Gas And Dash Results In High Speed Chase

Gas drive-off results in high speed chase through Sheridan.
Gas drive-off results in high speed chase through Sheridan.

Just before 11 o'clock this morning, the Wyoming Highway Patrol was notified of a gas drive-off in Buffalo that involved three runaway juveniles. Highway Patrol Lieutenant Casey Goodman explains how the events unfolded that resulted in a high-speed chase.

Goodman said that a bevy of law enforcement officers followed the vehicle west of Sheridan out Soldier Creek Road, where the runaways made their way through Dayton and up into the Big Horns. Goodman stated that the vehicle hit a guard rail at the bottom of Shell Canyon and came to a stop where officers arrested the three occupants.

Lieutenant Goodman indicated speeds reached 100 mph on the Interstate, but that the pursuit slowed considerably through the County roads and into the mountains. It is unclear at this time where the three runaway juveniles originated from or their gender. They are being held at the Big Horn County Sheriff's Office in Basin.

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everyone seems to be

everyone seems to be forgetting the fact that on top of stealing the gas they were three runaways that were found and it seems that no one was injured in the chase. Sounds like at job well done (and i normally am not the local law enforcment's number one fan)

Kind of funny

The band and choir from my school were sitting on the SHS football field around 11 when we saw them go by. I think we counted 7 or 8 cop cars. We thought that was pretty funny to see, considering you hardly ever see high speed chases going through Sheridan.


They probably spent $5000 trying to catch a car that stole $25 worth of gas. They had North Main exit blocked, there is a bridge right there, that would be the place for the spike strip.
What a comical story!

It was a bit of a fiasco

What a privaledge to have been in the middle of this "chase" down the Interstate. Felt like I was back in Orange County or something.

There were three HP vehicles, two Sheriff's SUV's and at least one city patrol unit chasing this blue sedan southbound on I90 when I happened to enter the roadway. Cars going everywhere, stopping, starting, stuck in the median, pulling over and so forth.

At least now I know what all the hullabaloo was about. Geez, I'd would have paid the gas bill just not to be put in the way of all this lunacy.....Yee Haw....


High Speed Chase over stolen gas?

Really? A high speed chase thru several populated areas over close to 100 miles, because of some stolen gas? That sounds like a great way to endanger a lot of people. Ever heard of a road block?

In order to set up a road

In order to set up a road block you have to know where the subject vehicle is headed. That would be impossible to tell for sure until they got onto HWY 14 at which time the only officers in the vicinity were probably the ones already in pursuit.

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