernst died later at Sheridan Memorial Hospital.

Poitra could be put to death or receive life in prison if convicted of the murder charge. Bear Cloud and Vir Sen would not be subject to the death penalty since they are under 18 years of age. They face up to life in prison without parole.

Preliminary hearings for the defendants will be scheduled in the next 10 days. If a judge finds there was a crime committed and the defendants probably did it, he will bind them over to district court for trial. The defendants will not enter a plea until their arraignment in District Court.

Despite being the youngest of the defendants, Vir Sen already has an extensive criminal history that spans two or three states.

Each of the defendants is also charged with conspiracy to commit aggravated burglary, which carries a maximum sentence of 25 years in prison.

Sheridan Police held a news conference about the recent homicide on Thursday morning.

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Hay jen

I want u and your family to know that if u need any thing or any help or prayer the northern oglala are with you Dayton wy


hey you! we love you and if our family out there needs anything let us know...if you need anything let us know..you are our family too. LOVE YOU






I have been reading this forum for two days and I am amazed at the people attacking people who are personally upset about this tragedy. I live in the neighborhood of the incident and I am for one am very angry. I'm angry that someone took my sense of security living in Sheridan and tore it apart. And I and everyone who feels this way are entitled to these feelings. I feel violated and I feel I am just in feeling that way. I am angry that someone could take a man's life and think that was their right.People have a right to be upset!
Of course people feel remorse for the kid's families as well.Their world has been torn upside down too.But the siblings of these kids writing on here are in a state of denial.I'm sorry, but kids don't just rob houses and kill people. This isn't some teenage antic! They didn't take Dad's car for a joyride without asking. They committed and were and accomplices to murder.No one will convince me that these were good kids who out of the blue did something "out of character." This was MURDER! While I am not putting blame on the familes, I will say that a child does not commit something like this without prior signs of bad behavior. That is BS.I know of the two younger boys, I have teenagers, and I know these kids were trouble. I didn't live with these kids, so how come our family saw it and their familes didn't? As a mother of teenagers I have been fed up for so long with the crappy parenting in this town. I deal with it everyday. Parents don't want to discipline their children. I have heard and seen it all. Parents throwing parties for the kids,providing the booze and dope, letting them stay out as late as they want.I'm fed up with the "well they're gonna do it anyway" mentality of parents in this town. I'm sorry but these were not "good kids who just made a mistake." They were kids who have been causing trouble for a long while and obviously have some deep rooted psychological issues. What they did was very dark and sinister. This is simply not something that just anyone is capable of.Who failed these kids? We may never know, but someone did. Someone ignored the reality of where these kids were headed and the deep emotional problems they had.But guess what? Sadly there are more like them in our community and we better figure out what to do because the parents and the schools aren't.The drug and alcohol problem at our high school is one you can't believe. My kids tell me about it all the time, and it's damn frightening! Somehow as a community we need to meet this head on. I pray in the aftermath of this tragedy we find a way to do that. I for one never want to see something like this happen again.

There is a Source

Did you forget? There is a Source.

We all have nervous systems. These nervous systems store everything we have seen in movies, heard from our parents, learned in schools, was preached to us, even experienced by us, etc.....From here, one could say that we are all victims. Victims of this world.

That is until the Day one discovers a point of reference that is not "OF" this world. This is also known as rebirth (being reborn), enlightenment, nirvana, christ-conciousness,samadhi,zen, prayer without ceasing, True freedom, The Kingdom, etc....

Could you imagine, an internal point of reference bigger than the experiences and reactions of what you see everyday? Is that possible? Of course. What a shame to go on living day to day reacting to everything, bouncing back and forth like a rag doll from events and experiences, when you could flip a little switch internally and illuminate everything at once.

The problem I find is that people love, and are addicted to, drama. Not just drama, but the belief that they are seperated from the cause.

I am here, and have been here, to tell you about the Source and how to; develop a "relationship," understanding, or just simply to choose for, "IT".

Is no one interested in developing the ability to witness?
even if it is only a byproduct---

My teacher always made it crystal clear when he would say, "Either you know it, OR you don't. And if you don't, You don't know JAck S*it!."

I love that because it is so true.

Dream on,these three tools

Dream on,these three tools will never see the death penalty.The city will never even try them for the death penalty.The city won't flip the bill on a death penalty case that will cost millions and be appealed a hundred times.

The case will be tried in another county by a jury that will never be given all the facts,because some limp wristed attorney and judge will deem these three POS's past criminal background as inadmissible in court.These three would get more time in prison if they had a pound of weed on them then they will for the murder of Mr. Ernst.

The press photo on here shows bear crap with a smirk on his face.He's only sorry he got caught.The shooter is 15 and criminal violations in three seperate states.Which clearly shows his family is nothing but scum like him.

Its bear cloud and he does

Its bear cloud and he does have sorrow for what he was involved in. the only crap is what u write on this site


Bear Cloud was smirking during much of the court hearing. He didn't look like he was taking it as seriously as the other two.

I am Apalled!

How could you slander them and their families? Your only proving yourself to be just as much scum as you say they are. Your not proving yourself to be any better murder or not! That picture isn't even clear enough to see a smirk! HOW IN THE HELL WOULD YOU KNOW?! YOU DONT EVEN KNOW THE BEARCLOUDS!!!!!!!!

As for....

As for the crimes. Let the punishment fit the crime...The boy that shot Mr. Ernst should be the only one charged for that crime. I am not saying the other boys aren't guilty, but I am saying they were not holding the gun that killed a man and should not be held accountable for that. Charge them for what they did. They are young and have the ability to learn from their mistakes and change for the better.


NO !!!!!

They are all murderers, each and every one in the eyes of the law. Hopefully each one rots in prison until they die.

They are not all murders.

They are not all murders. Two of them were present when a murder took place. u are a murder for wishing death on someone else. Sounds like your life is your prison

So- this will be the last

So- this will be the last time I post, and the last time I log on to this site.

Kids- behave. Believe in good, and love, and the power everyday to be better than you were the day before. Trust each other, support one another, have compassion for those you do not understand, shun violence in every form.

WYP1234, Gollum, others like you-

I have seen nothing, nor heard nothing more violent and disparaging on this site than the posts you yourselves have made. You encourage hate, violence, bigotry, death. Frankly, it is much more sickening than the stupidity of youth. I hope to God that somebody, somehow, reaches either of you and stifles the hedonistic,self-congratulating, moronistic, pompous, self-righteous, back-stabbing,indulgent ass-holishness that you are both propagating.
My children may have been raised by someone who frequently gets home from work after they do, falls asleep before they do, trusts them to stay in bed after she does, and expects them to behave with perfect respect, honesty and trustworthiness due children much more perfect than-they-are, and yet loves them and other children without acting like the-asses-you-are. My God. No wonder vigilantism finally died out. You guys are jerks.

Goodness- Thank God I taught my children that even jerks have rights.


I'll tell you want, since some of us hear are terrible, horrible, mean-spirited people, someone answer me this, or ANYONE.

What sentences should be handed down to the 15 year old shooter and then to the 16 and 19 year old. If life in prison is appalling to you, what should they receive? What???


That I dont want to hug them and send them to Six Flags Amusement park for vacation.

Amazed and Heartbroken!!

I am utterly amazed at how the ignorance in this small, narrow-minded town never seems to fade! I am repulsed by my fellow Sheridanites. My heart goes out to ALL of these families! All I can say to you is" Let those who live in glass houses cast the first stone"!! Put yourselves in the shoes of these families. What if it were your child, grandchild, nephew, or cousin? How would you feel if your name was the one being drug through the mud?! I know the Bear Cloud family and know that Mr.Bear Cloud is a hard working father of 4 boys after the very recent death of their mother. Why should he be run out of town and made lose his job? Is it because he is Native American? The other Families? Is i beause they are of a different race? I grew up here and know first hand what it is like to be ousted for my ethnicity. For the Bear Clouds: I am here if ever you need anything. Keep your heads high and remember God is the ONLY judge. To the rest of you Karma is a B@#$%...Your will come one day and run right over your Dogma!!


