Government Run Health Care Is Not An Option For Senator Enzi

U.S. Senator Mike Enzi repeated his opposition to a government run health care plan Monday while addressing the Casper Rotary Club. Enzi said health care reform is urgently needed, but a government takeover would make the situation worse.

Enzi pointed to the "10 Steps to Transform Health Care in America" bill he introduced in the last Congress, and other ideas put forward by both Republicans and Democrats as possible ways to make health care in America better.

One concept being discussed in the Senate is a non-profit health insurance cooperative where consumers could band together to seek better rates and coverage from health insurance companies. Enzi said this approach, depending upon how it is written, could be similar to his small business health care plans, a part of his 10 Steps.

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Government run healthcare

Can I count this position as a comittment to vote no on any future medicare bills? I'd like to see medicare gone as they take $40 out of my check for it and I dont get a thing, what a ripoff.

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