Funnel Cloud Over Sheridan?

Cell phone picture sent to Sheridan Media of what could have been a possible funnel cloud in Sheridan Tuesday. (Photo by Jodee Joy Miller)
Cell phone picture sent to Sheridan Media of what could have been a possible funnel cloud in Sheridan Tuesday. (Photo by Jodee Joy Miller)

The severe storm that moved through Sheridan County Tuesday afternoon brought with it heavy rain and hail, but did it produce a funnel cloud? That's Meteorologist Joe Lester with the National Weather Service in Billings. Lester says that there were several confirmed tornadoes Monday in southeastern Montana.

Lester said that we should get a break from the severe storms until late Thursday night when several more systems begin to move into our area.

There was some severe weather in the Casper area as well Tuesday; meteorologist Al Ross with the National Weather Service in Riverton said there were unconfirmed reports of two tornadoes northwest of Casper Tuesday afternoon. Ross says storms also dumped several inches of hail on U.S. 26, west of Casper.

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wyoming56 i do not know

i do not know about you but some of us sleep at night so if a weather warning came about after going to sleep, it would be nice for a siren to wake us up to get into a safe(r) location. these storms do not always happen during waking hours yes.... you could (fall) (a)sleep with the radio on all night, but would you wake up (?) unless maybe ... what would wake you???


There are many different

There are many different models of radios and weather stations available which can be set to automatically activate during an emergency. I think this is a better solution than a siren because many people in the county may not hear a siren located in the city.

Weather Alert

Yes...Steve is correct. They are called Weather Alert Radios and come on automatically when Weather Warnings and Weather Watches are issued. Or, you can turn it on and hear the latest weather information.

I can tell you that my

I can tell you that my husband and I were camped at the Tongue River Marina and I saw what looked to me like a funnel cloud heading towards us. We sat in our camper and waiting for the "severe thunderstorm" that we were warned about The "funnel cloud" disapated and shortly there after the rain and winds hit us, within a matter of what seemed liked seconds the rain and wind intensified and litterly picked our 27 foot travel trailer off its blocks and pushed us at least 4 feet forward. We hit the floor of the camper and prayed that it wasnt the end. My question was why there were no sirens or notification system set up to warn the campers. If my husband hadnt of ran down to the marina store and heard it on the radio we would of had no warning at all. I would of much prefered to of had my choice of our truck or the trailer and am just greatful that we survived yet another one of mother natures raths. You see we live within 2 miles of the Metra here in Billings, and are just starting to comb through the insurance settlement forms. Good luck Wyoming but some one needs to take this as a warning and do something about a warning system immediatly.

Weather warnings

Obviously you can't put sirens everywhere. We turn on the radio when severe weather is approaching. Sometimes people need to learn to take care of themselves....

I stood out the back door at

I stood out the back door at Sheridan Motor and watched this cloud for several minutes-you could see through it. It was not turning, it was not forming a tornado. The picture looks much worse than the real thing. The white "base" is a cloud bank off and the horizon. Nothing doctored in the picture, no cover ups (although I do hope the black helicopters show up!), just a really cool picture.


OMG just dont destroy taco bell!!!!!!!!!!


that is a very good fake. why is the first interstate flag not moving? where is the perkins flag? that is a huge f2/f3 very close to downtown. or at least close to the ice rink? i was on the north end of town that afternoon and there was no blue sky to be seen anywhere to the north of town? all of the white colored stuff in the photo is debris from a tornado on the ground. look at the base of this thing. i do appreciate the photo though, the toyota in the front is my son's, we can send this to all of our friends and family .........good one


You are right! Sheridan Media is involved in a elaborate conspiracy wherein they doctor photos in a secret lab with alien technology in conjunction with Russian radicals stationed at the north pole in their plot to take over the world. I don't know why I never noticed it before. They must be using this site to plant subliminal messages in the minds of Sheridan residents in a full on psychologial assault to turn us in to mindless automatons willing to do their bidding at a moments notice. This doctored photo of a tornado must be part of some sort of psychologial trigger they are planting for use on the day they take over! Be suspicious of all tornado pictures!

Well, now you've blown the

Well, now you've blown the lid off of our secret plan. We are deploying our fleet of black helicopters, which should arrive at your house shortly.

