Frog Creek Partners Launches Nationally

(Courtesy photo)
(Courtesy photo)

Sheridan native Brian Deurloo started Frog Creek Partners in early 2016 as a means to help prevent the amount of pollution that enters storm drains.

Deurloo, who is President and Founder of Frog Creek Partners, said that Frog Creek is an environmental technology company that produces the the Gutter Bin stormwater filtration system as their flagship product that leads to cleaner watersheds.

After regional success in Wyoming, Colorado, and California, Deurloo announced that they are launching nationally to support major coast-to-coast stormwater pollution capture initiatives from California’s Trash Amendments to the EPA’s east coast efforts in the Chesapeake Bay watershed project to help catch an estimated 11.5 billion pounds of pollution flowing into 40 million U.S. storm drains every year.

Deurloo says that the Gutter Bin prevents cigarette butts from making their way to the watersheds.

The City of Sheridan was the first to use Deurloo’s filtration system as there are currently 11 filtration systems throughout the City. City Public Works Director Lane Thompson talked about the benefits of using the Gutter Bins.

Deurloo said that as a former multinational manager of coal and oil operations, it is extremely rewarding to come full circle to help our nation’s cities and watersheds by creating innovative products that capture water pollution, resulting in cleaner rivers and oceans.

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