Holiday Inn Packed for the "Concert for Haiti" Saturday Night

The doors opened to two of the three Sheridan Holiday Inn Convention Center rooms at 8 o'clock Saturday night, and by 8:01, $900 was already raised for the Concert for Haiti. By 8:20, the partition to the third convention room was opened, allowing streams of people to keep coming in to raise money and enjoy fabulous music for a critical cause. The music ranged from classic rock, jazz, bluegrass, and blues, to a great set by Gary Small and the Coyote Brothers highlighting the music of Santana.

Between 400 and 500 people either listened to the music or burned up the dance floor. Kathy Stellenwerf's reason for attending echoed many we interviewed.

Nicole Day, wife of one of the event organizers, musician Sean Day, couldn't believe how the community of other musicians and residents rose to the occasion.

Nicole says they chose to have the money go to Doctors Without Borders, because while of course the medical needs in the country are astronomical, the organization has a high percent rate on the money that will go directly to the people of Haiti.

Update! Shawn Day mailed off a cashiers check Monday in the amount of $4,167 to Doctors Without Borders, and will send off a second for any subsequent amount that comes in this week for people who couldn't attend the concert. You can send a donation in care of Shawn and Nicole Day, 6 Airway Drive, Sheridan WY 82801. Make your check payable to Shawn, with "Doctors Without Borders" on the memo line.

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why dont people ever reveal their names on these things. just wondering?

I think we should all focus

I think we should all focus on the good that was done the other night. Should there be more fundraisers like the one for Haiti done for local organizations and for causes around the United States? Most definitely. However, we don't need to discourage the efforts made to help people around the world as well. We should all work harder to help the people close to us as well as those who are far away. Instead of spending your time leaving comments on this website, get out and "be the change you wish to see in the world". Be the person to do what it is that you think needs to be done. It has to start somewhere, right?

How about helping the people of the US first!!!

I believe we have alot of children that are homeless and will probably not eat a good meal today that could use a little extra help right here in the good ol' USA!!!


One should not withhold their time or donation from Haiti simply because it is not in the U.S. One should work everyday to help those where you live such as donating time , clothing, food and money. One must also consider the plight of the rest of the world and help when you can. I don't think Haiti is asking anyone ,in Wyoming specifically, for anything they may not even know what or where Wyoming is. However you do know where they are and what they are facing and should ,if you can, lend a hand.

Betcha shop at Walmart too

Betcha shop at Walmart too don't ya??/

starving kids are starving

starving kids are starving kids. However I noticed you didn't state whether you've done anything other than complain. Not exactly a motivator are you?

Matters fact

Matters fact our youngest was adopted, my wife and i both have spent time at Big brother/big sister programs and we do everything we can to stay away from Wal-Mart, but sometimes you just don't have a choice as we try to keep our money local. I just don't need to brag about the things we've done.

What your are saying is

What your are saying is absurd. Yes, there are plenty of hungry children in the U.S., but frankly, if you would see the poverty in some countries, you may have a different opinion. I worked for an organization in Guatemala that was started to help kids who live in the Guatemala City garbage dump go to school. In fact, it is quite common in developing countries to have thousands of people living in garbage dumps, getting their food, clothing, toys, etc. from there. Unlike the U.S., which has programs to help people (however imperfect) most people have no support or way to improve their life. Even the poorest Americans would be considered rich in MOST parts of the world.

I am in shock that you would

I am in shock that you would even make a comment as if to discourage people from donating to Haiti. Its sick! There are millions of people over there with no water, food, horrible living situations, little no health care..... This is how Haiti was before the earth quake. I am proud to help another country out. Especially one that does not even have the resources in the first place.

Now Now,lets keep sending

Now Now,lets keep sending money to haiti.It keeps peoples minds off of what's going on around here.

Funny how there was really very little support for New Orleans,yet haiti is just such an urgency.Haiti seems to be consistant with Obama's real mission as president though.

Typical American Attitude!

Typical American Attitude! Always about US and how things are helping US! Do something good for people with out thinking of yourself. Embarassing!


It is always good to listen to both sides of the coin. Funds could definitely be used in the states, especially during our own economic crisis. Yes there are homeless, starving, sick, unemployed, elderly people here in the land of the free. I imagine there are even orphans.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. How much money was squandered during the New Orleans disaster, millions? The greed of man always gets in the way of humanitarian efforts. Money being funneled down the political suck hole. Alot of effort, a little result. Very sad.

Over 57 million raised on the TV ATHON a few day ago. I guess in reality it is better to try and fail then to not try at all. In the back of my mind there is always that doubt, does that money really get to the people? fantasy is seems to be better then the real thing. In the end I hope the funds from the Holiday get to the people that need it most.

Something will always beat nothing

Congratulations to Gary and local musicians for showing some compassion and initiative.

To R Jones Your arguement about local needs is accurate but lazy. If you will write a check to a local charity that feeds kids for $100.00 I'll match it.

Put yer money where your mouth is and point to someone in the community that is doing good work.

I've been to Haiti twice. Yes there is always need somewhere on the planet and yes there is always local need. The key is to live a spiritual life capable of giving and seeing the humanity in others.

Paul Fleming
Sheridan Wyoming

I've wrote around $1k worth

I've wrote around $1k worth of checks to the program at the VA to feed the needy,so you're going to need to do better then 100 bucks.

get a life! I bet you put

get a life! I bet you put your name on the check too! Its the effort and thought that counts not the amount. Shame on you!

Homeless at VA

Dude...I'm not trying to compete with you. If you've been giving money they must be a good organization. Let's shine a little light on em and both encourage them with our $.

Paul Fleming

I did my part for NOLA as

I did my part for NOLA as well cowboy. Did you do anything besides complain?

Holiday Inn Packed for the "Concert for Haiti" Saturday Night

I just wanted to thank everyone for making this event a total success!! All the volunteers, all the musicians, all the techy people, the Holiday Inn staff, Sheridan Media: It took alot of folks to make this happen. And of course a special thanks to Shawn and Chris for spearheading such a great event. And last but not least, a special thanks to all that attended. I certainly had the time of my life performing for all of you. Ah-ho Rev. Gary Small

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