Forest Users Asked to Participate in Survey

Recreation Staff Officer Dave McKee. (Photo by Pat Blair)
Recreation Staff Officer Dave McKee. (Photo by Pat Blair)

Bighorn National Forest users this year are being asked questions ranging from where they're from to how long they plan to stay on the Forest and what will they be doing there.

Dave McKee, who's the Forest's recreation staff officer, said the questions are part of a survey being conducted this year. McKee said surveys are conducted on national forests every five years to collect information that's used in planning.

McKee said the surveys are called national visitor use monitoring surveys, and the one in the Bighorns this year – which is the third survey that's been done here – started on Oct. 1 last year and will continue through Sept. 30.

He said the surveys are not continuous but will be conducted for a total of 191 days throughout the year. He said even if the person agrees to take the survey, he or she can still decline to answer individual questions. Also included among the questions are how much the individual has spent, or plans to spend, on his or her trip and what is the individual's level of satisfaction after using certain facilities, such as the forest roads or campgrounds. Individuals are also asked what activities they like to do.

McKee said the survey is used by the Forest Service to determine what it's doing right, and what needs improvements. But, he said, the Forest Service isn't the only federal agency or organization that uses the survey information.

He said once the report has been generated, the information will be available to the general public online. McKee said he believes the information will be on interest to local businesses and chambers of commerce.

McKee said he encourages anyone who sees a survey station to stop and take the survey. No personal information is taken.

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McKee in his office. (Photo by Pat Blair)
McKee in his office. (Photo by Pat Blair)

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