The courts

I guess at this point it's for the courts to decide, I hope that the wishes of Mr.Ernst's family, whatever they may be, hold great sway in any jury deliberations.

pissing me off

to the person that said none of the boys showed any remorse during their interview, how in the hell do you know? you werent there the only one who knows that is the dci cops and the boys so to all of you who think you know exactly whats going on, why dont you try knowing the truth before you open yor mouths


your anger

your anger towards members of the public who are understandably upset at the conduct of your brother, does very little to help him in the eyes of any potential jurors. In the end this isn't about the public's anger, the way your brother grew up, why the boys did what they did etc. In the end this is about finding justice for a terrible crime that was committed.
Of course we as a members of the public don't know who did or didn't show remorse at this point, which is why a jury of your brothers peers will decide the case. The facts of the case are that your brother and his friends broke into the house of an elderly man carrying a 9mm pistol, a knife, and a landscaping timber. Then they proceeded to ransack his house, the homeowner woke up and was shot three times, then your brother and his friends left the house with under $30 dollars.
After reading a lot of your posts I am sorry for the loss your family will suffer, and even for some of the things I may have said here. Thankfully we live in a country where your brother will be tried by a jury of his peers.

make up your minds

Well heres what im getting. This community is outraged about this tragedy correct? You whine and cry because you dont feel safe anymore, and your families are at risk. Yet you say that it's not our responsibility to think up ideas to help prevent things like this from happening in the future. If you ask me this is one hipocritical community. Do you not want to ensure the safety of your family and friends? From what i have seen there is nothing but hate here. Hate gives birth to even more hate. You wouldn't be saying these things if it was a member of your family that committed this crime. I give my best wishes to all of the families involved. Im terribly sorry for the loss.

There is always something we could do to help prevent these things in the future. We just need stop being blinded.

thank you so much....as a

thank you so much....as a family member i totally agree with you.. this town is very hypocritical and evil i think none to say the least..


To Jillie, Chip, Bryce and other family members

I know you would give anything to be able to turn back time and undo whatever led up to this horrible event. Your hearts are bleeding as much as anyone else's. My love and caring goes out to you as much as it does to the victim's family. I cannot, however, feel sorry for the perpetrator's of the crime. They were all old enough to know what they were doing was wrong regardless of how they had been treated or what led them to this event. Please accept that they need to be punished harshly. The best thing you can do for them is to be model citizens yourselves. Let them know that you learned from their mistakes.

to i care

thank you..and i agree that they need to be punished we never in a million years could see this happening..its a difficult time and its going to be a hard road for all of us..but i dont agree with my brother going to prison for the rest of his life or them bringing up the death penalty..i dont know the other kids but i do believe that in life you cant always protect your kids like you want to and you cant always make them do the right thing all we can do is raise them the best we can and always tell them right or wrong, how much we love them. mr. ernst was a great man and i know that the family is gonna have a hard time with this the rest of their lives. so are we, the families of the boys..all i can hope for is that my brother knows that we love him with all our hearts, and that we dont agree with what they did, but that we will always love them and any family who is in this situation would feel the same way about their kids..we have total remorse for the ernst family and i hope they live the rest of their lives in peace and safety, especially Linda. take care.


fair sentance

you state you don't think the death sentence, or your brother going to prison for the rest of his life is fair. What do you think is a fair sentence?

Seriously, Gollum, pick on

Seriously, Gollum, pick on someone your own age.


That was a fair question. If he is old enough to get on here and spout his opinion, he is old enough to back it up. If not, stay off here.

Really? Do you really

Really? Do you really believe what you are saying? This entire forum has become a joke.

are you a relative?

Are you a relative of this man? If so I guess you are a lot bigger person than I could ever be. I find your ability to forgive such a tragedy admirable even though if put in your place I could never share it.

I'm sure the grief is

I'm sure the grief is comparable. One family lost a grandfather. Three families lost their boys. Young boys with a whole life ahead of them. Doesn't matter where they came from or where they had been they were young and healthy with a whole life ahead of them. 3 mothers lost their boys this week my heart bleeds for them.

Hate is not a community

Hate is not a community value

neither is murder

Neither is home invasion or murder. I think members of the community have every right to be outraged at what these boys did. I do in some ways feel sorry for the families of these boys for the dishonor that was brought upon them by the terrible acts of these boys, however their grief is nothing in comparison to what the Ernst family must feel right now.

No favors

You guys aren't doing the suspects any favors by posting here, yes a lot of bad things have been said but it's mostly just people venting. But every time you make a post here talking about what bad lives you all had it just makes a lot of people in this community angrier. Instead of trying to excuse what your friends and family have done perhaps you should reminding people that your loved ones are innocent until proven guilty, and perhaps the public doesn't know the whole story.
What you appear to be doing is admitting your loved ones are totally guilty, then attempting to put yourselves and your loved ones in the same league with the victims of this crime, which is going to hurt your loved ones terribly in the court of public opinion and any potential jury pool.

we know who is guilty..and

we know who is guilty..and we are not denying it. we know as the families every single detail that happened.we know who shot mr. ernst...if you watch kota territory news it says it..we knew it before anyone..and yes we are pretty much in that league because we lost people for the rest of our lives too..i dont know the other boys i only know my brother which is dennis jr. and he didnt shoot mr ernst. and did you read everything i said? i have nothing but remorse and grief for what happened to the ernst family..its awful and i could never even imagine what thats like cause if i lost my husband like that, my world would be over and so would my kids'. so yes when it comes down to it and its the difference between my brother living or dying, i will say it loudly which everyone knows, we know who pulled the trigger and it wasnt junior



I also home that the jury takes into account the fact that he knew the gun was present and had himself handled the firearm.

How do u know that jr knew

How do u know that jr knew the gun was there.Were u there



I sat in the court when they were charged and the judge read the charging documents. I also have read and have seen comments made by the police in thie matter in the media. Everyone was aware of the presence of the stolen gun. I'm sorry you are in denial.

I am not in denial i was

I am not in denial i was there in the court no one knows the detales so keep yours to your self. Eventhough u think u know u dont


All three boys were together outside the residence when a knife was used to cut a screen to enter a window. According to what was said, the older boy handed the gun to the younger boy at that point. All three were there, so please give me a break. Everyone was aware the gun was there.

No it wasn't

No it wasn't, and I sincerly hope any jury takes that into account.


after what i wrote and reading what all you wrote i appreciate you who are praying for us too..Had i have known or seen any indication in my brother that night that he would of done something like that i would have kept him with me. i cant begin to tell you all how awful we all feel we just want to hug my brother and say WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING! cause thats all i really could say and we also want to hug linda ernst and the family.and express how sorry we are..please dont think just because we miss and love our brother and wonder WHY AND WHAT WE COULD HAVE DONE TO PREVENT THIS..that we arent thinking every minute about the ernst family and what linda is going through..let me tell you so many thoughts are racing through our heads it still seems so unreal. please dont judge us when you dont know us to begin with. we have hearts too and dont you think that every minute we are living right now isnt killing us also? let me tell you this hurts worse than anything..if its not losing a brother and best friend, its how is the ernst family? GOD BLESS THE ERNST FAMILY AND THE OTHER FAMILIES GOING THROUGH THIS..



