Hello, Jane?

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The Sheridan Senior Center hosted a party Saturday...a party for "Janes." Jane Perkins, activities director at the center explains.

If any part of your name was Jane, first, middle, or last, you were welcome to attend. Jane Musselman was there and explains how she was named Jane.

There were seven Janes at the party and if seven means perfection, then there weren't any plain Janes here. Jane Wohl explains what makes Jane special.

Now, just think about it. How many Janes do you know? Seems like during the 70's, the name Mary Jane was quite popular. Jane Chamberlain Jennings tells us what the party meant to her.

This was the first annual Jane Party and because they had such a good time, there will be another party next year, under one condition, as Jane Wohl explains.

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