Fort Mackenzie Helping City of Sheridan with South Park Project

South Park area from 2010. (Sheridan Media file photo)
South Park area from 2010. (Sheridan Media file photo)

Students at Fort Mackenzie High School are working hard to help add to the South Park Project in Sheridan. They are building 16 wooden benches, most of which will be installed along the pathway system to be constructed in the area.

Students can be seen in Kendrick Park building benches a couple times each month.

Chuck Carbert, City Parks Manager, has helped in working with the school to gather logs and coordinate the project. Gib Ostheimer at Fort Mackenzie tells us how the project has benefits at two levels.

With the obvious future benefits at the city level, the project will hopefully benefit area students in the future, as Ostheimer said the goal is to use the benches in the park for educational areas where high school students can work with elementary school students.

Osteimer said that students will be involved with the South Park project until it is complete, and after finishing benches will make signs like the informational signs overlooking the elk park near Kendrick Mansion, with information about the wetlands at the South Park area.

This fall, the city will do some stream restoration and paving the main trail in the South Park area, and a grant for the project is being considered at next week's Sheridan City Council meeting.

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