i know everyone is so distraught over all of this. dennis is my brother and even though the Ernst family is hurting so are we..i feel so awful that anyone let alone teenagers could do something like this. my heart is with the ernst family and will be forever. my heart is also with my brother and the other families..and first of all..all you people who are saying crap when you dont even know these boys is very irritating you dont know us or our brothers, what we have been through in our lives. I am NOT condoning this act in no way, shape or form..BUT!!!before you start handing out OH!!put all of them to death. think it could have been anyone of you this happened to OR!!it could have been one of your kids that did this..I dont believe our parents are to blame at all I just think this is a small town where no one has anything else to do but TALK!! that being said.. if the ERNST family is seeing this, i am so sorry, my heart totally goes out to you,i cant imagine what you are going through right now and im so sorry my bro was involved in this situation that hurt you so bad. if you need anything please let me know.



all i have to say is yes, what they did was 'unspeakable' but really you all are pathetic. This is only an excuse for you to release your hate. This is not what a community is supposed to be! A community wouldn't shun, and wish the death penalty on these boys. We would be asking ourselves "How can we help prevent things like this from happening."


first of all my thoughts are out to the ernst family and there terrible loss, it was unexpected and completely vulgar. But, my regards also go out to the families of these boys. I mean you can sit there and try to blame their parents, go a head but, thats not right. How many parents know where their kids are at all times? They can say they are staying at a friends house but go somewhere else instead, how are you to know? I've done it, i've gotten away with it. Though what they did was disgusting and absolutly insane, wyatt was my friend. i will always wonder what the hell he was thinking, did he think he would get away with it? Did he think he had no other choice? Either way it was horrible and i'm shocked to say the least. But i am also deeply saddend to know i have lost such a great friend. Don't get me wrong i am not trying to pardon his actions what so ever, but he was always there for me and now he never will be again. Its crazy to think that a close friend of mine helped do such a thing to a friend of my dads. Oh how i wish this didn't happen, but wishing doesn't get us anywhere does it? The victim list in this event is endless and i just send out my thoughts to the family and friends of both parties, this will be a trying road for everyone.


as a parent

As a parent, who loves his kids more than anything in the world, yes I do place a lot of blame on the parents. In no way should that be construed to mean I do not hold these kids 100% responsible for their actions.


As a parent then you should understand all we can do as a parent is help our kids but eventually they grow to a point where they make their own decisions ....whether they are bad or good we as parent have to allow them to make their own choices so they can grow. Sometimes those decisions our kids make are really bad and in this case lethal but we as parents aren't responsible. Its one of the hardest battles a parent faces is the fact that ultimately your child is going to do and say and what they want and have their own opinions all we can do is our best to guide them in the right direction. As a parent you should know how painful it is when your child makes a bad choice. Dropping out of college, quitting a job, getting a failing grade in school all of those things totally SUCK and it hurts as a parent to even relay those things along I can't even imagine how the parents of these boys feel. I don't know their background or where they come from and it doesn't matter they are people and parents and family members just like you and if you think they are bad people then isn't it up to us the community to set an example and see what can be done to help and prevent things like this from happening. Talking smack on these families doesn't make you any better of a person. No one is responsible for the actions of those kids except for them.

I know what the parrents feel to

sherylI had a daughter that was 23yrs old when she did a horrable thing was in prison for it and I brought her up rite but when they reach a certain age they think can do anything they want and not get caught.Yes what they did was horrable but the parrents arent always to blame and have you ever stopped to think it is as hard for the parrents as is it for the family of the slain man.The old saying still goes let those who live in glass houses throw the first stone.Believe me there arent many people like that around.I am not sticking up for the boys just family of both sides.It hurts no matter what side of the families you are on.



I completely agree with letting kids make their own decisionis at a certain point. Maybe with an 18 year old. But a 15 and 16 year old? Kids that age cannot vote, live on their own, join the military, or drink. They are not experienced enough to make responsible decisions for themselves.

Ultimately, the kids themselves are indeed responsible for what they have done. People here need to be more responsible with the comments directed towards their families who are also grieving.

But, with that said parenting undoubtedly played a role in the lives of these kids and what brought them to the point of committing this crime.

Kids need supervision. They need curfews. You have an obligation to know who they are with and what they are doing. You need to love, support and talk to your kids. You cannot beat your kids, ignore your kids or demonstrate bad behaviors for them to pick up on.

I agree that you cannot watch them every minute of the day and protect them from everything. That is impossible. Kids that age are going to make some poor decisions and they will have to learn the hard way.

But by all accounts there are many things that happened and occured leading up to this night. These aren't good kids gone bad. It is a shame.

as a parent

As a parent, my kids are the most important responsibility I have on this earth, period. While I don't personally know this family I think that the general feeling in this community is that for the most part (certainly not always) is that kids like this are a product of parents who have better things to do than to be involved in their kids lives
You're absolutely right no one is responsible for these kids actions except themselves, no matter what hardships they have had. I constantly hear teachers talk about how they can't even get parents to help make sure the kids do homework, really it's a national disgrace.

And again, my prayers and

And again, my prayers and thoughts for everybody involved. I live in the neighborhood- I have been a single parent for years. I identify with the inherent fear, responsibility, and difficulty many parents struggle with, whether in Sheridan Wyoming, or NYC. If you love your children, you worry. It's a given. And you do the best you know how. And sometimes, a series of seemingly trivial and unrelated events can set off a maelstrom. One of the most humbling aspects of parenting is the daily recognition that you may not be able to give your children everything they need. And eventually, they make their own decisions. So when I ask that we treat everybody involved with love, it is because there is no innocent or victimless party here. So if it is possible, be kind. They are murderers now, they were children a week ago, I know this, I saw them. They will pay endlessly, as will all of us, and the best any of us can do is to try to understand and forgive.

thank you to and again

yes they were children a couple of days ago. thats what is unreal because seeing all of them having fun and running around in the park and then seeing them in shackles and being convicted of first degree murder and that my bro could possibly face death..OMG..i have children my oldest is 12 and to think that he is only 3 years away from the youngest boy, i cant seem to get my mind off of..i am very scared too i worry about my family and lock all my doors now and make sure my dogs are out so they can hear if anyone is coming up


To gollum, et. al

I agree, this is one of the most disturbing aspects of our society. One piece is that it is very hard to completely remove a child from a home unless there is clear danger to the child. Frequently, it's the preference of the court to keep kids in the home and that's not always the best solution.

It is true that troubled kids can be spotted as early as Elementary school. But the law makes it difficult to intervene in the interest of protecting the rights of the child and the rights of the parents.

Did they confess? I missed that in the stories. Being in Laramie, I do not hear the scuttlebutt around Sheridan. Just because all 3 handled & knew the presence of the gun doesn't mean they all intended to use it. BUT this makes no difference under Wyoming homicide statutes since a murder was committed in the commission of committing a felony.

-Meg Lanker


It Is Our Business

First of all my deepest heartfelt feelings go out to the Ernst family.
I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved family member. Though I never had the honor of knowing Mr. Ernst, I understand he was a very loved, and respected member of the community. My prayers go out to his wife, and loved ones.

Second for those of you who feel we should not be angry, or it is not our business, let me say to you, I live in this neighborhood, very close to where this horrendous crime happened. These boys murdered an innocent elderly man for $27.00. Angry does not come close to how I feel! I pray justice will be served, and these boys never get a second chance to hurt anyone else. I have no sympathy for these boys, as they sealed their fate when they decided to go out and rob people. I can not even imagine the terror Mrs. Ernst must have felt. Can you? Do you think she will ever again feel safe? The Ernst family will never get a second chance will they? I hope each of these boys receive the stiffest sentence allowed by law, they deserve nothing less. These boys had no regard for this mans life. It could have been your family, or my family. Think about that! This was a random act, these boys just didn't care! The entire community has been affected by this! So really it is everyone's business. We have the right to feel safe in our own homes.

Well, actually...

