Freudenthal Advocates Wind Regulations And Expanded School Construction

Governor Dave Freudenthal addressed several key legislative issues at a news conference Tuesday, including wind regulation, school construction and gun policy. Freudenthal says he remains committed to passing common sense regulations for Wyoming's wind energy industry.

Freudenthal is asking the Legislature to restore school construction funding and fulfill a promise to Wyoming school districts. He argued it is a mistake to tie one-time construction funding now with ongoing school funding increases still several years away.

The Governor also said that he is interested to see how a proposed law at the intersection of gun rights and States' rights will work, if passed. Freudenthal said that he is comfortable with the proposed legislation, as he doesn't see it functionally undermining things like not letting felons be in possession of firearms and that it would affect a very limited universe of actions.

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"wind regulation" who would

"wind regulation" who would have thought, government wants to regulate the wind, and next it will be the sun.. This guy is a true politician.... If I am a land owner, your going to tell me I can not put up a wind generator without a permit so that you can fund you golf program, nice.... This guy needs to go... regulation on free energy is CRAZY these guys are all crooks. His comment about side boards equates to his kickbacks IMO

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