Guns, Weed And Democrats

Democrats from all over Sheridan County convened this weekend at the Senior Center in Sheridan for their 2010 County Convention. After electing 17 local delegates to attend the upcoming state convention, the group also debated and developed a platform.

The discussion included a proposed amendment stating local democrats' support for "gun rights." Local Party Chair Carol Lereche.

Ultimately, a more general proclamation, which stated support and "respect for the constitutional rights of individuals" was adopted.

Improving health care and promoting "pro-health" policy initiatives--such as encouraging smoke-free public places--was obviously another big issue. Allowing medical marijuana became part of the adopted platform.

The final platform also included support for increased funding for veteran's health care, support of the North Main Revitalization efforts, and repealing the social security income cap.

The final version of the Sheridan County Democratic Party Platform will soon be available on their website. Whether or not these provisions become part of the state platform will be decided at the state convention, which is this May 14th and 15th in Casper.

Medical marijuana? There is

Medical marijuana? There is an important issue to get behind. Look at California. Their medical marijuana legalization has become a joke. Anyone gets an ailment, and they can get a prescription. Then you can go into a store and buy brownies, muffins or whatever. If marijuana truly has a marijuana purpose, then it needs to be a pill or just a small bag of weed. All of this other crap associated with it only lowers the credibility of the medical marijuana supporters. We have enough doctors giving out pain meds left and right. Do we really want to go there with marijuana too? NO!!!

a private matter

In my opinion what a person ingests into their body is a private matter, maybe crack and meth I'd feel different about but when compared to alcohol is marijuana really any different? I'd have liked to see them come out with an explicitly pro second amendment platform.

I disagree - my opinion is

I disagree - my opinion is YES!!!!! Actually reform of the nations flawed drug policies is badly need. This is an area that could reap huge dividends if the politicians would address it. I believe it will eventually happen, because the self destructive course of current policy is only compounding problems that could be minimized if addressed in a emotionless logical manner.

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