A number of people are calling for the heads of these three men. Lest we forget our constitutional rights of innocent until proven guilty, I say we back off on judging them until they plead guilty or are found so by a jury of their 12 peers. Just because they are arrested or implicate each other does not prove guilt.

I am majoring in psychology and am pre-law at UW and will soon graduate. Coercion by peers is very powerful, but no excuse. It can be a mitigating factor at sentencing or it can also be an aggravating factor. A lack of a criminal record can help and a criminal record can hurt.

Those who claim the apple does not fall far from the tree are only partially right. Many kids who commit crimes come from loving, decent families - and many don't. Environment is a negligible predictor of criminality at best. This is one of the most frustrating aspects of the criminal justice field. We cannot predict criminal behavior.

To the person reiterating Mr. Ernst was shot three times - everything I have learned in criminal law says that often in a home invasion, when a suspect is surprised by the homeowner, the suspect will panic. If armed, the suspect may fire multiple times in a panic, especially if inexperienced. It can be argued they panicked and wanted to leave no witnesses. Or it can be argued it was deliberate because they wanted to leave no witnesses.

I lean towards a panicked, inexperienced criminal action with very tragic results for all involved. Not knowing the official results of the investigation, I can only guess like everyone else.

A beloved husband, father, and grandfather is dead and 3 people are facing either the death penalty or very long prison sentences. Some teenagers cannot be saved from a life of crime, as it is ingrained at a young age. It is my hope that even if these 3 were not stopped and did not stop themselves on this path, that perhaps others will learn from their irreversible actions.

-Meg Lanker, Laramie, Wyo.


To Well Actually....

Actually, Bob didn't "surprise" this kid like you think. He never even made it out of the bed. Actually, when interviewed by the police, this kid said if he would have had it his way, he would have killed both Bob & Linda and then burnt the house down. So, whatever your textbooks say doesn't always make it right. I believe Bob would have forgiven these killers....I for one don't believe I can.

respect your opinion

Being in this field I have respect for your opinion, I can tell you that anecdotally a person can just see the kids who have a good chance of being in trouble, often as early as elementry school. I would say by and large (I'll gladly admit there are exceptions) kids who commit serious crime come from troubled homes (I dont necesserly mean poor). I think one of the most disturbing things in our society is how often kids who are abused are sent right back into a bad home, and how easy many of those who abuse children get off.


Which is a very important point and something that needs to be examined further. DFS goes to great lengths to NOT remove a child from a home. A family staying together (despite it being dysfunctional and unhealthy) is seen as being more important then the welfare of an individual child. Many of these kids would be better off being permanently removed. But they are very hesitant to do that. So kids stay in these homes, the problems continue and more criminals develop.

Well, actually...

While I agree with you on principal, the Police have 3 confessions, the murder weapon and plenty of forensic evidence. A trial will merely be a formality, unless they totally screw this up (can you say "OJ"?), which I really don't think they will. I also agree that a person with a weapon might panic, but I'd also like to know if they were high, which reduces inhibitions, but is not a mitigating factor since that, in itself, is a crime.


You are very book smart, but that doesn't necessarily translate to reality.

Technically, no one should be assuming they are guilty. But, this is going to be one of those open and shut cases where the evidence is going to be overwhelming and because of confessions. It is human nature to judge these kids and considering what has occurred it is to be expected.

I doubt there is going to be any coercion in this case. All three had handled and knew of the presence of the gun.

The comment that many kids who commit crimes come from good families is highly questionable. An overwhelming amount of people in the criminal justice system come from families with problems.

Those kids who come from families that would be regarded as good families? Not exactly. Mom might be a nurse and dad might be an architect. They might live in a nice house in a nice neighborhood and give the appearance of being a good family. But there are often problems that people ignore or don't know about. We are indeed a product of our environment in most cases but not always.


To begin,
My thoughts and deepest prayers go out to the Ernst family, and all -- including those of the boys -- the friends and relatives who are so deeply affected by this tragic and unimaginable loss. It almost seems an understatement to call the situation “awful,” but there are really no other words to describe such a sad event that negatively impacts an entire community as a whole.
Because of their poor decisions and lack of strength to resist “pressure” from their peers and pasts, a silent fear has been instilled in the back of every mind in a once tightly-knit town. These boys chose to succumb the entire community of Sheridan to the pain and hurt that they felt the need to escape through the murder of an innocent man. So to those of you asking that community members stop being angry about Wednesday morning’s events: Am I or anyone else in Sheridan wrong to say they deserve to be punished? I don’t believe so. They deserve to be punished to the fullest extent of the law. They knew exactly the consequences of their actions before they even broke into the Ernst home; and if they think they’re big enough to play God and dictate when someone’s life should end then they are certainly big enough to face the consequences for doing so.
Because of these boys, people have to shut their windows on warm summer nights. They have to lock their doors and sleep with guns next to their beds. They have to invest in security systems and deadbolts. They have to tuck their children into bed at night, hoping they’ll still be there in the morning. A rural community in the heart of the West now has to live in fear as long as the memory of what they did lives on.

very nicely put

Very nicely put, I think you hit the nail on the head.


As I look back to my years growing up down the street from Mr. Ernst, I remember the times he took me aside and offered advice, help with car problems, played jokes on me and helped me with sports. I was the same age as these 3. Now the man that was so special in my life is gone and can't do the things mentioned above with neighbor kid and grand kids. And, I have to talk to my children about this terrible event and comfort them concerning every noise they hear at night since we got the news.

Something went wrong somewhere in these 3 individuals lives, maybe they needed someone like Bob Ernst. Now none of us will!

another reason to get mad

First of all, i send my best wishes to the Ernst family. Im terribly sorry for the loss. And chip im sorry about your brother. Peer pressure is one hell of a thing and can drive most of us kids to make decisions that seal our fate. I realize the death of Mr. Ernst is a big thing, but getting mad over the past is pointless. I may have not known Mr. Ernst but if he was as good of a man as i hear he was he has already forgiven these boys. There is no sin that isn't forgivable. Those of you who knew neither the suspects or the victem should quit. Your getting mad over something that isn't your business. It is not your place to judge! They made a bad decision yes, but they are dealing with more than you know. Wishing death on them is only hurting you in the end, because someday someone will wish death on you. What comes around goes around folks. Until you have walked in their shoes I suggest you just keep your mouth shut.

I also pray that Wyatt, and Dhar think over their actions, and learn from them. Mistakes are there to learn from.

3 times

I find it bothersome that the defendants allegedly shot this man not one, but three times. I also find it disturbing that there are comments like the one above that would put the defendants in the same league with the victim, or excuse what they did because "they are dealing with more than you know" or "Peer pressure is one hell of a thing and can drive most of us kids to make decisions that seal our fate" do you have any idea what your friends took from this man and his family? Breaking into a mans home is not a mistake it is a very serous crime. Frankly these boys are probably very lucky some homeowner didn't shoot them during this or one of the other burglaries they most likely committed in the recent past. Breaking into houses is not a game, and shooting a man is not a mistake. I sincerely hope the defendants have more of a concept of what they did than you seem to.

Not only..

Exactly.. but breaking into a house is one thing.
Murdering an innocent man is another.
These boys had no business being in Bob Ernst's home in the first place.. but they could very well have just taken what treasures they wanted and left.
But they had to leave with a life in their hands too, apparently.


You're right, I guess it is disrespectful and my apologies for getting out of hand. I would never want to do anything to take away from their grief. I was just very outraged at the concern for the families of the people who did this terrible act. Yes they will have a loss, their kids will spend many years in prison. That is nothing compared to the loss the Ernst family must bear because these little hoodlums chose to invade someone Else's home.

