Forward Sheridan Looks Back On Last Year

Data centers, ZIRC, energy development, new technologies, and planning were just some of the topics discussed at the annual meeting of Forward Sheridan on Thursday morning. It was the first annual meeting for recently hired executive director Jay Stender.

One of the big projects Forward Sheridan is working on is the possibility of bringing tele-medicine to Sheridan. Discussions about Sheridan’s suitability to host data centers also dominated efforts throughout the last year. What did they have to say to those that are concerned there are very few visible results to Forward Sheridan’s efforts?

That’s Forward Sheridan Board Chairman Dick Weber. Weber also indicated that Forward Sheridan is available to help existing businesses in the community, as well as bringing new economic opportunities to Sheridan.

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Forward sheridan is real

Forward sheridan is real interesting.Has anybody established exactly what they've actually done,besides pull in $100k from the tax payers of sheridan every year.And that is a fact,just look at the consent agenda on the cities website.

Stender found his way onto the forward sheridan,after leaving saws.They never get far from the payroll.


Data Centers what a topic... I would love to know where this one s going.. As a command and control manager of the worlds largest network of IDC's this should be interesting to see how Sheridan deals with this task. I can see a few issues with having an IDC in Sheridan right off the top of my head, "major show stoppers". Building IDC's is a very tricky game, and it would be interesting to see their business plan on how it would bring business to Sheridan.

Interesting in the fact that most business owners are going through a cycle of bringing data back in-house right now for cost reasons. Great topic.

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