UPDATE: Former Priest Challenges Enzi for Office

Charlie Hardy stopped by the newsroom for an interview. (Photo by Leslie Stratmoen)
Charlie Hardy stopped by the newsroom for an interview. (Photo by Leslie Stratmoen)

UPDATE: A former priest is challenging a long-time Republican candidate for a Wyoming senate seat. Leslie Stratmoen has the report.

A former Catholic priest from Wyoming who spent several years living in poverty in Venezuela and is a Democrat is challenging long-time incumbent Republican Mike Enzi for the United States senate seat.

Charlie Hardy, a retired 74-year-old from Cheyenne, says he just doesn't like how our senators and house representative have become detached from their constituents and the issues they're dealing with on a daily basis.

He has not held public office before, but, he said, some people might remember him from his campaign for the United States House. He talked about how that came about, and his switch across party lines.

He said he's ready to fight for, as he put it, what's right and good. He's spent a lifetime of service, he said, and is making the charge for office now because he just thinks the people of Wyoming deserve better than who they have representing them in Washington.

The first time he was in Sheridan, he said, was when he was about 12 years old visiting relatives on a ranch and getting his first ride on a tractor. He also remembers, from that time, that the main source of news was by listening in on the telephone party lines. As an adult, he said, he was here visiting Holy Name School as part of his duties as superintendent of schools for the Catholic school system. So, he said, it was good to be back in Sheridan, visiting with family and friends.

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