You dont even know that,

You dont even know that, they may live right down the street from you..... you are speaking blindly. They may be good people, they may be the biggest pieces of trash in town but honestly I do not care and am baffled why some have taken such an interest in this!!! Turning attention away from what happened to the Ernst family is disrespectful, trying this vigalante justice crap is unamerican, childish, and ignorant. We do not live in a third world country...... they caught who did it, they are going to go in front of the courts and that is what will decide their fate, not some sheridan media warrior out for blood. As I said before listen to yourselves.... this is ridiculous!!!

Listen to yourselves

Yes these kids were punks....pulled the trigger or not they will face the courts and pay the price for their choices. They crossed into manhood when they wanted to start playing felonious games, and even after Mr.Ernst was shot they COULD have stepped up and made the right decision but it simply wasnt in them to do so. As far as their families...... who in the hell do you think you are to "ban" them from a community?? For those who have tried saying the right things, doing the right things I send praise out to you, for the rest of you.......thinking you are something righteous all you have done it disrespect the Ernst family. This is a community website, not myspace!!


My comment that someone should be "run out of town" was said in anger and inapproperiate, wrong, and took away from good discourse on this site.


1st and foremost my heart goes out to the Ernst family, they are wonderful, kind people who did not deserve this kind of loss. 2nd , please try and remember that just because family members might be defending these boys does not make the family member bad. They are probably in shock as well. Sadly by treating them as if they committed this crime, we could be teaching them to turn to crime and hate as well. Sheridan needs to help the Ernst family heal.


The apple never falls far from the tree, I guarantee these "kids" as you call them are for the most part a product of their environment. They then made the choice to go from underprivileged kids to murders. While the family may not be directly responsible I find it totaly disgusting that they use this forum to defend their criminal siblings. From what I have heard in the community these people have been trouble around that neighborhood for quite some time.


OMG the apple? you really ned to check yourself. where have you heard? the apples are god kids so whatever!! what kind of apple are you???? Who are you to judge kids that were not involved>??? screw this uninvolved thinking!!

Smart people

You sound like a very intelligent and thoughtful person.

Stupid people

I am constantly amazed by how proud some people are to be ignorant and stupid. Certainly people should be punished for the crimes they commit, but to say their families should be run out of town is so unbelievably idiotic, UN-AMERICAN, and spooky.

No remorse from the boys

If any of these three boys have an remorse for what they had done, they would've turned themselves in.

Clear indication that they dont! Try them as adults and let them get their butts handed to them.

is it really nessesary

for everyone to put such harsh comments up? i understand that a murder is a murder but why should the families of the boys be run out of town? they didnt do anything did they?

they shouldn't

My comments were said in anger and and inappropriate, forgive me I have just been so outraged that such a thing should happen in this community.

Gollum, If anyone needs to

If anyone needs to be run out of this town it is people like you who want to continue to spread hate and discontent!!!! In the bible it says we are to love thy neighbor; I understand these boys disregarded one of the ten commandments about thou shalt not kill, but what are you doing, you are "killing" everyone with your rude uncalled for comments. Again, no one is perfect and I am sure you are not either so back off!! It is up to the Ernst family if they choose to forgive these young men for their crime, they will get their punishment in court, but leave the families alone!!!!!Sounds to me like you need to ask god forgivness for the hate in your heart!


I never mentioned god, maybe I'm an athiest???? you wanna coddle these vermin, go visit them in jail or bring their famalies dinner. My sympathy is with the victims, the ones who deserve it.

trajedy in Sheridan

My heart and prayers go out to the Ernst family. This sensless act should have never occured. I also feel sadness for the family's of those arrested. Many lives were absolutely ruined in Sheridan the other evening.

I assume most, if not all of if these young men were already in the "system"...on probation. If so, what role did their respective probation officers play in attempting to correct their previous negative behaviors? Were regular home visits scheduled...including unexpectably at night? If they were in the "system," did the probation officers regularly engage them in positive, wholesome encounters...or simply treat them as job security? If they were in the system, it would seem someone should have some degree...some degree,of professional accountability! From what I gather secong hand, some probation officers in our community are truly engaged in their profession, and try to have a huge positive impact...while some only give lip service to their chosen career.



Probation officers are not responsible for changing anyone. Probation officers are responsible for holding people accountable for their actions and for referring them to services such as counselors that can hopefully help them address their problems. Probation officers cannot make someone correct their behavior, nor can they wave their magic wand and magically fix someone. Long before people are placed on probation, they have been in trouble or had numerous problems that are not going to be miraculously fixed. You have a lot of assumptions and second hand information. I suggest you know what you are talking about before you say very ignorant things.

Wow1234...read the last line of the defination.

In addition to supervising people, probation officers also write regular reports on their charges. These reports make note of good behavior, lapses on the terms of the probation, and missed or rescheduled meetings. While on probation, someone is subject to random searches or the revocation of probation based on information filed in this reports. These reports are also considered during the sentencing process.

Typically, a probation officer works with either adults or juveniles, but not both. He or she often has a degree in social work or a related field, in addition to specific training as a probation officer. In addition to monitoring offenders, probation officers also help to work on treatment and rehabilitation plans, and they may offer counseling and similar services as well.
So WOW...no one suggested "magic." I believe some do the minimum in their job...some the max! I am of the opinion a good "PO" can do much more than you suggest. Now, perhaps none of these three young men were even in the "system." If they were, I hope questions are be asked.


Great job

Thank you for the education. But since I have experience as one, I think I already know what the job entails. That description isn't bad, but it sounds like it came from Wikipedia.

I don't know anything about the office that would have supervised these kids. Presuming they were on probation.

A probation officer cannot take credit for someone's failure nor can they take blame for someone's failure. A probation officer refers a client to services that can help them change. We can inspire and motivate and encourage. But ultimately, any client or offender has to make the choice to change. We cannot make them or force them to do anything. They make the choice.

A good PO is going to do a better job at motivating. A good PO is going to do a better job of monitoring people to make sure they are complying with their court order.

But just like the cops cannot be on every street corner, neither can a probation officer. You can not know what every person is doing at any given minute of the day.

So before you try to cast some shadow of blame on some juvenile probation officer out there, you need to understand the job, which you clearly don't.

You sound defensive. No one

You sound defensive. No one suggested a good PO should NOT do a good job of monitoring people to make sure they are complying with their court order. It is also noted that you felt it significant to state that you have experience as a PO...then you implied NOT in the local office. While a realist, I believe in accountability. You imply that I painted all POs in a negative light. Reread my first comment. Our community is rocked by the recent loss of Mr. Ernst. I respectfully suggest this is not a proper forum for our differences.


Don't get it

Defensive? Cute. This forum is to discuss differences, so lets continue. First of all, their are five local entities that help supervise folks:

1) Juvenile Justice Office (juveniles)
2) Dept. of Family Services (juveniles)
3) Volunteers of America (some misd. adults)
4) Dept. of Corrections (adult probation/parole)
5) Federal Probation (out of Casper)

Just wanted to make sure you are aware there is more then one entity. All I implied is that I'm not aware of the office that might have supervised the juveniles. I never implied you paint all probation officers in a bad light. I said you don't understand their jobs and that you are making assumptions about the office or PO's who might have been supervising any of these kids. I know neither the kids nor the PO's in that office.

So who else should we old accountable? Parents? brothers and sisters? Judges? Cops? Teachers? Neighbors?

OK...I'll bite on your

OK...I'll bite on your desire to continue. Congratulations on making it clear there are 5 local entities that supervise folks. Lets review a couple of basic facts. My concerns are with the potential supervision of a recent juvenile (the 19 year old) and his 15 and 16 year old juvenile cohorts. My primary focus is on groups 1 and 2 on your list, not #s 3,4,nor 5.

You questioned who else should we hold accountable? To my knowledge there is only one group that is paid with public funding to not only ensure that court mandates are followed, but also work with, and hopefully improve their clients lot in life. POs are not accountable for the test a teacher gives, an arrest of a police-person, nor accountable for why a judge made the decision that was rendered.

