GOP Congressional Delegation Dinner Attracts Protesters

Protesters outside the Wyoming Rebpublican Convention Friday.
Protesters outside the Wyoming Rebpublican Convention Friday.

The Republican State Convention taking place this weekend in Sheridan had their Congressional Delegation Dinner Friday evening at the Holiday Inn. Outside the convention were a dozen or so protesters—and not the anti-war protesters or any other group who you typically see voicing their opposition to the GOP. This group was primarily angry about health care—specifically about Senate Joint Resolution 0001, which was introduced in the Wyoming Senate before there was a national health care bill. The Resolution sought to amend the Wyoming Constitution, and many Republicans and Democrats voted against the bill, including Senator John Schiffer and Senator Burns. And the protesters were not-too-happy about this.

Senator Bruce Burns' says the reason why he voted against the bill.

Senator Burns adds that his feelings were not offended by the protests.

Inside at the Congressional Delegation Dinner, the Wyoming Republican Party honored Malcom Wallop for his many years of service to the party.

our so-called WY GOP representatives

Berger and Burns democrats thru and thru, but in WY they know they wouldn't win as dems so they put a R in front of their names and vote D

I think there's a little

I think there's a little truth to that, I might add though that perhaps we would be bettter off in this state if republicans werent guaranteed winners in almost every election.

he did right

How can we put down a representative that actually used common sense and wanted to know what he was dealing with in it's entirety than go ahead and sign a bill blinded by political agenda and promises.

J. S. Luckjohn

The health care isn't my

The health care isn't my issue either way, but the republicans, like their rivals, sure seem out of touch with the voters.

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