You can never stop the

You can never stop the truth! I have perused the photos here on Sheridan Media and I have found many (obviously) altered pictures. One of a train, an elk, a goose, Main st, and the supposed "creek" in Kendrick park just to name a few! How dare you try and pull this over the watchful eyes of Sheridans residants?

There are several pictures

We know this is not a fake. This picture was taken by Jodee Joy Miller, and she took a couple of others as well.

You can see from these that it was not a fake, and also that it was not a full-blown tornado. There was not enough wind speed nor rotation for a tornado to form. It only lasted for a brief moment. It formed and dissipated in the time it took her to drive just a couple of blocks.

Not fakealso thank you sheridan media for posting them

Thank you for sharing the other pictures Jodee i also seen it i live on south sheridan ave and i could see it it is not fake.

exactly my point!!!

That is what I am talking about!!! Duh people!!!

In God I Trust!

In God I Trust!

get it straight

It's not a tornado until it touches the ground, this one didn't that we know of. From my vantage point, I was able to see the formation and change in wind direction in relation to the cloud's shape. It was gone in less than one minute, I stepped outside at approx 4:25ish and it was over around 4:30. I was with a group of ten other people who would confirm this. Anyway, An F-5? Are you kidding me?? Again, the stupid thing didn't even touch the ground, how would you even begin to guess that measurement? Dumb. The Fujita scale measures windspeed and distance across, not what it looks like up in the sky. Gah...

So, this all sounds just

So, this all sounds just like Billings! Chance of tornado is slim. Not one in the area in over 50 years. Well, look at the Metra and surrounding businesses! Our area weathermen told us locals afterwards that they were "tracking this storm cell and no indication of a tornado was present." No blurp even came over the TV or Radio issuing a tornado warning, etc. Oh sure, we had a severe thunderstorm watch with hail, blah blah. But the Tornado Siren started screaming in town just moments before anyone had time to think! So when I hear weather people watching radar saying "not enough rotation" I will just remember that Mother Nature doesn't have to commune with the wise mortals behind their computers when she wants to sit down a twister! My advice: If it looks like a tornado or blows like a tornado . . . turn off your "wise" computer and find a basement! Just a suggestion.

If no indication of a

If no indication of a tornado was present, why was the tornado siren activated?


If you look at the picture closly it looks as if it is a F4/F5 rating tornado...several people stated that they took this picture or thier brother or sister took this picture. So many differnet people took it and at different times, one claimed it was taking at 4:30pm another claimed it was taking at 5:25pm. all I have to many different stories, so many differnet outcomes. Will we ever know??? Was it fake or real...if it was real wouldn't there be a ton of damage to the Sheridan area? Even if persay it did not touch down, with it that low to the ground it would have ripped off roofs and damaged trees and other vegitation right???? Just wondering....I have been through several tornados in Redstone,AL and in Colorado Springs, Co.....So, I am just wondering as everyone else is right now....thanks!
In God I Trust!

In God I Trust!

Not even close

An F4/F5 tornado? Come on now, lets get real here. The tornado that hit the Metra was an F2 at best, and look at the destruction it caused. If that was an F4/F5, we wouldn't be having this discussion right now, we'd be cleaning up.


sorry a funnel cloud that large and that close to town and only two people saw it. It looks really good but the fact that the only media outlet that is showing it is sheridan media, if it were real i think we would have heard a lot more about it

u scared Neocon1?

This is not a fake, several of my co-workers and myself stood and watched as this thing formed and dissipated within only a few minutes. I don't know the reason that there was no technology to record what was happening... good question eh? As for the sirens not going off in town, yes we do have them, that is mostlikely due to the fact that the thing appeared and dissapeared so quickly, it takes a person to activate the sirens.

not photo shoped

I took the photo and it is not fake.