A life was tragically taken. Our community is rocked by this tragic fact. If POs were involved with any of these three...I hope they did their job and did it well. The community has a right to know.

Teachers are accountable for their job, police-persons are accountable for their actions, local and state judges are placed on the ballot...should not POs also have accountability for either the services rendered or not? Again, I think the public has a right to know.



Probation officers are held accountable, at least by my employer. We must meet or exceed certain supervision standards to ensure compliance. We must use best practices & develop a plan to give the client an opportunity to rehabilitate themself.

But unfortunately, 30 - 40% of clients still fail. I once had a sex offender who committed a new sex crime under my supervision. It is a sickening feeling. But I took solace in the fact that I did what I could to help the guy who was eventually sent to prison.

The moral is that people are going to make choices regarding their lives and what direction they want to go in. It may be appropriate to ask questions about if they were on probation and what was being done with them.

But in my experience a probation officer cannot stop or prevent someone from making the decisions that were made in this case.

I concur that POs do not

I concur that POs do not have holy water to throw on individuals and change 100% of them 100% of the time. Unfortunately, life is not that simple.

The town is buzzing with assumptions and gossip. Unfortunately, when a crime so grave occurs...it is the nature of the beast. People want to know what led up to this nightmare?

I have a couple of questions for those of you with professional back grounds similar to wyo1234. Please help me out.

I read in the Press that the alleged shooter had a history of real legal issues in previous states. Street rumor has it that he had history of being a dangerous individual, and came here without a parental unit. I gather from a previous posting that he left some form of statement on a website about being a "gangsta." If previously on probation, I am curious if our local agencies had the ability to challenge accepting him here? If not,why?

I know hind sight is 20/20. Regardless, I shudder to think that there is a chance this nightmare might have not occurred if we had denied him entry into our "system?"

Truth be told I have a host of other questions.

A life was lost...people want and deserve answers.


wyo1234....qu for you

please see my last response to you



In court, it was disclosed that the shooter has a criminal record in both Washington and Nebraska. If I heard correctly, he was on juvenile probation for a local charge. There were also felony level offenses in Nebraska involving stealing a car and fleeing police. He was on probation there and it was in the process of being transferred to DFS in Sheridan where he was living with an aunt. There is an unverified rumor the shooter may have been pulled from his home in Nebraska and placed with his aunt.

A transfer of someones probation can be denied, but there has to be a good reason. You cannot deny transfer because you don't like their criminal history. There has to be something in their plan that doesn't check out or is appropriate.

OK...I'll bite on your

OK...I'll bite on your desire to continue. Congratulations on making it clear there are 5 local entities that supervise folks. Lets review a couple of basic facts. My concerns are with the potential supervision of a recent juvenile (the 19 year old) and his 15 and 16 year old juvenile cohorts. My primary focus is on groups 1 and 2 on your list, not #s 3,4,nor 5.

You questioned who else should we hold accountable? To my knowledge there is only one group that is paid with public funding to not only ensure that court mandates are followed, but also work with, and hopefully improve their clients lot in life. POs are not accountable for the test a teacher gives, an arrest of a police-person, nor accountable for why a judge made the decision that was rendered.

A life was tragically taken. Our community is rocked by this tragic fact. If POs were involved with any of these three...I hope they did their job and did it well. The community has a right to know.

Teachers are accountable for their job, police-persons are accountable for their actions, local and state judges are placed on the ballot...should not POs also have accountability for either the services rendered or not? Again, I think the public has a right to know.


The scum of the Earth needs

The scum of the Earth needs your help and understanding more than anyone.


I know what has happened is awful!And I am truly sorry for the Ernst family.My thoughts and prayers go out to all of them.

But you know there are families greiving on both sides of this situation! Everyone doesnt need to be so hateful towards these 3 boys and their families. I know what they did was completely wrong and they deserve what they have coming for them. But I dont believe that everyone needs to be so harsh on here! There families are hurting for what there boys have done. And like Chip said that 2 of them would never do something like this, so their families are in shock and disbelief that they WOULD do something like this! Chill out people and just let everyone grieve!

Dont get me wrong... all 3 of these boys commited the crime and deserve what they get!

Love your neighbor

I just wanted to say how sorry I am for everyone involved. Mose so for the families of these boys that are being slung through the mud. Those boys made a bad choice and the consequences of their actions will be decided by a court if they are indeed guilty.
Dont fire these families from their jobs.
Don't talk smack about them.
Embrace and forgive them and show them that you care about them as human beings. Isnt that how our community ended up so messed up in the first place cause no one really cares about anyone else?
Nothing can bring back bob and nothing can change what already happened but its up to us as a community as to how we handle this. Anyone can get angry but it takes a stronger person to forgive. From what I am reading here most of the community didn't like these kids anyway. I've seen derogatory comments made towards their parents and people even going as far to blame them because of the color of their skin.
I'm not a perfect person but I do forgive you boys and I am very sorry to the boys families for the abuse you are taking from our community.

You forgive?

In what capacity are you forgiving these boys? Are you a relative of the murdered man? From what I have heard around town these boys were scum of the earth. Furthermore after reading one of the posts from someone who claims to be a brother of the accused, a more un remorseful person I have never seen. I stand by my statement, this community should use every LEGAL means possible to run these people off

Dont make this bigger

Gullum dont make this bigger then it already is. they well face up to what they did. the family has nothing to do with the choice the boys made. SO BACK OFF

concerning "enough"



I was told that none of the 3 involved showed any remorse whatsoever during questioning by the police. Soulless animals, all 3, and should be put down like the rabid dogs they are.

deleted by author

deleted by author

Castle Law

Wyoming needs a castle doctrine law. A castle doctrine law basically makes it legal to shoot anyone who invades your home without having to retreat etc. Shamefully the police organizations of Wyoming have fought this for years and the legislature has gone along. I would encourage everyone to call or write our state represenatives and DEMAND that wyoming institute this law. Good people should not have to worry about legal consequences when someone invades their home.

News flash junior

Your brother is just as responsible as everyone else. All three share equal responsibility. All three committed a burglary. All three were present went an innocent man was shot. Thus, in the eyes of the law all are charged of 1st degree murder. All three will eventually be found guilty and will rot in prison for the rest of their lives.

I have a lovely, wonderful,

I have a lovely, wonderful, awkward, shy, insecure, goofy daughter who just turned fifteen. Like many of us, junior high and high school have been difficult for her. I have cried with her, cried for her, prayed with her, prayed for her, and crossed my fingers as she tried to wade her way through the difficult process of becoming an adult. One of the thngs I like best about her is the capacity and depth of her love for her family and friends. Several months ago, she came to me about a family of boys she had met, and how happy she was to have met them. I asked her what she liked the best about them, and she told me it was the way they all cared for one another. We discussed the fact that their mother had just passed away, and the difficulty their father must have in taking care of so many children while trying to work at the same time. We talked about how important it was to be careful, because frequently when children are in the middle of an overwhelming grief process, and have too much free time and too little supervision, they will make unhealthy choices. But mostly we talked about what was good about the brothers, and how caring they were towards her. I sat back and watched her come out of her shell, and laugh, and enjoy finally a group of kids who accepted her and cared back. I was proud of her for her thoughtfulness about their loss. My point is this- The tragedy in this event is so great, and will be experienced on so many levels by so many people. The loss of a life, the loss of a loved one, the loss of innocence, the loss of friends and the loss of youth- all of these things are terrible, terrible tragedies. Maybe the most important thng is to insist on loving all parties involved because it is simply the right thing to do. The victim list in this event goes on and on, and I, for one, will continue to encourage her to believe, finally, in the inherent possibility of good in everyone. The alternative is unbearable. My heart goes out to all involved, but particularly to the Bear Clouds. I am truly sorry about the loss you are sustaining, and my thoughts are with you. Believe in good, do it as much as possible, and continue, above all else, to love one another. To the Ernst family- I am so sorry for your loss, and pray for your peace and healing as well.

deleted by author

delted by author


First thoughts and prayers for Bob Ernst and all his family.

