Foreclosure Auction

York Place foreclosure auction at the Sheridan County Courthouse.
York Place foreclosure auction at the Sheridan County Courthouse.

The Sheridan County Sheriff's Office held a public foreclosure auction Friday for one parcel of land located at 1 Wrangler Court in the Powder Horn, and the entire York Place development on east Montana Street in Sheridan. First Interstate Bank of Sheridan was the only bidder on both properties and were awarded the York Place development in the amount of $1.1 million. The Powder Horn Parcel sold for $450,000.

Homer Scott and First Interstate Bank..

Mr Jones,

I do not know what Scotty or anyone entailed with his business interests had done to you but you really need to get the facts before you say something. Some of the points you make are valid in most of your posts. If you did some research you would know that Homer Scott, Jr. is not involved with First Interstate Bank. He retired a number of years ago. Some of his family run the corporation now. They are the ones that are moving ahead with the projects. I suppose the sale of the Holiday Inn was some sort of underhanded dealing of his in your mind.

York Place was a bad deal for everyone involved. I am in agreement with you. Forward Sheridan hasn't done much, IMO, regarding anything they have promised to do. Jobs aren't the best, pay with those jobs hasn't gotten better, Mayor Kinskey seems to be spending tons of money that the city hasn't got (not just on payroll) and many other things are kindy shady.

We need common sense politics more now than ever. There is so much information that is available to the public. This isn't the 50's or 60's where you could get away with this crap.

The scott family is still

The scott family is still involved with First Interstate which in turn involves homer. The Holiday Inn was dumped because it is a dump and was going to cost Scott a bundle to refurb.

York place was yet another venture made possible by Kinskey doing whatever it takes to push the agenda of private developers while letting the tax payer of sheridan flip the bill.The same developer involved with York Place(along with Whitney benefits) is currently getting kinskey to run his joint venture with Whitney Benefits,made up of 14 lots of Alley Way Living off of Smith St. through city council,so it too can go bankrupt after he makes a profit off of the taxpayer.

You have to have a public willing to read and pay attention to the public record in order to act against dictators like kinskey.Kinskey is fully aware that he has a town full of people too lazy and stupid to do anything to stop him and he acts accordingly.

Just a thought on one of

Just a thought on one of your comments...

"Some of his family run the corporation now"

Is this a C-Corp ? If so then its a moot point that one family member steps down.. It's still all pooled FAMILY money..

That's where these people get ahead. People need to understand the value of a tight knit family unit, and teaching family finance to create your own agenda.. One of the most important things I teach my kids is the value of family finance....

If you think your poor, you might want to take a close look at how much of a tight knit family you have.

Yes,I know how a foreclosure

Yes,I know how a foreclosure auction works,do you? It works even better when you're able to buy your own stuff back and resell it at second profit.

the crazies strike again

Do you even know how a foreclosure works RJones? The foreclosure is advertized for months, giving all interested bidders notice of the sale. All interested bidders show up at the courthouse and the highest bidder wins. How fair is that!! Problem is First Interstate was the only bidder. If you think the bid price was pennies on the dollar and that the winning bidder was going to make a huge profit, don't you think there would have been a packed house? No, because everyone in this deal is taking it in the shorts, except that is, SHAC. I agree that SHAC and affordable housing in Sheridan has been a complete bust!

So homer scott used his own

So homer scott used his own bank to buy back property in his own subdivision.Awesome. Of course York place was the baby of Forward Sheridan,of which First interstate is also a board member of.

Might could be a good idea to buy stock in First interstate bank.

Use taxpayer dollars to waive building fees under the rhetoric of "affordable housing" on york place,all pushed by entities like SHAC and Forward Sheridan.Then on top of that buy the property back for pennies on the dollar,so you can make a second profit off of it,all while originally using public funds to do so.

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