GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Forum – Part 1 in a Series

Kim Love moderates a public Q & A forum June 19th at the Sheridan Holiday Inn with the four GOP gubernatorial candidates.
Kim Love moderates a public Q & A forum June 19th at the Sheridan Holiday Inn with the four GOP gubernatorial candidates.

The Sibley Room at the Sheridan Holiday Inn was full-to-brimming for the public GOP gubernatorial forum, hosted Saturday morning by the Wyoming Association of Broadcasters.

Moderated by Sheridan Media's Kim Love, candidates Ron Micheli, Rita Meyer, Matt Mead and Colin Simpson answered questions on topics ranging from the Gulf of Mexico oil crisis to health care, from states' rights to Tort Reform, and everything in between.

We will be reporting a series of stories on specific topics throughout the coming days, with more detailed answers from the four GOP candidates.

Full audio will also be available through the Cowboy State News Network beginning June 22nd.

Wyoming's Primary Election will be held Tuesday, August 17th.

For a complete list of all parties' candidates and links to individual websites, click here:

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Gubernatorial Candidate Forum

I was unable to attend the forum yesterday and am sorely disappointed. I heard the tail end of the radio ad regarding the forum and heard it would be held at the Holiday and I thought I heard Saturday. I called the Holiday and the receptionist knew nothing about the forum. (She said I was the second person that morning who had called about it...) I also checked this website on the community event calendar and even tried typing in gubernatorial candidates forum, and various other forms of that phrase and could find nothing. I also called Sheridan Media and it was the weekend so no one was available to provide any information.

This is a little peeve that I find happens with the radio ads. The most important information from the ad is announced first (location, time, etc.) and then never again. When I learned to write in school the rule was "say what you're going to say, say it in detail, and then review what you said." It would be a good rule for event radio advertisement, I think.

Well, I'll try to catch future forums because I am very concerned and interested in the next few elections in particular with the runaway spending our governments are experiencing. I would like to hear from candidates about their positions and how they would repair these scary policies we've fallen into.

Patty F.

Patty F.

The Cowboy State News

The Cowboy State News Network has made their audio from the forum available. Unfortunately, they only have the last 30 minutes due to a computer problem.

You can listen to it here.

I'm sorry you were unable to

I'm sorry you were unable to get the info you needed to attend the forum. The good news is that the Cowboy State News Network recorded the forum (audio only) and it should be available from them within the next few days. We will post more info on this site when they have it ready.

Sorry to hear that

Patty, sorry to hear that you had a hard time tracking down information on the gubernatorial forum. In addition to the ads that were on the air, there was a news story mentioning it Thursday and part of Friday on the radio, and there was and still is a news story on the website

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