OK I'm furious!!! I don't know why I'm takin this so personally but all I can figure is "not in my house (town)!!! What the hell did that old man and his wife have that these pukes thought they should have that would justify killing him?

Oh Poobee you have got to be kidding.you sound like you need to get straightened out ASAP cuz it sounds like you're headed down the same road!!!

I don't want to ramble here cuz I've thought about this for going on two days now and it makes me physically ill. I'll close with three thoughts

1.Not 1 pulled the trigger and another was a burglar and another did this or that. NO! They are all MURDERS! Period End of story.

2.Can you say DEATH PENALTY? Mr. Redle or any other prosecuting atty we don't want to hear about deals or pleas or any of your other legalese or attorney crap. They all knew what they were doing, will be tried as adults and should get "an eye for an eye"

3.For all you gun control idiots out there---GUNS DON'T KILL PEOPLE, PEOPLE (UNCARING CALLOUS PUNKS) KILL PEOPLE! The gun was unsecured? Excuse me Chief Card, last time I checked it was illegal to take ANYTHING whether secured or not from someone else!!!

I hope to God this is an isolated incident and not something that will become Sheridan or Wyoming EVER.

You come to my home expect to find lead in the air and hope everyone else in America starts feeling the same way. It's time to take back America.

I agree

-------------, prison is way to expensive for society to pay for. Furthermore after reading the brothers rant this town needs to run the famalies off. Those who employ their family members should fire them today, those who rent to the families need to evict them at the end of the month. As a community we can't afford to allow such remorseless scum in our midst.

asinine comment

This was an asinine stupid comment on my part, however for whatever reason the system will not allow me to edit it. LET ME MAKE IT CLEAR, NO ONE SHOULD BE "RUN OFF". THESE FAMALISE FOR WHATEVER THEIR WEAKNESSES ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CONDUCT THAT OCCURED, FURTHERMORE IT IS FOR A JURY TO DECIDE THE FATE OF THESE BOYS NOT A MOB. My comments were mad in haste because I was, and am still, horrified at what these boys allegedly did.

someone should run u off

Remorseless scum like u need to be run out of town.watch what u say it might come back to u. point a finger three pointing back at u. By the sound of it your some kind of redneck that marches around with a white sheet over your head grow up. dont judge the next man tell u walked a mile in his shoes

enough already

Enough, it was a stupid thing to say, but trying to insinuate, as you have in some of your posts, that this community is somehow to blame for the misadventures of your reatives is just not realistic. I said a mean hurtful thing on the internet, your nephew took part in a murder which do you think is more serious?

He well pay

He well pay for what he was involved in. he made a bad choice for him self HE MADE THAT CHOICE AND HE WELL PAY But what about the other teenagers out there that have nothing to lose. We going to wate tell they kill someone and put them in jail for life or can we do something to prevent that


I'm not being sarcastic here, I think we have pretty good schools, with the Hathaway program and pell grants every kid in the state can go to college (even if it's just a community college), we don't have slums like they do in the cities, there's a nice YMCA in town and lots of extracurricular programs in the schools. Honestly what can the community do? Please don't take this as sarcasm or baiting some of the things a lot of us have said here were very inflammatory, because we are angry that this happened in our community...

Knock it off. They are

Knock it off. They are neither scum nor vermin, they are boys who screwed up in a terrible fashion and will be spending the rest of their lives making restitution. Their families and friends are all deeply impacted by the loss, and are not villians, but humane and caring people. Please stop.


I have made some very inappropriate comments today, and do apologise, Having said that these boys are murders, nothing more. And yes it is a tragedy for their families, but not near what it is to the Ernst family and lobbing sympathy at them shows disrespect for the real victims of this crime.

Agreed with thewyo1

I second that!!!!

And would like to add that Mr Ernst did not get a second chance to live so your brother shouldnt either.

Mr Ernst was INNOCENT and your brother IS NOT!!!

Can we get Mr Ernst back? No, so you cant have your brother back! Now you know how his family feels. His wife will suffer everyday because of this tragedy.

"Pressure"?? Come on, he has to stand on his own two feet. We call that blame shifting.

unsecured guns

One of the initial police reports on Sheridan Media said that the gun was stolen from an unsecured vehicle. For whatever reason people are carrying guns in this area, they need to be secure. Will this person face any charges?

dont even go there!

REALLY....are you going to try to play the "Gun" card...lets all remind ourselves...if guns kill people then pencils miss spell words. Lets not turn this into some liberal gun control BS please. That guy was probably packing a gun in his truck to protect himself from crimes like this one.

Nobody played the gun card

Nobody played the gun card if you read the complete posting. This is part of the reason why guns are demonized. If you don't secure or be responsible for the guns you own, the possibility of something like this can happen.

Everyone knows that people kill people regardless of the implement. Yes, it is still a crime to steal other people's property, but don't make it easy for someone to do it. Whenever I transport my guns, say taking them out to the range, I make damn sure that they are as secure as possible.

It's easy to point the finger at "Liberals", but that has nothing to do with what I believe the original post was trying to get across. Regardless of political affiliation being responsible for your guns is something I believe all of us can get behind.

rabid beast

You are the one turning it into a "liberal gun control BS". I believe in the right to have a gun, the right to drive a car, and the freedom of speech...civilization means following some basic rules though. If you don't believe in following any rules, than go ahead and be the rabid beast you sound like. I don't fear criminals, I fear people like you.


Why should ap person, who had property stolen from him face charges, are you crazy?


I don't think whoever had the gun stolen from them should face charges. But whoever had the gun stolen from them is a moron. The gun was stolen from an unlocked vehcile. I'm a huge gun rights person. But with owning a gun comes some responsibility. Why any one would have a gun in their vehicle that is unlocked is beyond me. Folks needs to wise up and make a minimal effort to secure their guns so that criminals and/or little punk juvenile delinquents don't steal them.


When I last heard it was illegal to steal, Perhaps you believe a woman deserves to be raped because she doesn't lock her door?

That is a very odd thing to

That is a very odd thing to say- of course I do not believe someone deserves to be raped (and by the way, someone can not steal a penis to rape someone with). I just believe in making the world a better place, just trying to make a suggestion that would promote safety in our community. I am all for responsible people having guns if they choose, but they are a tremendous responsibility. I have been a little scared lately seeing so many people wearing guns as a fashion statement/political statement, and then something like this happens. Sure, they probably could have found a gun anywhere, but we can all take responsibility to make our community a safe place- take care of your guns people.


That is a genius statement. It is indeed illegal to steal. Maybe you should read my post again. It is pretty reasonable to ask people to keep their guns in a safe place. I do.

This isnt tyler its chip.

Thats my bro. Wyatt bear cloud. This is Chip bear cloud. Go ahead and judge them. But when you die your going to be judge the same but not in front of a judge. In front of god. My brother is not like this. He was proly pressured in joining dhar. Same with Jr. He was proly pressured to help dhar. In reality you dont have ---- to say if you didnt even know the people. All of them were my friends and im very disappointted in the choices they made. If anyone dhar should be sentence to life without parol. Im sorry for saying this but its true. Jr and My brother should have the chance to redeem themselves. They arent the ones who pulled the trigger. I am greatly sorry for what has happen and I wish only the best to Linda for I cant even imagin what she is going through. And believe me family donsent even know what to think right now. Just three months ago my mom has passed away and now this. So go and ahead and judge my bro and my friends, but really you are just has good as the people in prison....