We didn't doctor this image,

We didn't doctor this image, but I agree with you that it is not a tornado. From the radio station we have a pretty good view of the surrounding area and a few of us were watching this storm pretty closely. The radar was showing rotation in the system around Kaycee and they did get a tornado warning. However, there was no significant rotation that we could see either visually or on the radar with the system over Sheridan. While this one still image definitely has a "twister" look to it, watching these clouds over a period of time gave us a very different impression. It takes more than a funnel-shaped cloud to make a tornado.

not fake

I am not sure how anyone would know for sure if it was doctored up because Sheridan Media did not take it. This is my photo. This was taken from my blackberry yestersday and I did not doctor it up. Although i don't think it was a tornado in the true sence. I do agree Sheridan needs a better alarm system. Anyone who would like to see the pictures that i took that followed this photo can add me on facebook and see them or email me at

I agree

I live in Westpark and saw it from my livingroom window...I also saw another start and stop somewhere around the area of the airport...though that one was a slow spinner, it tried to start just the same....I have a friend who also has a direct picture of the funnel cloud, the exact same as yours only a bit closer....ppl this was NOT doctored nor a fake. I've seen quite a few tornados in my time and just because it doesn't show up on scientific equipment does NOT mean that the good Lord hasn't decided there will be one.

J. S. Luckjohn

It seems that maybe Lester

It seems that maybe Lester of the Billings Weather Service needs to be sent a copy of the funnel photo. He can analyze it, measure the visual wind speed of the rotation of the low level cloud formation and maybe, with all his fancy equipment and electronic storm tracking radar crap, confirm that it was INDEED a funnel cloud. My 5 year old saw the photo online and said: "Look at that tornado, mom." I bet all Lester needs is a Wizard of Oz refresher. Hold onto your hats, SHeridan. You might just end up in OZ with the lack of warning and your "low level, no signficant rotation" storms. By the way, that wasn't hail beating your yards into the mud last night . . . just over-developed snowflakes with significant wind force propelling them in an abnormal manner. A great resource for us regular people is the radar on that one is amazing and accurate. Give it a click.

I took the photo.

If you have the email handy for Lester I would be glad to send the photo to him. Maybe I will just try to google it as well. I also agree that Sheridan needs a better warning system.

I was watching both the

Liz and I were watching both the Billings and Riverton radars and had a very good vantage point to visually observe this storm. We are convinced that this was *not* a tornado.

A still image can be deceptive. For example, a lot of people look at still images of the towers collapsing on 9/11 and are sure that they are seeing explosives shooting material out of the buildings. However, watching the video shows that rather than the debris being launched upward, the buildings are moving downward. From this one picture I was very skeptical, and after seeing a couple more from the same series I was even more doubtful that this was a tornado. While the cloud may have taken on a funnel shape for a moment, I didn't observe anywhere near enough rotation for this to form a tornado.

Watching these clouds in motion over a period of time gave me a very different impression than one probably gets from this single image.

Better warning sytem

I agree we need a better warning sytem and tornado sirens casper news said it was on the ground yesterday


To answer BadaBum's question....NO. We don't have a siren. More importantly.....*WHY* do we not have at least SOME form of Civil Defense Warning System?? . In the event of a disaster Reverse 911 is NOT realistic and placing the responsibility of public notification on the shoulders of the fire dept doesn't make sense either. Won't they be a little busy???
Sheridan needs to step up and put something in place. To say that "the likelihood of a tornado in Sheridan is slim" doesn't hold water anymore, does it??
I urge everyone reading this to contact *your* City Council and ask them...WHY?!?!?


Regardless of whether this

Regardless of whether this photo shows a tornado in the technical sense of the word (really strange phenomenon, then, if you ask me!), you are right - we should have some kind of warning system. I have photos at home of the tornado that formed a few years ago and touched down just west of the highschool, so it certainly does happen!

There is also the Emergency

There is also the Emergency Alert System which provides warnings via radio and TV, and there are emergency radios you can purchase which will automatically activate during a weather emergency. These won't help you if you are in the middle of a field without a radio, but many of these fields would be outside of the range of a siren system too.

Funnel Cloud

I saw it too. My perspective was from Broadway and 5th Street, and it was very large. I ask this; are there any warning sirens or horns in the city of Sheridan? If not, with what happened in Billings and now this rather large funnel cloud that came to visit us today, would it not be prudent to have some sort of audible warning system in place for the residents to take warning in situations like this? The cost to install vs. the possible loss of life due to lack of warning seems like a no brainer to me.

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