Game And Fish Official Cited For Harvesting Moose Over-Limit

Every hunting season, the excitement of the chase fills thousands of people who flock to the Big Horn Mountains in search of that trophy deer, elk, or moose. That feeling can quickly turn to sorrow when a mistake is made. Local Wyoming Game and Fish Official Warren Mischke was hunting moose when he took aim at a nice cow moose. Mischke tells us what happened next.

It turns out the cow was not the same one he shot first and Mischke was cited for shooting over-limit moose. He was unaware of the second dead cow moose and was not charged with wanton waste for failing to clean the second moose. Now that Mischke‘s been through an investigation, does he have any advice for hunters?

Anyone who notices a wildlife violation is encouraged to call the Wyoming Game and Fish department immediately.

Eye Care of the Big Horns
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C'mon folks...

Jeeze folks! This guy made a mistake. He owned up to it, paid the fine, and then instead of saying "no comment" and hiding from the public eye as some would have done, he turned his mistake into an oppertunity to remind the public to take care not to repeat his mix up. This could happen to any hunter out there, and this story serves to remind us to always pay close attention to what we're shooting! And yes, if I made the same mistake this fellow had, I WOULD turn myself in & report it, it's the right thing to do and even if I would get a ticket, at least the meat wouldn't sit out in the field and rot. And as to the "what were two cows doing together?" you can't be serious... I've seen cows grazing together many times up top and yes, I am sure that they were mature cows, not cows & calves. Let's stop speculating and grumbling and being angry at a man who is honest enough to own up to his mistakes. Happy & safe hunting to all!

Let me just say this. I

Let me just say this. I agree, there are a lot of GREAT law enforcement people in sheridan and else where. However with that said, I've seen too many times where you have one bad officer and the resto of the CREW stick up for him... I'm sick of it and had my fill.... They want to run like a crew I'll view them as a crew... So the next time they know of a coverup going on in the department, they need to know that is where the public resentment comes from...

Sounds guilty

It sounds like most of the folks here have had a run in with law enforcement and have a grudge regardless of what Warren did. The "common folk" would have been cited as they should be - but would they have been a front page story? It is insane. Warren does a lot of good things with the youth in our communities. He was honest and admitted that he made a MISTAKE - that is all it was. End of story!!! And to even compare this to the murder of a human being - grow up!

get a clue

Seriously? I actually respect the man for turning himself in. He could have gotten away with it had he wanted to, but he didn't. Anybody that knows this man knows that he has character and integrity. Anybody who has hunted can attest to how easy it can be to do this. Turning into a race issue? Come on. I understand and acknowledge that white priveledge does exist; however when that excuse is thrown around so arrogantly, real issues that do demonstrate intolerance will be ignored.

Why does everything have to be a huge issue? Can't we sometimes say, "glad it was taken care of" now lets talk about the important things. "The full extent of the law" again, sitting in judgement without the first concept of what the "full extent" would have been is ignorant. He was cited! That means he was punished to the full extent of the violation! He did not commit a felony. It is a status offense that was created to hold those that do this "oops" accountable but not also make a problem out of it.

And by the way, comparing this story to a good man that was killed in cold blood in his home only demonstrates that your belief system is highly skewed. Shame on you.

It becomes such a huge

It becomes such a huge issue,because WYGF in the field are horrible to deal with.They prey on the general public.They use field personnel that have no law enforcement back ground,who then right tickets for violations that don't even hold up in court,yet waste the time and money of all parties involved.

I've seen minor fishing violations cost more then the $410 that warren paid for dumping two moose.And I'd be willing to bet if the general public killed two moose the cost of fines would be in the thousands of dollars.

What hasn't been

What hasn't been established,is the age of the two moose that he killed.The area has a regulation that requires only cows with no calf can be shot.

The question is what were two "cows" doing together and it just so happens there's two bulls.Moose aren't herd animals.Wouldn't suprise me a bit if old warren didn't shoot both a cow and calf which is another violation,that his buddies aren't going after.

Two moose

This isn't fact. I shot a mature cow moose years ago. There were 3 other cows standing within 100 yards the entire time we were dressing her. None of them were calves. Even the Game Warden said the cow I got was over 5 years old.

Give him a break!

There was more coverage of the incident in the Sheridan Press. The man admitted his guilt and paid his fine. I'm willing to give him the break because I myself have missed seeing animals that are in plain sight to others on maybe a different grade of the land and perhaps the animal was camouflaged by the log and surrounding grasses.

Aside from the fact that he

Aside from the fact that he should be held to a higher standard, I'll cut him some slack, and give him a pass. That is why the general public generaly speaking has higher moral values. If he knows what the truth was, and if he holds others to a different standard then he will answer for it in the end.

next time

Ok well then I guess the next person that goes in front of the judge for a G&F issue should just look at the judge and say that he knew the truth and "I'm so sorry, it won't happen again, please don't sentence me for this action." The judge would either laugh in his face or get ticked off and give him a harsher judgement. Get real! The man broke the law, period. He's no different or better than anyone else so why shouldn't he pay the penelty that the rest of us would pay as well. As for the publicity in the Sheridan Press being "enough"....please, give me a break; why should he recieve leniency just because he got his name in the news??? If you do the crime, you should have to do the time...or fine...whichever is sentenced....and being a government employee should have nothing to do with it!

J. S. Luckjohn

I Agree

Had this been any one of us Common folk" we would have been cited and probably charged with poaching and that's before going in front of the judge...then comes the hefty fine and possible jail time on top of all the rest. Why isn't he being held responsible? What makes him better than all the rest of the citizens in this state??? Because he works for the government....Whitewash is alive and well in Sheridan.

J. S. Luckjohn

Wanton waste?

Why wasn't he charged? And he wants a people who make the same "mistake" he make to turn themselves in? Yes folks, he is nuts! This guy HAD to know he likked TWO moose! It was visable from the road by hunters who were not even in the field! Talk about covering-up for one of their own...... The only thing I am surprised about is that he was even charged! Had this been you or I, the moose would have been taken, and a citation given for ALL violations! Heck they would probably even give a citation for a smoking ban!
I say not only should he be punished to the full extent of the law (nothing more, like the rest of us "common people") but that he should be placed on administraion leave..... These guys are supposed to be better educated than the people they serve and should be held to a higher standard.......

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