Governor Freudenthal Comments On The State's Juvenile Detention Methods

Wyoming Governor Dave Freudenthal was a guest on KROE'S Public Pulse program Wednesday. Host Kim Love asked the Governor if Congress should re-authorize the Juvenile Justice Delinquency and Prevention Act of 1974, which basically states that juvenile's cannot be incarcerated with adults.

Freudenthal says that incarceration of minors is a two sided story.

Freudenthal said that he agrees with life sentences for juvenile's if the nature of the crime warrants a life sentence such as a murder conviction.

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I disagree with some of your

I disagree with some of your statements. Not all kids laugh off probation. However, typically the ones it is most successful with are those who had some family values. Those who have no respect for the law usually come by that honestly (ie parents who have no respect for the law and are on probation themselves!). 6 months or a year of probation (or 2 weeks in JDC for that matter) cannot undue 16 years of poor parenting. Probation is not supposed to replace parenting, it is to allow the youth to be supervised by the Court rather than being placed in jail. However, probation officers also have limitations on what they can do with the youth...

bad attitude...

For most delinquents, no, incarceration may not be the best answer....but there are those that, no matter what chances they are given such as drug court, counseling, being placed on probation, community service...simply don't give a dam *spelled that incorrectly for a reason* and continue to insist on being a delinquent just to "do what they want to do" with no one controlling them. Sheridan is jam packed with such ne'rdowells. I know, because I've seen them with my own eyes daily. They will do their drugs, theft, drinking and anything they think they can get away with simply because they already know that all they will recieve is a tap on the hand and a "don't do it again". They know they will have no true consequence and so why should they behave. Since DFS has controlled how we, as parents, can discipline our children...and trust me, these juveniles know full well that if you even touch them just to call it abuse and use it against us...grounding doesn't work, neither does taking away privilages with these kids because they know how to work the angles. In this citizen's opinion, having these kids feel that the consequence for their actions would be nearly like jail would calm their behaviors drastically....being scared straight as it were. These kids don't even care if they go into the VOA group home or JDC in Casper because they know that it will only be a few weeks to a couple of months and then they'll be out doing exactly what got them placed in there in the first place...they laugh it off people. If you don't believe me, try sitting with these kids as they wait to enter drug court...they have no respect for the court and sit there in front of the court room talking about the "rad drinking party" they went to the night before and how they toked up a good one a couple of days ago with friends. They go simply because they know that the consequence for not going is indeed either going to JDC for a length of time more than a few weeks for the minors and an arrest warrant for the 18 year olds. Take a real good look at the way you people were raised...I ask you, do you feel you turned out alright being disciplined the way you were, being forced to work on ranches and earn the money for what you want...not having it handed to you. With the exception of the few that were abused, did your parents make sure that you knew full well that you would indeed be disciplined as a consequence for your actions? Kids these days do not get that there are indeed consequences for their choices and actions because there are NONE that stick. And all you who say "it's the parents' responsibility" probably have never had to worry about your child/children acting like these juvenile delinquents and so count your blessings that you gave birth to angels. For the rest of you, those of you who have kids in drug court, on probation, etc....and God knows there are because I've witnessed drug court and there's standing room know what I mean. We need to find a way to show these kids that they can no longer get away with these actions with no near severe consequence, because if we don't we not only fail society....but we fail our kids as well.

J. S. Luckjohn

your right, I've seen it as

your right, I've seen it as well...

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