Fugitive Arrested In the Big Horn Mountains Is Heading Back To Mississippi

The 63 year old fugitive arrested while tending sheep in the Big Horn Mountains will be extradited to Mississippi, where he's accused of molesting children. A judge in Casper ruled Monday that Edward Eugene Harper should be returned to face charges in DeSoto County Mississippi. Harper was a fugitive for nearly 15 years after failing to
appear at an October 1994 court hearing on charges of conspiracy to commit sexual battery, child fondling and sexual battery in Hernando, Mississippi.

Harper was on the FBI's "Ten Most Wanted Fugitives" list when
he was arrested in a remote area of the Big Horn Mountains July 23rd.

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It was a joke, Of course I've looked at the registery and of course I'm glad this bozo is in jail.

not evil sheep ....evil humans

Gollum, innocent children suffered at the hands of this "man" and probably have looked over their shoulders waiting for him to darken their lives for the past 15 years.

Have you looked at the website for sex offenders here in our little town? You will be surprised there are so many and that those kinds of things could happen to children you love.

I for one am glad he was apprehended and no punishment is too severe for what he did.

FBI - Most Wanted

The full most wanted list http://www.fbi.gov/wanted/topten...

evil sheep

He was up there conspiring with those evil sheep, any fool can see it LOL.

here we have an adult

that is a criminal- you jokers who blamed all Sheridan kids, society's decay, gangs, television, parents and who/whatever made you feel better about the isolated actions of a few explain this away. Who do we blame now? What kind of giant conspiracy can gollum hatch? Were the sheep a metaphorical representation of the way people blindly follow Obama? ha ha. Some of you are as nutty as the guy above looks.

People do bad things and the government is a poor representation of America's values no matter who is in office because America is so diverse. Now that those two things are cleared up, let's move on shall we?


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