For Chip

Chip, anyone who knows you will know that you are a GOOD person, and a great kid, We know because you stay at our house all the time and you are the most respectful friend NB has!! Please don't let the media or opinions of others get you down ok? I know your family has been through the loss of your Mother and i know you took it hard who wouldn't? I'm not making excuses for your brother but I will stick up for you, and I know you will make good choices and ignore whatever you hear that is negative from ignorant people. YOU are not on trial, Wyatt is. T

Message for Chip


Not everyone is judging these kids. And you do have support. Bad decisions were made, and families will be hurting for the rest of their lives. It is very sad, but you will have to move on and support your brothers. You do not know me, but I know who you boys are, and I know you lost your mom recently. My heart goes out to you. I cannot even imagine how you are feeling right now. Thank you for some of the words you said. You are right, God is the only judge. The police have a responsibility to help keep us safe. But all of these opinions posted do not matter. Please try to ignore the things people will say. Seeing that photo of Wyatt is heart wrenching to me...just as heart wrenching as thinking of Linda and how heavy her heart is right now. Wyatt has caused trouble, but he is still a young boy who had a future. He will need you to hold your family together, and from the sound of your post it sounds like you have your head on straight. There are people living around you that do support you, and we also are very sad for the Ernst family.
Please stay out of trouble and teach your youngest brother how to live a fulfilling life. I bet Wyatt would be so thankful to know you care this much.
A friend.

A friend

Thank you for this. Chip, he

Thank you for this. Chip, he is right. You are an incredible brother. Keep being that. Do the best you can. You have many people who will love you- many who do not even know you. Just keep being and doing the very best you can. God Bless you, your family, your brothers, the Ernst family, and everyone touched by this. Be courageous and believe in what is good and right. Much love.


I appreciate your compassion for people. The families of are undoubtedly going through some pain and some difficult times.

Unfortunately, god is not the only judge. The boys will be held accountable and judged on various levels by members of the criminal justice system who are now responsible for seeing this matter through. The lives and futures of these boys are now in their hands.

This is more then a bad choice. This is pure evil. They carried weapons to protect themselves if any problems occurred during the burglaries. There was also a knife and a landscaping timber. These guys had previously stolen the gun and prepared for this crime by arming themselves and wearing dark clothing.

The comments about retribution towards families or the death penalty are excessive and unnecessary. There are a lot of angered people (and rightly so) and emotions are running high. Having family members and friends of the murderers on here making excuses for the kids behavior doesn't help either.

The opinions and comments being posted here do matter. Eventually SOME kind of good may result out of this tragedy. There needs to be conversations on how to keep our community safer. Parents and families need to do a better job of knowing what their kids are doing. And the community needs to do a better job of providing support for troubled kids and struggling families.


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You have no respect for anybody do you? Your just saying that cuz your just agreeing with your friends.

Yeah, Poobee, but Dhar, and

Yeah, Poobee, but Dhar, and Wyatt both deserve to be put to death. They went into a home looking for drugs and money for drugs, and shot a defenceless elderly man. [ offensive material removed by webmasters ]

This is a disgusting,

This is a disgusting, unfounded, and needlessly cruel post to a child who is suffering a loss as much as anyone else on here. Please do not attack anyone on this site. I do not believe it is the intent or the purpose of the site to incite hatred. Leave the kids alone, and let them deal with their grief with the support they deserve. Please, please don't do that again.


does someone know how the police decided these were the ones to arrest? are they the only suspects? how is Mrs. Ernst? was she injured?

Some information still unclear.

Considering the number of law enforcement officers engaged in the investigation, the man-hours involved are enormous and we'll probably not find out what led police directly to these particular suspects until trial. If there is one, since we will not find out how the defendants will plead until they are arraigned in District Court. According to allegations set forth in the affidavits of probable cause associated with the informations (charging documents), these three individuals were the only ones to have entered the residence. The investigation still continues according to Sheridan Police. It will also be some time before physical evidence conclusions will be reported from the Wyoming Crime Lab. Only law enforcement will be able to say whether more arrests are planned.

As far as Mrs. Ernst, all the information I have been given states that she was not physically injured. I chose not to contact her as this is a very agonizing time for all of her family and friends. I don't think my responsibility as a journalist extends to intruding on family at a time like this. I would be more than willing to report any information they wish to share. Quite frankly how Ernst family is dealing with this event is none of our business unless they wish us to know.

that is my nephew

Jr is my nephew and I know the good in him. He shared his blood sweat and tears with me and I dont know what to think. I know there was a innocent life taken. Prayers for the ernst family. Bad life, good life it doesn't matter a bad decision is a bad decision. He will pay the price for what he was involved in. I too have lost loved ones to senseless crimes, so I know the feeling of revenge. I came to know that God judges all in his own way and time and prayer cures all. mitakayosin



Could you please look into something that I heard today from a very well regarded citizen of Sheridan. I heard that there have been over 25 burglaries on Thurmond St (or in that area, and I'm also not sure of the time frame for the break-ins) and that a woman who lives on that street, scared away an intruder in her home, by pulling a pistol on him. If any of this is true, why weren't the Sheridan police notifying the neighborhood of a rash of break-ins? At the least, why wasn't a press release sent out to inform the public in that vicinity of the need to be on the alert at night, lock doors and windows, cars, etc? If an alert had been put out, I'm sure The Ernsts would not have left their windows open. If this rumor is true, then it shows negligence on the part of the Sheridan PD, in my opinion.

I have numerous friends that actually live on Thurmond. None of them were notified by police, of a rash of burglaries in the area. Can you verify this story or dispute it?



I live on Thurmond, I had a home invasion last Feb. I had only lived here a month, the police told me there had been a rash of break ins on this street, I was told they were seeking drugs. We had a neighborhood watch meeting last week, the police addressed the issue of the break ins, I guess they feel it's not that big of deal! It sure is if your house is the target. I'm about fed up with the crime here. I have been fearful sense my house was broken into, and it continues to be bad here. I know of several others who have had break ins. I understand the number of break ins to be 27. The police will not give this information out beacause they don't want people to be afraid. But I think people need to know so they can stay safe!

put them all to death right

put them all to death right when they get to prison.


they can't, and are not seeking the death penalty

~~Sheridan girl at heart but bound to the great state of Florida~~

~~Sheridan girl at heart but bound to the great state of Florida~~

Any death that occurs during

Any death that occurs during the commission of a felony is circumstances for the death penalty, in this case the felony charge is the breaking and entering..

Why would this not apply here ? Just asking.



do whats fair

As a sister to one of the boys I find it hard to read these comments and see the truth about the people of Sheridan. I in no way think that what they did was right and I feel for the Ernst family. I'm truly sorry that somebody I love so much was capable of participating in such a crime. But I do not believe that Wyatt or Jr should be considered for 1st degree murder. Only one person pulled the trigger and that is who should be charged for that crime. The other boys should be charged with the crimes they commited and yes they should pay but only for what they have done. I love my brother very much and hearing the talk of death penalty and the awful things that have been said about these boys just because they are not white is heartbreaking. And the comments about our families being run out of town and evicted and fired is just wrong. All the racist comments are unacceptable. We understand that everybody is upset and scared but so are we and were not trying to run you out of town or making untrue and uncalled for comments about you. And these boys in no way will get a fair trial in this town given what is going on with our local authorities and other youth of this community.



Praying for the Ernst family

I realize this a tragedy that happened to the Sheridan Community and how angry we all are but I think that we need to focus on the Ernst family and try to help them heal in any way we can. May Gods loving arms be put around our community and try and help us all heal. Will we be there for Linda, Ann and Lisa in a year from now? Or will we all have gotton on with our lives where as they will NEVER be able to again. I will be there for you guys for the rest of my life!!!!


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