Hands Off the Yard Signs

Stealing candidate yard signs is against the law.
Stealing candidate yard signs is against the law.

With it being an election year, there are of course are no shortage of candidate signs that adorn front lawns of homeowners in Sheridan. There have been several recent reports of signs being stolen, which is against the law says Sheridan Police Lieutenant Chirs Dahmke.

Dahmke explains that the trespassing issue is a gray area when it comes to stealing signs.

Dahmke said that if anyone witnesses such a crime, they can contact the Sheridan Police Department at 672-2413 with any information that they may have.

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stealing signs

my question is what do they do with them after they steal them? can pawn them!


It's just ridiculous that people would stoop to stealing signs. Candidates can always buy more at http://www.victorystore.com but that doesn't make it OK.


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